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The rise of the United Emirates (Historical RP, invite only)

07-10-2003, 23:41
OOC: This RP takes place in the past, about 30 years ago, which outlines the rising of the United Emirates from an ancient rivalry with the Sanctus Empire and Drakonian Imperium, to a civil war that brought Sanctus to its knees and be reborn as Tersanctus, and gave birth to a fierce alliance that created........The United Emirates.

IC: Emperor Gherring, was readying himself for another assault on Drakonia, ther Neighbor and Enemy. This time he would finally crush there meager defenses, and Drakonian blood would stain there soil red for generations.

But even as he mobilized the Imperial Army and Navy, the Tax Burden began to fall on the opressed peoples of Sanctus. Especially in Tersanctus, the Capitol, where the sons of lower class People, were being "drafted" to serve at an alarming rate. They had lost so many of there people to these wars of conquest, a certain whispering of hostility began to work it way through the masses.
Drakonian Imperium
08-10-2003, 00:59
William Drake, Praetor of the Dominion of Drakonian Imperium, paced the Warroom of the Grand Praetorian Palace in Drako Throne. What was he going to do, he thought idly.

The Imperium was in no shape to wage war, yet wage war it must. The years of mismanagement under William's brother, John, had left the Imperium weak. The region of Shinzo Golanus had rebelled, citizens had refused to pay taxes, and then John had hidden away great stores of the windling Drakonian treasury for his own. Then there was civil war. William had forced John from power and had then been forced to watch as an angry mob killed his brother.

It had been years, many year, but he Imperium was still weak. William worked day after day and slowly the Imperium again grew in power. Now old enemies who had brooded their time were looking to gain new Imperial holdings.

The war would be hard to win. The Imperial Drakonian Navy was strong, but it would be of little use against a neighbor that could simply swarm across Drakonia's borders. No doubt, the rebellious, indepentant, and violent Golan Tribes would join in the war fighting with the Sanctus Empire. The Drakonians would fight, like raging animals, but it would be against overwhelming odds.

It would be a long war....
08-10-2003, 08:08
OOC: sorry, My gf came over....

IC: Emperor Gherring, was growing confident in his plans to take the Imperium. His latest reports from his spies told him that the Imperium was still weak from decades of internal strife, further more the Golan Mountains that seperated them, inhabited by the Golan Tribes, though an independent tribe thought both Sanctus and Drakonia had several skirmishes with throughout the centuries, were more openly hostile to Drakonia, than Sanctus, which had offered more peace treaties and general openess.

He began his three-pronged plan to invade, over the mountains, through the ports, and from the Skies.

No dought, he could easily negotiate safe passage with the Golanus tribes, and the Navy, while no dought strong, could be dealt with..and there new Paratrooper Division, would bring a new and unprecedented tactic, that would likely overwhelm there internal defenses.

Richard King sat at home with his son on the last evening he would be home, before he shipped out to his Unit.

"Dammit Son, its just not fair. I served in the Military too, dozens of Drakonians died at my hands. But there has to be a different way, this blatant Imperialism doesnt suit The Empire anymore. You dont remeber but twenty years ago, there were peace negotiations! And now they want to wipe out the Drakonian Government!"

"Dad, its not like that! You dont understand, the Imperium is trying to rebuild! They have been for years! If we dont act now, they will later!"

"Of course they are trying to rebuild, there economy went down the shitter after there civil war!"

"Goodbye dad!" said Richard's son went to go join a faceless mass, trained only for destruction.

Richard sat down, and rubbed his forehead. He thought for a minute, and than decided to call up a friend....a friend with contacts in the Drakonian Government. Richard was, in reality a lead member of an organization that started off as a Government watchdog group, when Sanctans had political freedom, but now was made up of a few dozen ex-military members that were labeled "Rebels" and "Criminals" and "traitors" by the Empire.

They had to act soon, and Drakonia, there enemy, would have to be warned. If they could stop the invasion or hold them back, Then the Military being away, they could act.
Drakonian Imperium
10-10-2003, 20:23
Praetor William Drake stood at the head of the room looking down over the map of the Imperium and it's neighbor the Sanctus Empire. Around the room stood the Imperium's Generals and Admirals all waiting for the Praetor to speak.

"You all know why you are here. We are again beset by war with the Sanctus Empire." William paused for dramatic emphasis. He was a brilliant speaker, knowing how to motivate his people or troops to whatever was necessary. "This is a problem for Drakonia, we are not as strong as we once were." He gestured to his commanding General, a young man by the name of Ares Zues.

General Ares Zues, a strikingly young and ambitious man who had rise to the rank of commander of the entire Imperial Drakonian Army, step forward. "The Empire will most likely lead the main offensive through here." He pointed on the map, spread out before the assembly, to the Golanus Mountains. "They will be slowed by the mountain terrain and while it is likely that the bulk of the Golan Tribes will support the invasion, it is also as likely that small groups will raid the invasion force.

"We must stopped them before they make it out of the mountains, therefore I have begun moving advance units to the edge of Shinzo Golanus. Once confirmation of the invasion is made, they will move into the region.

Hopefully, they will be able to hold, but if they can't I have begun raising a larger army. We can only hope it will be ready in time." The room lapsed into silence everyone looking down at the map.

War was coming and there would be no stopping it. All that was left was hope. Hope that the Imperium would survive.
14-10-2003, 17:02
Emporer Gherring was in council with the Elites of his Military Leadership.

"The best time to strike should be within the next two weeks. When the rains hit. They wont be within a mile of Golanus Mountains, Not with those torrential floods, weve been working on a new tire design, that should be able to withstand even deep mudslides." Spoke General Claytus, a brilliant tactician, who was combat xperienced soldier, through and through, and possibly more Imperialistic than the Emperor.

" And if our troops should become stuck in there APC's during thie first strike? What then?" countered the 1st General Oswald who was probably smarter than the Emperor and the General put together.

"They'll be pretty much in marching distance....worst comes to worst, we march on the capital, after we take them by suprise with our Paratroopers."

"Are you sure, shouldnt thaey have some support? The Navy will be in battle with theres for some may be weeks, even months before they can resupply."

"Than we shall offer a full aerial support when the sun comes out..Are you happy?"

"Yes, Im just unsure of the Ground forces travelling through the mountains,.....I mean our intelligence indicates that the Tribes in that Mountain are probbaly friendly to us...but what of Raiders?"

"Our security is second to none...besides those primitive peoples will either fight for us, or leave us be, or they will face an Execution in front of there families."

The Emperor looked at the two of the main strategists.

"Very well, two weeks than. As soon as the rain hits, we make the first strike!"
Drakonian Imperium
14-10-2003, 19:04

Along the edge of the Golanus Mountains, Spaz Modan, cheiftain of the Modan Clan looked down into the valley which was the traditional home to his clan. Below him in the mountains on the perimeter of the valley was nestled his family home, a small stone citadel. He looked at with pride as he surveyed his realm.

His clan lived in the small village that sat a short ways below the citadel and in homes they had built in the caves along the mountains that protected the valley.

The northern village was quite close to the border of Oregia an indepentent colony established by Drakonian settlers. There was no threat from Oregia, while it was very much like Drakonia, it was entire independent of the Imperium. The coming war was not likely to be faught in Oregia, unlike the region where the Modan Clan lived.

Shinzo Golanus, the rebellious former territory of the Imperium was to be the final resting place of many on both sides of the conflict and Spaz Modan did not like the idea of this or the idea of invasion from the Sanctus Empire. He was a feircely independent man and did not like the idea of the Golan Tribes as being puppet to the Emperor of the Sanctus Empire.

His view, unfortunately, were not those of the majority of the clan leaders. Most were still angry about the occupation and subquent annexation of Shinzo Golanus by the Imperium many decades back. Golanus had been a vassal territory to the Drakonian Imperium for many generations and the hatred was powerful. It did not help matter much, that the strongest religion in the area, Shinzoanism was strongly considered pagan and support crusades or holy wars as well as many barbarian rights of vengeance.

But, Spaz was not a Shinzoanist and while angered by the Imperium's past control of his lands, Spaz saw Drakonia as the lesser of the two evils. After all, Drakonia didn't not have the powerful to once again bring Shinzo Golanus back into the Imperium's fold.

So it was, that Spaz Modan, cheiftain of his clan, mounted his horse for the long ride to the city of Golan Heights where the Meeting of the Clans was being held to make the decision as to which Empire to support in the coming war. The cheiftain took one last glance over the ancestral lands of his clan and then rode out meeting with the small group of his loyal clansmen, who were accompanying him on the trip.
14-10-2003, 19:59
It had been a few weeks since he had been Conscripted into the Imperial Army, but Fred Duras was enjoying the duty so far anyway. He had been sent for Recon duty as soon as he graduated.

As his unit trekked further over Golanus Mountain, they began to see evidence of settments, but so far no Tribes. The company commander spoke into the Radio about there latest find, a campfire, some horse droppings.

"Well, were getting closer at least, We should be able to do first strike, within the scheduled time." The Commander looked up at the sky, clouds were forming as they had over the past few days, usually no army owuld want to go fight in the rain. In this case, they would use that assumption to thier advantage.


Admiral Grayson Sr. was going over specs during lunch, there collected intelligence on the Drako fleet.

"Dammit man, they can go head to head on us with this, for every ship we have, they have one too. A bit older model perhaps, but they have more experienced crew. I am going to have to pull something out of my ass that they would never expect, or else this could turn out to be one of the worst Sanctan Maritime disasters!"

The commandants all shook there heads, in silent agreement with the Admiral, as is both Drako and Sanctus had a massive Navy, and in order to counter theirs, Head on force would most likely not work.

Otherwise, another meanwhile...

Richard King had begun his treachorous work, to take over the Sanctus Empire, he coould bring the oppressive Government to its knees, he could make this war to his advantage.

All he had to do was get his son to tell him what he was doing....
Drakonian Imperium
14-10-2003, 21:47
"Trespassers," Spaz Modan spat silently as he watch the Sanctus Troops advance through their former campsite. "Invaders," he added and then whispered to his clansmen companions. "Skirt around their position and then advance, when I call out. Do not be too threatening."

The Golan Tribes were renowned for their ability to not be seen. Many an army of Drakonia or Sanctus had been pursuing Golan raiders only to have them vanish into the landscape. Similarly, many ambushes had made the Golan Tribes renowned for their raids.

He watch them go about their work. The other clansmen moved out spreading in the small wooded area that lay in the lower hill lands of the Golanus Mountains. Spaz ready himself and then spoke, "You trespass on the lands of the Modan Clan. Pray that you come in peace." Spaz advanced from the tree as did his companions. They watch the looks on the faces of the surprised soldiers and smiled threateningly.
Drakonian Imperium
14-10-2003, 22:06
"Grand Admiral," Praetor William Drake spoke catching the commander of the Imperial Drakonian Navy just as he was about to leave.

"Yes, Praetor." The man turned, his strictly cut bright blond hair and height making him stand out, or better stand above everyone else in the room.

"The Fleet," William asked, sound concerned.

Grand Admiral Teros Jamali look confident. "Ready," he stated. "I have begun deployments. Although, are ships are mostly old refits, our crew are made up of veterans and Drakonians are made for the sea." His confidence seem to take away some of the Praetor's unease.

"Good," William replied, raising up his arm to rest it on the tall man's shoulder. "I am glad to have you watching the waves for our nation, Teros." But the concern remained. "Old Friend, I need your council...."
16-10-2003, 10:11
The Platoon Leader put out a signal to his troops to hold fire and positions. "Golanus Tribes, we have been sent here to recruit your tribes for an assault on a mutual enemy. The Drakonian Imperium. It is true that we have had skirmishes in the past. But Sanctus is a friend in these matters, Drako, seeks only to take your freedom."

With that the Platoon leader looked nervously around, awaiting a response or an attack, neither would suprise him.


Richard King was well on his way to finishing his plot. The former Watchdog Group was well versed in the Oppressive politics of the Sanctus Empire.

The problem was the forbidden contact with Drakonia, no telephone or telegram could reach them. So he would have to somehow sneak across the borders before it was too late.....but bow?
Drakonian Imperium
17-10-2003, 01:42
The reply to the Sanctus Troops was cold. "I do not trust you," Spaz Modan stated, taking a step closer to the men. "But," he continued. "We are on a way to a meeting of the Clans, and I am willing to let you join us to state your request to the other Clan Leaders.

"If, this is not to your liking. I give you a choice. Return to your homeland or...." The Golan Tribesman raised their weapons a little higher, easily conveying the meaning of the two unspoken words. You die.
Drakonian Imperium
17-10-2003, 01:52
The leader of the Drakonian scouts came rushing into the command post that stood on the plain of Cherokee. Outside the tall grass waved in the wind that came rushing down out of the Golanus Mountains, as Drakonian Soldiers went about their business of preparing for war.

"Sir," the Scout Leader gasped. "There are Sanctus Conscripts moving westard into the mountains."

The Commander looked surprised. "You're sure," the man asked.

"Yes, Sir," the Scout stated still trying to catch his breath. "They have begun working their way up the mountain passes." The man had to stop to catch his breath. "It will take them a while, but they have begun to work their way into the mountains." The stop talking and continued to breath hard, making it apparent that he had been rushing with this information to get it to the Commander as soon as was humanly possible. No matter the consequences it would inflict on his body.

The Commander stood, his mind working through the information. He called an officer in. "Have this information relayed to General Zues," he ordered the man.

The war was about to begin. Enemy forces had crossed into the Imperium.
17-10-2003, 17:51
The Platoon Leader was pleased to hear this. "Allright! I need only radio in to my HQ what were doing, I wont give any location, so as to protect your security. But if I dont check in every hour, than I guarantee you there will be search parties."

He did so and prepared to embark with Spaz Modan.

Meanwhile, at an Air force base close to the Golanus Mountains

Lt. Col. Peters was in charge of the Paratrooper Division, the new Tactic that was sure to win the War with Drako. He spoke on the phone with A general in Emporer Gherring's Counsel.

"Yes sir we are ready! All the Parachutes and C-130's as well as RAH-178's are being maintained. This and our sister base in Westfall will be ready to drop as many as 20,000 Paratroopers upon the Capital at a moments notice. Well, the Westfall base is a bit larger, so they have about 7,000, our maximum capacity is small. Maybe 4,500.Well, thats for the reserves to handlethe rest.... Right, when the rain lets up, and the Main defensive force is away from the Capital...right.....we'll be ready! Hmm? Yes, sir!"

As he hung up the phone, a Sentry Guard listened carefullty though not appearing to do so, on his BDU was the name King.

Another meanwhile...

Admiral Grayson Sr. went over the Specs again, looking for a weakness.
"Ok, their Navy is nothing to Underestimate. So, If we take a strike force in the Middle. We would be surrounded. But if we came in with two more strike forces on either side. They would temporarily be outnumbered."

"Ok. They have no Idea where we're going to strike first. Thusly they are spread out thin to ensure total Coastal Defense, though they are able to re-enforce any position within hours. So. (he points to the southern coast.) We'll spread 'em out even worse. We strike on both the western and eastern front, coming down from the the North. They will re-enforce with other fleets. Then we fall back into a position where we have other fleets waiting for them. That should wipe them out. At the same time, the rest of the fleets will strike right in the middle heading northward to strike their Southern coast. The numbers will have dwindled dramatically, and the coast will be ours within a week!"

"Tell the fleets to deploy according to these co-ordinates...we're taking the long way around gentleman."

The last meanwhile, I swear!
Richard King recieved a telephone call from his Son, the Sentry guard at Golanus Air Force Base.

"Yes? Paratroopers? Oh, shit. Drakonia will be overrun. Son I am coming there, now. Yes. You need too sneak me across...I know security is tight...but all weve planned for lies on this now....this is the turning point!"
Drakonian Imperium
17-10-2003, 19:20
Veer Karas forced his horse into a gallop, he was barely going to be able to arrive on time to the Meeting of the Clans. Karas knew he could not be late, that would allow his Clan's rival to gain power and possibly made null everything he had worked for.

The Karas Clan had been busy of late, organization itself for war. Secretly, allying themselves with the Sanctus Empire, of which their Clan Territory bordered, they allow for the massing of Imperial troops in the Golanus Mountains.

Soon those troops would be march west into the territory of other Golan Tribes. That was why he needed to be at the Meeting, he had to ensure the support of the other clans and deny the Modan Clan a chance to beat him to it. If Clan Modan were able to organize the war effort against Drakonian, Karas would be left to follow. That he could not allow.

Cresting the high mountain, Veer Karas, monarch of Clan Karas, looked down on the city of Golan Heights. Spread out in the lower portions of the mountain, out through the foothills, and into the valley that opened up to the Plainslands of the Drakonian Province of Cherokee, the city was the largest by far in Shinzo Golanus.
19-10-2003, 14:07
As the Sanctan Navy left to arrive at there coordinates miles off the Drakonian coast, the platoon leader arrived at the Golan Clan leader's Meeting.

"Honorable Leaders of the Clans of Mount Golanus. I am a representative of the Great Sanctus Empire. I speak before you today, because our mutual enemy, Drakonia, is weak, and we are ready to crush them. We ask for your permission, to pass through your mountain, but more so, we ask you to join us."

He paused for effect.

"Together can we conquer this bane, that has burdened us for so long!"


Richard King, an ex-military man, in the Imperial Army, had arrived at the Golanus Air force base, with his son waiting for him.

"All right Dad, I got clearence to take you to the foot of Golanus. But after that your on your own, Dont tell any Clansmen who you are or what your doing, because they are supposedly going to ally with us against Drako, that's what I heard at least."

"Got it son, I used to be on a special ops unit. And we used to go hrough that mountain for training all the time. Keep your head low, and your feet moving, and your usually alright. But, yeah. I have to get this message to Drako as soon as is possible. Otherwise, freedom will no longer reign, the dream that we served, was betrayed by our government, and they must be held accountable."

"Good luck."
Drakonian Imperium
19-04-2004, 04:30
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