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budding nation seeks to buy weapons

02-10-2003, 04:00
The Commonwealth of Woosta hereby expresses its wishes to acquire Army-issue armaments, such as m16 or m4 rifles, sniper rifles, pistols, and handheld explosives. Are any nations willing to sell?
02-10-2003, 04:17
not american gear. we're upgrading some of our military from soviet stuff to original stuff. mostly AK's and non-weapons equipment are going. dirt-cheap. what do you want?

we also have original equipment that costs slightly more, and is harder to acquire. we have to like you before we give out original hardware (as yet, we're indifferent), but it includes just about every type of modern military gear imaginable, and then some. tanks are a specialty.
02-10-2003, 04:27
I'll sell you Tavor assault rifles. Light, cheap, and very accurate.
The Macabees
02-10-2003, 04:52
Although these names may have WWII references they are completely modern tanks.

Pz. I Light Tank ::
This tank is not meant for more than 2 month old nations, it was my first tank and is recommended for early nations.
-Main Gun: 37mm L/72
-Secondary Guns: 4 MG42's
-Hatches: 4
-Crew: 5
-Motor: MAN/Honeywell Ausf. I
-Max. Speed: 60 m.p.h
-Armor: 300mm frontal sloped / 200mm rear / 250mm side / 20mm turret
-Weight: 25 Tons
2 million USD

Pz. II Light Tank ::
-Main Gun: 50mm L/42 (the stub)
-Secondary Guns: 4 MG42's
-Hatches: 4
-Crew: 5
-Motor: Man/Honeywell Ausf. I
-Max. Speed: 50 m.p.h
-Armor: 400mm frontal sloped / 200mm rear / 300mm side / 30mm turret
-Weight: 35 tons
3 million USD

Pz. III Tank ::
-Main Gun: 88mm L/72
-Secondary Guns: 4 MG42's
-Hatches: 4
-Crew: 5
-Motor: Man/Honeywell Ausf. II
-Max. Speed: 50 m.p.h
-Armor: 500mm frontal sloped / 400mm rear / 350mm side / 40mm turret
-Weight: 50 tons
5 million USD

Pz. IV Medium Tank "Lion" ::
This is the first tank meant to be bought by older nations
-Main Gun: 122mm L/72
-Secondary Guns: 4 MG42's
-Hatches: 4
-Crew: 5
-Motor: Man/Honeywell Ausf. II
-Max. Speed: 40 m.p.h
-Armor: 600mm frontal sloped / 400mm rear / 350mm side / 40mm turret
-Weight: 55 tons
5 million USD

Pz. V "Maus"
Only meant for defensive battles, basically inmobile
-Main Gun: 150mm L/72
-Secondary Guns: 75mm L/42 Gun
-Tritiary Guns: 4 MG90's
-Hatches: 6
-Crew: 8
-Motor: Man/Honeywell Ausf. II
-Max. Speed: 12 m.p.h
-Armor: 900mm frontal sloped / 700mm rear / 850mm side / 80mm turret
-Weight: 256 tons
12 million USD

Pz. VI "Cheetah"
-Main Gun: 133mm L/72
-Secondary Guns: 4 MG90's
-Hatches: 4
-Crew: 5
-Motor: Man/Honeywell Ausf. IV
-Max. Speed: 40 m.p.h
-Armor: 900mm frontal sloped / 800mm rear / 850mm side / 50mm turret
-Weight: 110 tons
16 million USD


(Towed - Comes w/ Pegaso Heavy Truck)
300mm Howitzer :: 600,000 USD
350mm Howitzer :: 800,000 USD
400mm Heavy Field :: 1 million USD

(Self Propelled or SP - comes w/ Pegaso Medium Truck)
Crusader 155mm / 30 m.p.h :: 6 million USD
Elefant 300mm / 30 m.p.h :: 12 million USD
Panzwerfer :: 2 million
Fires 10 300mm rockets in 8 seconds.
Self Propelled Ferdinand

Gun :: 155mm L/71
Secondary Gun:: 360 degree rotary MG
Tirtiary Weapons :: MG/Small arm slots
Engine:: MAN/Honeywell
Speed :: 50 m.p.h
Armor :: 500mm frontal sloped ; 300mm rest ; 50mm turret
Range :: 60km to 80km
Cost :: 5 million


Class Wolf :: On sale tell me the kinds of torpedoes you want
6 Torpedoes Frontal
6 Rear
Surface Speed 30 knots
Submerged Speed 34 knots
Engine Peurto del Rey Military
Diesel/Electric or Nuclear
300 million USD - Diesel/Electric
600 million USD - Nuclear


Pegaso Light Truck :: 40,000 USD
Pegaso Medium Truck :: 70,000 USD
Pegaso Heavy Truck :: 100,000 USD


MAN Small HT - carriers 12 men :: 70,000 USD
MAN Standard HT - carries 30 men :: 200,000 USD
Medium Armored Assault Vehicle
Carries :: 12 men
Armaments :: 4 barrelled rocket launcher ; 4 slots for MG or small arms
Wheels :: 8 tracked... all terrain
Armor :: 400mm all around
Engine :: MAN/Honeywell
Speed :: 60 m.p.h
Cost :: 700,000 USD

LCI 2k3
Crew: 1 [Skipper]
Capacity: 30 troops
Material: Steel
Cost: 300,000 USD

LCT 2k3
Crew: 200
Capacity: 60 tanks, 20 Heavy Trucks, 40 Medium or Light Trucks
Cost: 2 million
02-10-2003, 05:07
(no pic, sorry)

ATA-OP-Hum16 (ATAs)
Armor: Strong enough to bounce off bullets and closeby hits from rockets
Windows: Bullet Proof
Material: Uranuim Steel
Armory: 1 Hooded MachineGunner in back, 1 hooded machingunner in front, 2 rocket launchers on sides of humvee.
Price: $20million for 2 (bad economy for me...)
02-10-2003, 05:27
do you want to buy a suitcase nuke?
02-10-2003, 05:41
---Post deleted by NationStates Moderators---
The Gulf States
02-10-2003, 05:57
do you want to buy a suitcase nuke?

You had to go there, didn't you?

Anyway, the Belemian suitcase nukes are a favorite to the IEA (elven terrorist organization.) Cheap, easy to use, and can level quite a bit.