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3rd Revolution in FPC [closed RP though comments are welcome

09-10-2003, 21:46
[closed RP, howver, comments are welcomed but no declarations of war or sending of troops without consent of me!]

9:00 AM ~ Office of secretery general to the high council
"Sir, we ahve a problem!.
-What now? asked the secretary general?
-There is an angry mob outside that have subdued the guards! Only your personnal bodyguards are holding them back from your office!
-My god, what is wrong here?
-It's a communist revolution sir!"

The secretary general was about to speak to his assistan when a huge explosion shattered his office. The cause, a imperial tank. The army had finally decided to join the communist cause and put back an empire at the head of FPC. Only the royal council's army, made largely of raw recruits stood in the way of the army and population.

9:10 AM ~ High Council
"Gentlement, it is a dark hour. Their is yet another revolution but this time it is to overthrow us. The citizens have taken to the streets and have been joined by the army who in turn are controlled by the three major bloodlines.-said councilman Trechky

-This is blasphemy! How many men do we have?-replied councilman Gouratchevsky

-Nearly 600,000 raw recruit sir. The army alone is nearly 3 million not counting the several million citizens and partisan units that are joining them.-replied chief general of the army appointed by the high council."

9:30 AM ~ New-Quebec
Riots are raging in all the city with soldiers and citizens fighting the republican army. After hours of fighting, the republicans finally clear all of New-Quebec and begin building defences in the city itself. THey will hold it until they can safely get to another country... If they can.

*Which army wants what:
Imperial army - former soldiers who swore allegiance to the emperor of FPC. They are revolting since their budget and priviliges have been severly cut by the new republic. They are controlled by the three major bloodline in FPC. There are around 3 million soldiers on active duty.

Citizens - joining the ranks of the imperials. They want the comeback of Communism in FPC. THey will stop at nothing to get it.


Republican army - Army created by the high council to protect them. Around 600,000 of them with lots of weapons but poor training.
10-10-2003, 14:04
FPC news:
"The Imperial army as began it's attack on our capital city, New-Quebec. The Imperial high command, however, is making sure that the historical buildings such as the numerous churches and national cathedral do not get bombed. The rest, though, is only rubble to their eyes. The imperials aligned over 4,000 artillery pieces of all types and began firing at the city. The bombardement is not finished but already, nearly 600,000 rounds have been fired. Around 70% of the city is in rubble, 10% are historical buildings and the rest is too close to those historical monuments and buildings to bomb. The high command announced that they would lauch a full scale charge to mop up the rest of the republican army. Troops from all over the country are arriving to the Imperial camp."
Imperial troops gathering for the large scale charge
10-10-2003, 18:49
The Crookfur division still incountry on the FPC/Attican/former rebel states (can't remeber the name) border are getting rahter edgey about the developing situation.

OOC: i never actually got around to removing them, i geuus they are still over seeing the whole peace process thingy.
10-10-2003, 18:56
The Crookfur division still incountry on the FPC/Attican/former rebel states (can't remeber the name) border are getting rahter edgey about the developing situation.

OOC: i never actually got around to removing them, i geuus they are still over seeing the whole peace process thingy.

OOC: it's Listovia. Also, don't be alarmed, your troops will not be attacked by any side of the civil war in FPC.

FPC high command plan for the assault on New-Quebec.
-The 1st and 3rd army are to invade by the north.
-The 2nd army will divide it's regiments into 2. Each section will attack from either the West or the East.
-The 4th army will remain in the south to prevent any republicans from escaping.

*battle will begin at 0700 hours.*
12-10-2003, 00:13
0700 hours... attack on FPC

At 0700 hours AM, the bombed out city of New-Quebec was attacked by three simultanious spearheads. The imperial soldiers were transported by all means of transports but soon had t give away their wheels to fight the Republicans.

The Rep had prepared their defences fairly well since more than half the city had been destroyed. After 4 hours, 17,000 dead or wounded, 400 tanks disabled and 28 airplanes shot down, the Imeperials took a break and stopped their advance. After a short but much needed break of an hour, the Imperial generals continued their attack.

The Reps finally gave way. The battle now shifted to an house to house fight. Smal pockets of Reps fighting an overwhelming ennemy. Well, speaking of house to house, it's was more like a bombed building to a bombed building fight. Anyways, Republican snipers made much casualties themselves. One of them killed 12 Imperials before getting blown away by a mortat shell. At the end of the day, the Imperial had more than 70% of the city and virtually encircled the Republicans. All the night, small firefights erupted between the two sides but didn't evovle into a mass attack like previous hours.

Next day, another attack was ordered. This time, all soldiers and all sides attacked through the streets and the sewers of New-Quebec. Within an hour, the exhausted Republicans surrendered en-masse to the Imperials. Amidst the fighting, some choppers tried to leave the city but were shot down by Imperial fighters. They were carying the high council members.

Over 67,000 Republicans surrendered to the Imperials. THe others, were all dead. The Imperials lost nearly 450,000 soldiers in the fight and almost twice that number in wounded. 780 tanks were destroyed along 30 airplanes and 13 artillery pieces. For now, the communists had taken back their country. But still, 3 bloodlines were vying for the titles of Emperor. The citizens and soldiers of FPC were enjoying the moment of their victory without knowing that later days would be much worst...
12-10-2003, 00:16
"Mein Kaiser, a revolt is occuring in FPC."
"Good... good... how does this concern us? They revolt every ten minutes."
"True. Write it off, sir?"
12-10-2003, 00:23
FPC news:

"Good day to you citizens of this wonderful communist nation known as FPC! We have triumphed again Comrades. We shall never fall into capitalism greedy way of life again! Today, the three bloodline have decided to put a neutral man on the throne of FPC. His name, Gregori Trotsky. He was a high ranking general know for his hardship and methods of repressing revolutions.

He was crowned today in the national cathedral amongst the rubbles of the week's previous battle. Nevertheless, 2 millions people went to the street to watch their emperor be crowned. More on our new regime later."
Autonomous City-states
12-10-2003, 00:41
The Federation condemns the replacement of the rule of law, elected government, and freedom with a bloodied communist monarchy in FPC. Diplomatic relations are now formally severed and a full travel advisory has been instituted by the State Department. All Federation citizens in FPC-controlled territories are asked to liquidate their assets and return home before the dictatorship also turns on them.
12-10-2003, 18:25
FPC news:

"In the outskirts of New-Quebec, today, all the 66,400 republican soldiers taken prisonners were executed. The public was invited to show up and many did. Over 3 million citizens showed up and cheered at the executions. After all Reps were killed, there was a river of blood so big that the sanitary departement had to clean it up with special equipement.

Also, our Emperor Gregori Trostky has declared the reopenings of labour camps and has already sent over 30,000 people that were previously imprisonned or monitored for their political and economical beliefs.

In another daring move, our beloved Emperor even sent invitations to the new country of Listovia to join back the empire on their own will. "The situation in Listovia is degrading and you are only slaves to your dictator." said our wise ruler. More to come later."
Independent Hitmen
12-10-2003, 18:39
OOC: Damn the closed rp bit, now i cant interfere :( Damn commies u gotta h8 em.
12-10-2003, 18:41
The Attican Empire is also giving Listovia the opportunity to join the Attican Empire, as a commonwealth such as Vampirreich.
12-10-2003, 19:14
OOC: Damn the closed rp bit, now i cant interfere :( Damn commies u gotta h8 em.

hehehe, learned my lesson from the last time ;)
12-10-2003, 19:16
FPC news:

"Ladies and gentlemen, due to last weeks proposition from our Emperor, one of the counties in Listovia agreed to go back to our great empire while the other decided to remain independant but have strong bonds with Attica. This county who came back to our great nation is the most populous of the two who just months before had rebelled against our glorious regime."
12-10-2003, 19:26
FPC's govt broadcast:

We are sorry to disturb your show put this is a specail announcement. With the supervision of our Emperor, we announce that we have a new flag to put instead of the Republican's shameful one. Here it is:
12-10-2003, 19:40
Interesting flag :o Looks like a war crest.