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Death in Madrid

The Macabees
01-10-2003, 03:28
September 20th:

Six Pz.VI "Cheetahs" rolled into Madrid at 0600. The lead tank fired a shot straight into the suburbs. The rest went on to the Imperial Palace. As communications faltered due to conspiritors the emperor was not advised until a round hit into his Imperial Room. Luckily he was in the War Room.

As the emperor struggled to get a hold of his Praetorian Gaurd another round hit into the basement of the palace shaking 1,200 foot structure.

400 Praetorian Gaurds streamed out and were picked off by the MG90's on the tank. Luckily the tanks were damaged and impared from movement.

Two hours later the insurgest raised the flag of the Macabean republic (tri-color) and surrendered. As they got out of their vehicles the Praetorian Gaurds killed them...

Deaths are estimated at 30 insurgets (the crew), 45 Gaurds and 300 civilians.

OCC: This was poorly RP'ed but im bored.