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Elections in CoC.

Of the council of clan
01-10-2003, 18:19
The Federation is pleased to announce Regional elections to the lower council.

There are a total of 24 Clan slots and 252 Seats on the lower council, one for each clan controlled region. Number of Seats are based on Population.
Wallace (18 seats)
Connery (16 Seats)
MacDougal (12 Seats)
MacLean (14 Seats)
MacLeod (10 Seats)
McDonald (10 Seats)
Gandee (15 Seats)
O'Hare (5 Seats)
Fitzpatrick (3 Seats)
McVey (8 Seats)
McCoy (11 Seats)
Kirkpatrick (12 Seats)
Abercrombie (2 Seats)
Cawdor (9 Seats)
Kennedy (13 Seats)
Logan (14 Seats)
MacArthur (2 Seats)
MacDonnell (3 Seats)
MacDuff (6 Seat)
MacGregor (20 Seats)
MacMillan (13 Seats)
Malcolm (27 Seats)
Ross (5 Seats)
Stewart (14 Seats)
01-10-2003, 18:24

Of the council of clan
01-10-2003, 18:28
From within those elected to the lower house, 2 from each clan will be chosen from within the delegations by the delegations for the upper house filling 48 Seats.

After That the Upper House is Selected, they will vote amongst themselves for a Prime Minister and a Deputy Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister will then appoint the Ministers of the Upper Cabinet which are Defense, Commerce, Foreign Affairs, Finance, Industry and Labor.

The Deputy Prime Minister will appoint the Ministers of The lower Cabinet which are Interior, Agriculture, Justice, Social Services, Health and Transportation.
Of the council of clan
01-10-2003, 18:29


01-10-2003, 18:30

Scottish clan.
Of the council of clan
01-10-2003, 18:32

Scottish clan.

its not on the list i got.
01-10-2003, 18:35
It should be.

It is very small, however.

Still, add it.
Of the council of clan
01-10-2003, 18:36
It should be.

It is very small, however.

Still, add it.

mind you these aren't the only clans in my nation just the ruling ones.
Of the council of clan
01-10-2003, 18:49
Each Clan rules their region in sort of a feudal manner, with total control of their militia's and reserve units unless the Federal Government Calls them up to action. There is a lot of centralized power in the Government, but still a lot of Autonomy in the Regions (much like the USA).
01-10-2003, 18:52
Press Secretrary Mark McMillan, a member of the MacMillan clan that imigrated to Manarth, has chosen to come for a vacation to see his family.

He will be arriving later today.

Deputy Prime Minister Vandershale shall take over his duties in his absence.
Of the council of clan
01-10-2003, 19:03
Voters will be hitting the polls 9am EST Tommorow, Results should be in around 12pm.
Of the council of clan
01-10-2003, 23:06
The Parties Being represented are the Socialist Democrats, the Populists, The Republicans, Liberal Democrats, The Centrists, and the Consevitive Clansmen.
Of the council of clan
02-10-2003, 18:36
Results are in for the

Wallace Delegation
14 Centrists and 4 Conservitive Scotsmen.

Connery Delegation
11 Centrists, 3 Conservitive Scotsmen, 2 Liberal Democrats

MacDougal Delegation
6 Centrists, 2 Conservitive Scotsmen, 4 Socialist Democrats

MacLean Delegation
5 Centrists, 8 Socialist Democrats, 1 Liberal Democrat

MacLeod Delegation
2 Centrists, 6 Conservitive Scotsmen, 2 Republicans

9 Populists, 1 Liberal Democrat

As it stands now
38 Centrists
12 Conservitive Scotsmen
12 Socialist Democrats
9 Populists
4 Liberal Democrats
2 Republicans
Of the council of clan
02-10-2003, 21:14
Gandee Delegation
7 Republican, 7 Conservitive Scotsmen, 1 Liberal Democrat

O'Hare Delegation
3 Socialist Democrats, 2 Liberal Democrats

Fitzpatrick Delegation
3 Centrists

McVey Delegation
5 Centrists, 3 Liberal Democrats

McCoy Delegation
3 Centrist, 4 Consevitive Scotsmen, 4 Socialist Democrats

Kirkpatrick Delegation
9 Populists, 3 Socialist Democrats

49 Centrists
23 Conservitive Scotsmen
19 Socialist Democrats
18 Populists
10 Liberal Democrats
9 Republicans
03-10-2003, 01:17
::McMillan does not show up as scheduled::