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Terrorist Raid in Low Gap

02-10-2003, 13:48
(Low Gap News) Oklahoma City, Low Gap.

We just got word that the Low Gap military has raided a terrorist camp just west of the North Arkansas city of Tulsa. Heavy gunfire eurupted from the Terrorist and the Army responded by bringing in Helicopter Gunships and 2 Mig-29 fighters attacked the camp. About 27 terrorist were finally caught trying to slip back into North Arkansas. The Low Gap authorities are considering sending the terrorist back to The Federation of North Arkansas, over the objections of the terrorist.

This is Low Gap News.
02-10-2003, 13:57
(Low Gap News) Oklahoma City, Low Gap

Today we just got word that the supposed independent nation of Branson-Hollister has declared war on Low Gap. Apparently they did not like our military taking out their training camp. President Roosevelt says he couldn't stop laughting when he read the telegram. Later President Kevin Roosevelt stated that Low Gap just couldn't take the declaration of War seriously. However, he did bring the nation up to terrorist alert and is now considering activating the Homeland Defense office. That office was last active during the War with the United States of America back in September.

More news as it happens.
02-10-2003, 19:33
Breaking News

(Low Gap Press) Pryor Low Gap

The army reports an intense artellery duel between our forces and an unknown group on the Border near Tulsa. 127 Low Gap personal were killed an unknown number of the otherside was killed.

The Army does not know who was shelling them. However, Low Gap forces did cross over into North Arkansas to find out who it was. No evidence of the shellers.