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Eternal FIame Storefront. (Brand New Battleship!)

Eternal FIame
02-10-2003, 23:42
The Federation of Eternal FIame would like to offer infantry supporting vehicles, small arms, ships, and modifications to the world.

OOC: No telegram orders please.

F/B-1C – From Ground Destruction To Air Dominace

Type: Long-Range, multi-role, heavy fighter/bomber
Builder: Norseville Aircraft Industries, FEF
Power Plant: Four Zephyer Industries E-128 turbofan engines with afterburner
Thrust: 38,000-plus pounds with afterburner, per engine
Length: 146 feet
Wingspan: 137 feet extended forward, 79 feet swept aft
Height: 34 feet
Weight: Empty, approximately 195,000 pounds
Maximum Takeoff Weight: 482,000 pounds
Speed: Mach 1.6 at altitude (Mach 1.4 at Sea Level)
Range: Intercontinental, unrefueled
Ceiling: 30,000 + Feet
Crew: 4 (aircraft commander, pilot, offensive systems officer and defensive systems officer)
Armament: (These load outs can be tailored to your individual needs)
Standard mission load out:
12 AGM-131B SRAM II (Forward Bay)
12 AIM-155 AAAM (Mid Bay)
16 AIM-120 AMRAAM (Aft Bay)

Air Defense load out:
12 AIM-155 AAAM

Interdiction mission:
12 AIM-155 AAAM

Capable of carrying same as B-1B

Date Deployed: January 2003
Unit Cost: $380 Million, $350 Million Regional

The F/B-1C is an FEF foray into the world of Air-Dominance. With the very capable B-1B airframe in hand, we have designed a fighter with capabilities combining speed, massive payload, and stealth. With the added thrust of four ZI engines, redesigned parallelogram intake, extended 180-degree troughs to cut down thermal emissions, and a redesigned curved V tail section the F/B-1C gains in not only speed but also low observability/stealth. With the B-1Bs considerable carrying ability being used to carry A2A ordinance with a secondary function of carrying A2G the F/B-1C truly is a force to be reckoned with.

With it’s role now as a Fighter/Bomber the addition of larger fully movable canards improves maneuverability and allows the F/B-1C to operate at extremely low altitude while still maintaining a smooth flight. Using a modified AN/APG-77 Radar, in combination with the APQ-164 Offensive Radar System, off of the F/A-22A with extended range the F/B-1C can stealthily engage enemy aircraft from BVR range before they know what hit them. To further enhance the low obersvability, specifically at night the F/B-1C has been painted with black anti-searchlight paint designed to absorb or scatter any light directed towards the aircraft making it impossible to see at night.

Using GPS and terrain mapping common on cruise missiles the F/B-1C, if necessary, can fly low level without the use of radar. With the B-1Bs already superb defensive systems in place the F/B-1C is truly a masterpiece of an aircraft.

FEF Montana-class Battleship (NEW! Exclusive Modifications/Refit)
Type: Super Battleship Guided Missile
Length (Overall): 931’3”
Beam (Maximum): 121’2”
Draft: 45 Feet
Displacement:65,500 tons (standard); 75,965 tons (full load)
Max Speed: 28 knots
Side Armor: 37 inches
Deck Armor: 25 inches
Aircraft: Three (3) ASW helicopters (SH-60 LAMPS Mk. III Helicopters)
Four (4) Eagle Eye UAV
Armament: Twelve (12) – Mk. 7 16”/50 guns in four (4) triple turrets
Twelve (12) – Mk. 45 5”/54 guns in six (6) double turrets, three (3) on each side
Two (2) – 6.1” AGS, one (1) on each side
Two (2) – Mk.41 seventy-two (72) cell VLS
Six (6) – Harpoon Mk. 141 quad launchers
Four (4) – Yakhont-3 Anti-ship Cruise Missiles, 2x2 launchers
Twelve (12) – Armored Box Launcher
Six (6) – Four Mk. 32 triple SVTT
Assorted crew served low caliber guns. (25mm and less)
Defensive Systems: Five (5) – Evolved SeaSparrow, eight ( 8 ) box launchers.)
Five (5) – RIM-116 RAM (Rolling Airframe Missile)
Six (6) – Mk.20 Vanguard CIWS
Four (4) – MK-53 Nulka Decoy Launching System (DLS)
Three (3) – AN/SLQ-25 NIXIE
One (1) – SLQ-32 EW System
One (1) – Armor/torpedo belt
Crew: Two Thousand (2,000): Ship’s company
Seventy (70): Officers
One thousand, nine hundred thirty (1,930): Enlisted
One hundred fifty (150): Marines
Price:2.8 Billion (Regional Price: 2.5 Billion)
-Maximum 3 ordered at one time-

Arsenal Ship (New!)(NS Exclusive Modification)
Type: Next-Generation Battleship/Missile platform
Crew: 48
Length: 754 Feet
Beam: 97 Feet
Draft: 35 Feet
Displacement, light load: 35,000 Tons
Displacement, full load: 47,000 Tons
Speed: 37 kt
Propulsion: 3 shafts, 3 RH NP-1A2-3F nuclear pressurized-water reactors; 4 sets of RH PK-270 geared steam turbines; 217,500 shp
Range: N/A
Armament: 500-Cell Vertical Launch System,( Capable of firing: Tomahawk cruise missiles, or equivalent, Anti-ship missiles, Anti-air missiles, and Anti-Sub missiles) 4(2 aft, 2 fore) retractable RIM-116 RAM Rolling Airframe Missile, 4 (two port, two starboard) MK 15 Phalanx Close-In Weapons System (CIWS) 1 Sea Sparrow 4 chamber
Aircraft: 1 ASW Helicopter without hangar
Price: 1.5 billion (1.3 billion for regional members)
Max 5 ships per order.

This ship is designed for survivability in mind. It has stealthy characteristics as well as a double hull designed so that even if hit the ship will not sink. It is also designed with mass amounts of firepower in mind. Every minute it can fire a 3-salvo Tomahawk barrage with superb accuracy. With the addition of AEGIS this ship can protect itself from Air-threats easily.

Desert Patrol Vehicle(NS Exclusive)
Type: All terrain high-speed vehicle
Crew: 1 Driver, 2 gunners/soldiers
Length: 161 in
Height: 79 in
Width: 83 in
Weight: 2700 lbs
Engine: 2000cc gas engine
Range: 200+ Miles
Speed: 60+ mph
Armaments: Passenger side mount: MK19 40mm Grenade launcher (Or equivalent), 7.62mm MMG, 5.56mm LMG.
Upper mount: M2HB .50 HMG, M3 Carl Gustov recoilless rifle (Or equivalents), any PS mount weapon.
Rear facing Upper mount: any PS mount weapon.
2 AT-4 (Or equivalent) missile launcher racks.
Cost: $150,000 ($140,000 for Regional Allies)

The DPV is correctly named the Desert Patrol/Light Strike Vehicle. It is a modified Chenowth, off-road, three-man, 2x4 racing vehicle. The DPV is designed to operate anywhere a four-wheel drive can, with additional speed and maneuverability. The DPV performs numerous combat roles including, but not limited to: special operations delivery vehicle, command and control (C2) vehicle, rear area combat operation vehicle, reconnaissance vehicle, forward observation/lasing team and artillery forward observer vehicle.

Type: All Terrain Vehicle
Crew: 1
Length: 78.1 in (6.5 ft)
Height: 44.3 in (3.6 ft)
Width: 45 in (3.75 ft)
Weight: 524 lbs
Engine: 329cc air-cooled OHV drysump longitudinally mounted single-cylinder four-stroke
Range: 200 miles
Speed: 60+
Armaments: Optional 5.56mm LMG mount
Cost: $25,000 ($20,000 for Regional Allies)

The ATVs role in the military is usually defined as rear-echelon ammo and supply running. With the added LMG mount and super charged engine give it the ability to provided infantry support wherever infantry can go. A total of 4 ATVs can be loaded in a single CH-53 Stallion sized helicopter.

Desert Raider(NS Exclusive)
Type: Recon, Surveillance, and fast attack Vehicle.
Crew: 1 Driver, 2 gunners.
Capacity: 2 more or 2645 lbs total.
Length: 13.4 ft
Height:6 ft
Width:6.5 ft
Weight: 3196.7 lbs
Engine: Gas powered
Range: 372.6 Miles
Speed: 68.3 MPH
Armaments: 3 LMGs, optional rear facing MMG
Cost: $90,000 ($80,000 for regional allies)

Desert Raider is the world's finest 6x6 airborne, all-terrain reconnaissance, surveillance and fast attack vehicle (RSV/FAV). Designed to meet the growing demand from Special Forces and RDF (Rapid Deployment Forces) for a new generation of fast, highly mobile attack and surveillance vehicles that can operate behind enemy lines, Desert Raider delivers new levels of navigability. The 6 wheels deliver greater maneuverability and enhanced cross-country mobility over all types of terrain. The heart of design concept of Desert Raider is a unique 4-wheel rear suspension unit that has independent suspension for each pair of rear wheels. The unit incorporates a pivot axis about which the vehicle can rise or fall, and Desert Raider is able to move with just one of its 6 wheels touching the ground. The automatic transmission, powerful engine and flexible yet rugged frame further contribute to the mobility and maneuverability of Desert Raider under extreme field conditions and rough terrain. Among its abilities are: fording waters up to 2.2 ft, Low noise level, Low thermal signature RFI/EMC, Gradeability: 70%, Side slope: 70%, Internally transportable aboard a CH-53 helicopter, and slow gradient crawling.

M1030 M1(NS Exclusive)
Type: Diesel Recon Motorcycle
Crew: 1
Length: 85 in.
Width: 35.75 in.
Weight: 369 lbs
Engine: 4-Stroke, IDI, Diesel, single cylinder, liquid cooled.
Range: 400 Miles
Speed: 80+ MPH
Armament: Concealed modified MP-5K in right side body, ability to be fired with both hands on handlebars.
Cost: $20,000 ($15,000 for Regional members)

The M1030 M1 is a diesel fueled KLR-650. It is designed as first and foremost a recon gathering vehicle. With a top speed exceeding 80 MP/H it can get ahead of the other forces and get itself out of trouble fast. It’s unique ability to use diesel fuel lets it get a drink along side the rest of your diesel powered vehicles. With an added MP-5K in the body the soldier on board has some form of self-defense if he loses his main weapon or can’t reach it in time.

Mattracks General-Purpose Vehicle ("Humvee")(NS Exclusive)
Type: multi-purpose truck
Crew: 1
Length: 15 ft.
Height: 6 ft. 6 in.
Width: 7 ft. 6 in.
Weight: approx. 5200 lbs
Engine: V8 6.2 liter fuel-injection, liquid-cooled, compression ignition diesel; 160 hp at 3700 rpm
Range (road): Approx. 380 miles
Speed (max): approx. 60 mph
Armaments: variable by mission; capable of mounting 7.62mm machine gun, 12.7mm machine gun, TOW Advanced missile launchers, Javelin missile launchers, Hellfire missiles, YMGM-157B EFOGMs, Avenger air defense systems, and any weapons systems compatible with the above (weapons not included in the sale)
Cost: $155,000 ($105,000 million for regional allies)

GPVs ("Humvees") are exactly as the name implies -- a general platform that is capable of handling or being modified to handle basically any mission necessary. It can ford shallow rivers up to 2.5 ft. (and a deep water fording kit is available for an extra $10,000 per GPV, allowing it to traverse water up to 5.5 ft. deep) is air-droppable, can climb grades of up to 60% with a full load, and has a long list of possible roles. It can be used as a utility cargo carrier, troop transport, ambulance, scout vehicle, tank hunter-killer, anti-aircraft platform, Special Operations vehicle, or nearly any other mission required. Simple construction makes it easily modified and upgraded so that purchasers can customize it to their specific needs.

MATTRACKS incredibly low ground pressure (as low as 1.5 lbs. per square inch verses 8 lbs. per square inch for a person and up to 40 lbs. per square inch for tires) provide mobility in snow, slush, mud, sand, swamp and tundra conditions. You name the terrain, MATTRACKS makes the travel possible. Imagine being able to move personnel and equipment where you want, when you want! The road condition, or no road condition, is not a problem with a MATTRACKS equipped HUMVEE!

On a hard surface, MATTRACKS are capable of attaining speeds in excess of 60 miles per hour. This allows for quick movement of personnel, maintenance gear, and equipment in any environment, in any weather.

With the track design, there is a natural three to two gear reduction. Because of this reduction, less engine power is required and increases towing capability by 1/3 over tires. You also retain lock-to-lock steering, which provides the same turning radius as tires and allows you to use full power to move around obstacles. MATTRACKS features a built-in anti torque system that helps prevent contact between track and fender. The MATTRACKS TRACKSTEER steering assist package allows for one-handed steering while standing in place.

Avenger SAM system
Crew: 2
Combat Weight: 8,300 lbs
Hull length: 16ft 3 in
Width: 7 ft 2 in
Height: 8ft 8in
Ground Clearance: 16 in
Main Armament: 8 Stinger missiles, 10 km acquisition range
Secondary Armament: 1 12.7mm M3P machine gun with 200 12.7mm rounds
Sensors and Fire Control: Digital fire control, FLIR, CO2 laser rangefinder, driven-reticle optical sight, remote control unit operable from Humvee cab or away from vehicle
Armor: supplemental armor on cab
Powerplant: Detroit Diesel 135 hp coooled V-8
Suspension: independent double A-arm with coil spring on all wheels
Speed: 60 mph
Range: 300 miles
$1,100,000 ( $1,095,000 for Regional members)

The Avenger SAM system is a short-range air defense unit dreamt up to replace the Vulcan. The Avenger is, as can be clearly seen, a pedestal-mounted, quad-tube Stinger SAM launcher mounted on the back of a HMMWV (Humvee).

Intended for use against cruise missiles, low-flying jet aircraft, helicopters or UAVs, the Stinger missiles are fire-and-forget heat-seekers and are essentially the same version as is used in the man-portable launcher. The Avenger also mounts a single .50 caliber heavy machinegun for "backup" and self-defense.

The gunner sits in the turret, between the two missile pods. A cooling system makes him more comfortable and allows long shifts in the position. All pertinent guidance information, including a laser rangefinder, video camera, and FLIR system, is projected onto a glass sight similar to a pilot's HUD. Lastly, the Avenger's systems can tie into other radars and use that data to employ its weapons. This sensor package allows the Avenger to be an all-weather day/night weapon. The turret itself can mount other missiles in addition to or in place of the Stingers and is gyro-stabilized to maintain turret facing when the vehicle is moving, allowing the gunner to shoot "on the fly."

Finally, the Avenger can be set up and dug in as part of a fixed base or camp. A remote-control system allows the crew to operate the turret while away from the vehicle, so they can take cover and still use the weapons systems.

Shock Humvee(New!) ( NS Exclusive)
Crew: 2
Combat Weight: 8,300 lbs
Hull length: 16ft 3 in
Width: 7 ft 2 in
Height: 8ft 8in
Ground Clearance: 16 in
Main Armament: 38 Hydra 2.75” rockets ,
Secondary Armament: 1 12.7mm M3P machine gun with 200 12.7mm rounds
Sensors and Fire Control: Digital fire control, FLIR, CO2 laser rangefinder, driven-reticle optical sight
Armor: supplemental armor on cab
Powerplant: Detroit Diesel 135 hp coooled V-8
Suspension: independent double A-arm with coil spring on all wheels
Speed: 60 mph
Range: 300 miles
$1,100,000 ( $1,095,000 for Regional members)

The Shock Humvee is an air-drop capable quick reaction vehicle designed to be used in conjunction with paratroopers. It provides paratroopers with masses of firepower when it counts, as soon as they land. The capability of this vehicle in an urban landscape is immense. Which the power of a .50 caliber machine gun and 38 2.75” Hydra rockets nothing short of MBTs will be able to hinder the paratroopers advance.

A 2-inch sheet of Lexan, which provides protection without loss of visibility, protects the gunners. Air transportable by CH-53E, C-141, C-5, and C-130 aircraft.

Infantry Supplies
RH-1R1 (Assault Rifle/Napalm/5.56x45mm) - $700.00
RH-1R2 (Assault Rifle/Napalm/5.56x45mm) - $850.00
RH-2SR (Sniper Rifle/Napalm/Depleted Uranium/.308 Winchester Magnum) - $2,000.00
RH-3P (Pistol/Lead/.357 SIG) - $500.00
RH-4LMG (Light Machine Gun/Napalm/5.56x45mm) -$4,000.00
RH-4LMGP (Light Machine Gun Para/Napalm/5.56x45mm) - $4,500.00
RH-4LMGPSO (Light Machine Gun Para(Special Operations)/Napalm/DPU/5.56x45mm) - $7,000.00
RH-5MMG (Medium Machine Gun/Napalm/DPU/7.62x51mm) -$6,600.00
RH-6HMG (Heavy Machine Gun/Napalm/DPU/.50 caliber) -$14,000.00
RH-7FEMG (Fixed Emplacement Machine Gun/Napalm/DPU/30mm) -$30,000
RH-8S (Shotgun/Buckshot/Slug/Quadrangle Slug/WP/Non-Lethal/12 gauge) - $600.00
RH-9SFS (Select Fire Shotgun/Buckshot/Slug/Quadrangle Slug/WP/Non-Lethal/12 gauge) - $1,000.00

FEF Misc List


White Phosphorous/Napalm (WPN) Grenade - $150.00
Fragmentation Grenade - $100.00
Claymore Mines - $250.00
WPN Claymore Mines - $350.00



Advanced thrust vectoring and control systems:
2D 30° - $3,500,000.00
3D 20° - $5,500,000.00
Great Mateo
02-10-2003, 23:47
Great Mateo has already purchased many of these vehicles from our ally Eternal Flame, and we are quite satisfied with them.
Eternal FIame
03-10-2003, 00:43
03-10-2003, 00:49
250 Dessert Raiders Please.
Eternal FIame
03-10-2003, 00:58
The total comes to:

Pleasure doing business with you, order should arrive in 2-3 days.
United Elias
03-10-2003, 01:02
idigenous priduction license for Desert Raider please.
Eternal FIame
03-10-2003, 01:11
No, sorry the production rights are not available for any of the above vehicles. However bulk orders receive discounts.
Eternal FIame
03-10-2003, 01:40
To the top.
Western Asia
03-10-2003, 01:52
OOC: The desert raider has already existed for months on you'll have to modify the first line there.
Eternal FIame
03-10-2003, 01:55
OOC: There.
Western Asia
03-10-2003, 01:58
OOC: Ok, thanks.
Eternal FIame
03-10-2003, 02:47
Eternal FIame
03-10-2003, 03:31
To the top of the list.
Eternal FIame
03-10-2003, 04:24
It's weird how topics with n00bs get more posts than legitimate topics.
03-10-2003, 04:55
VISIT the Kelanthian Arms Conglomerate storefront ( for any military vehicle needs! We carry top-of-the-line naval vessels, tanks, aircraft and more! Eternal FIame weapons also available there!

OOC: you advertised in my thread, so I advertise here ;) ... no complaining...
03-10-2003, 05:46
We would like to purchase one Arsenal Ship. I know it may seem that I look like a newbie, but I am a resurrected nation that has probably been around longer than you.

I have traded in my last ship for nearly $1 billion and have not bought anything else in several years. I like the stealth aspects and especially the light crew compliment. This allows more people for other things.

Again, I order 1 Arsenal Ship for soonest possible delivery.
Eternal FIame
03-10-2003, 20:32
The bill comes to 1.5 Billion dollars.

Delivery will arrive on October 7th.( The shipyards are backed up with a previous order)
Great Mateo
03-10-2003, 20:51
The Armed Republic of Great Mateo will order 10,000 DPVs for a total cost of $1.4 billion. Money wired.
Eternal FIame
03-10-2003, 20:56
The bill does indeed coem to 1.4 billion, order confirmed.

Delivery will be on the 5th.
03-10-2003, 21:42
I want one arsnal ship but I will renaim the type nottingham forest. Please send bill if ok.
03-10-2003, 21:42
I want one arsnal ship but I will renaim the type nottingham forest. Please send bill if ok. :D
Eternal FIame
04-10-2003, 02:17
I want one arsnal ship but I will renaim the type nottingham forest. Please send bill if ok.

That works I geuss. 1.5 billion delivery on the 7th.
Eternal FIame
04-10-2003, 05:20
Eternal FIame
04-10-2003, 07:22
Eternal FIame
04-10-2003, 17:19
Eternal FIame
04-10-2003, 18:24
Eternal FIame
05-10-2003, 00:08
Eternal FIame
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Eternal FIame
05-10-2003, 00:42
Eternal FIame
05-10-2003, 01:50
Eternal FIame
05-10-2003, 03:11
Eternal FIame
05-10-2003, 06:45
Eternal FIame
05-10-2003, 19:23
Eternal FIame
05-10-2003, 22:21
Eternal FIame
05-10-2003, 23:06
Eternal FIame
06-10-2003, 01:32
Eternal FIame
06-10-2003, 04:25
Eternal FIame
06-10-2003, 05:48
Eternal FIame
06-10-2003, 12:23
Eternal FIame
06-10-2003, 14:24
Front page.
Eternal FIame
11-10-2003, 00:58
Eternal FIame
11-10-2003, 15:02
Eternal FIame
12-10-2003, 04:32
Eternal FIame
20-10-2003, 04:03
30-10-2003, 02:18
cyber fusion will buy:
10 desert raiders
1 arsenal ship
total purchase:1,000,900,000 USD
money wired upon confirmation
Eternal FIame
31-10-2003, 00:52
Confirmed Order for devilery on the 2nd of November,
Trinium Hydroxide
31-10-2003, 01:40
3 Arsenal Ship please! 8)


-----Money Wired--------


Admiral Mark Hunter
Chief Commander Of TSNC
The Allied States Of Trinium
"We Ride Together…We Die Together…Bad Boyz For Life!”
"Region":- Triple Entente
TAF-11X “Wolf-Pack Advanced Fighter (
Eternal FIame
31-10-2003, 23:27
3.9 Billion total. Delivery in 4 days RL.
Eternal FIame
28-11-2003, 20:42
New stuff
Eternal FIame
28-11-2003, 21:42
[OOC]Buy the best Arsenal Ship on Nationstates!
Eternal FIame
30-11-2003, 22:59
Bump bump bump it up.
30-11-2003, 23:20
For the expansion of our First and Second Carrier groups, we require

5 Arsenal Ships

For the expansion of our Paratroop Division we require the following

50 Desert Patrol Vehicle
50 M1030 M1
50 Desert Raider
50 RH-1R2
50 RH-4LMG (Light Machine Gun/Napalm)

For the expansion of our Regular Forces, we require

25 Mattracks General-Purpose Vehicle
Great Mateo
30-11-2003, 23:22
Five Arsenals, $6.5 billion wired.
30-11-2003, 23:34
As the Lord of my great nation I would like to order

100 Desert Patrol Vehicle
100 Desert Raider
100 M1030 M1

For a total of 26000000 dollars

Please contakt me about the order

Lord Bengtsson
30-11-2003, 23:39
100 avenger SAM systems.

do they come with missiles? money auto wired on confirmation.
Eternal FIame
30-11-2003, 23:45
The Atlantic Region-

5 Arsenal Ships - $7,500,000,000
50 DPV - $7,500,000
50 M1030 M1 - $1,000,000
50 Desert Raider - $4,500,000
50 RH-1R2 - $42,500
50 RH-4LMG - $200,000
25 Mattracks Humvee - $3,875,000
Total: $7,517,117,500

Delivery in: 2 weeks(NS) for everything excluding Arsenal Ships. AS will arrive in 2 months(NS)

Great Mateo:

5 Arsenal Ships: Regional Discount: 6,500,000,000

Delivery in: 3 months.(NS)


100 DPVs - $15,000,000
100 Desert Raiders - $9,000,000
100 M1030 M1 - $2,000,000
Total: $26,000,000

Delivery in: 2 weeks(NS)


100 Avenger SAM systems - $110,000,000
They come with 8 missiles each.

Delivery in: 2 weeks(NS)
Eternal FIame
07-12-2003, 18:52
07-12-2003, 19:32
The nation of Killingston would like to purchase:

White Phosphorous/Napalm (WPN) Grenade - 2,000,000 for $300,000,000

*Money Wired*
Welsh Kingdoms
07-12-2003, 19:47
I'll have one Arsenal ship, money wired upon confirmation
Eternal FIame
09-12-2003, 00:30

White Phosphorous/Napalm (WPN) Grenade - 2,000,000 for $300,000,000

Delivery in 3 days(NS)

Welsh Kingdoms

1 Arsenal Ship - $1,500,000,000

Delivery in 2 months(NS)
Welsh Kingdoms
09-12-2003, 17:33
*Money Wired*
Eternal FIame
10-12-2003, 23:50
Bump for sales.
Eternal FIame
10-12-2003, 23:50
Bump for sales.
Great Mateo
15-12-2003, 15:03
Two Arsenal Ships, post haste!

$2.6 billion wired.
Eternal FIame
18-02-2004, 19:53
GM: Delivered a long time ago

Bump for Montana-Class
18-02-2004, 20:20
ill take 2500 desert raiders,
and 15 arsenal ships. i know you said only 5 but ill take deliveries of five a time no probs.
money to be wired on confermation(take your time if you want, im not at war)
Eternal FIame
18-02-2004, 20:27
Buckaro: Max 5 per order of Arsenal Ships

5 Arsenal Ships: $6,500,000,000
2500 Desert Raiders: $225,000,000
Total: $6,725,000,000

Delivery in:
Desert Raiders: 2 months NS
Arsenal Ships: 1 year NS
Eternal FIame
18-02-2004, 21:19
18-02-2004, 21:27
Future England would like to purchase

3 Arsenal Ships


Total= 4,500,000,000
Eternal FIame
18-02-2004, 22:38
Future England:

3 Arsenal Ships


Total= 4,500,000,000

Delivery in: 18 Months NS
Eternal FIame
01-03-2004, 00:57
Eternal FIame
02-03-2004, 05:33
Eternal FIame
27-03-2004, 21:12
Buy FEF goods.
Eternal FIame
06-06-2004, 08:01
Bump for negative forum posts this late/early.