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Heads up Earth: MAYDAY:Attn EZ Region

02-10-2003, 21:54
Approx. 15 minutes ago, a Tellus Class Cargoship encountered a "warpcore" breech while departing Earths orbit. The robot run ship sent an automated distress signal to the Empire. The generators have overloaded and the automated ejection of the warpcore has ocurred. We are in the process of calculating the telementry of the warpcore. Plimanary assesments suggest that it will crash somewhwer within the "EZ Region". We were unable to reach our vessel in time, as to override the ejection command. We strongly encourage all nations within the said region to seek shelter as far below ground as possible.

The ship is in a slowly decaying orbit, but the solid thrusters should keep it from crashing until a salvage ship arrives. The contents of the ship are highly explosive. The manifest shows that 15 nuclear missiles "peacekeepers" are onboard along with various of other munitions and chemicals.

We deeply regret that this accident has ocurred and will attempt to make restitutions to the nations involved. We are attempting to contact the regional delegates, we can only hope that this message reaches them. Data suggest that the core will impact within 10 Earth Minutes...

Mwto'ar Uganda
Population: 741,000,000
Civil Rights: Some
Economy: Powerhouse
GDP per Capita: $25,000
GDP: $18,525,000,000,000
National Budget: $5,698,882,800,000
---------NATIONAL ALERT Level----------