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UUUM (Unified and United Uranium Miners) Forms in M92FS

19-10-2003, 04:39
ICC: "A recent labor movement has swept M92FS and her colonies," reports MNN (M9 News Network) Anchor Charlie Sweeny. "They call themselves the UUUM," he continues, "or the Unified and United Uranium Miners. They are currently forming and asking the government to recognize this union. It is expected that the pro-labor goverment will vote to recognize this union. This union encompasing the majority of the workers because of Uranium minings importance in our economy is expected to bring safety, and environmental issues to the attention of the Fortune 500 companies. This has been Charlie Sweeny reporting for MNN, goodnight."

"Mr. Minister," exclaims an aide, Jacob Ludlow.
"What!," says Logan ? , Grand Prime Minister of M9 & her colonies.
"The UUUM is gonna try for government endorsement," explains the aide
"And they shall recieve it. I don't want a popular uprising at such a crucial time on our path to a Utopian Society," replies the Grand Prime Minister.

OOC: Yeah I'm kinda bored so I decided to make my miners form a union and y'all should watch what happens :D
19-10-2003, 20:52
19-10-2003, 21:16
ICC: "We the UUUM are looking for fellow Uranium miners throughtout the world to join our union." Explains Marc Maanson. "We are looking to make this union an international union to better the lifes of all Uraniun miners."

OCC: Anyone want to join?
20-10-2003, 01:31
bump for my buddy M9
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