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come buy military training guides for

02-10-2003, 21:42
come buy military training guides for $15
Trinium Hydroxide
03-10-2003, 00:37
id rather have dogs to train my men then to buy your books :lol:

General Jaime Vox
Chef Commander Of TSMF
The Dominion Of Trinium
"We Ride Together…We Die Together…Bad Boyz For Life!”
"Region:- Reformed Alcardian States
03-10-2003, 00:39
*opens book, and reads aloud.*

"Step one: point gun at bad guy and shoot."

Oh, and that's it... the rest are just blank pages.
03-10-2003, 01:00
We have recently acquired this so-called military training guide.

This is what we say:

It si a 2 page book with 2 pages of pictures of M-16s. The texts, which only say "These are guns", should be readable by 5 years olds.