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President Assasinated, Stalin takes command.

30-09-2003, 21:52
It was a dark night. Two uniforms were out on patrol, their car read "Miska County Police". They were driving along having a conversation about, well, It was about a "Gentelmens Club" that they had recently visited. It was only 9:43, their shift ended at 10 and the precinct was only 2 minutes away so they decide to take a swing by the Miska County Harbor.

When they arrived, they were greeted with gunfire from an automatic weapon, then, two shadows could be seen hopping onto a boat. The uniforms jumped out of their car and began to take cautious steps toward the dock at which the invaded boat was stationed. They heard a piercing scream which stopped them dead in their tracks for a second or two. One of the men ran back to the car and radioed for help.

As they neared the boat, one of the shadow men was attempting to exit the 45 foot house boat. The uniform and the shadow spotted eachother. It was too late. The shadow with the automatic weapon was to much for the cop with the 9mm. He had about 16 rounds fired in him within seconds. The second man came out, dragging two bodies that were bound up by duckt tape. They started a conversation.

"What were you firing at?"

The Man pointed at the, now bullet pierced cop.

"Oh. Well help me with this guy will ya? Boss wasn't kidding when he said the president was a load."

"I think he meant load of shit, ya know, like a real politic."

"I'm aware of what he meant." the other man replied bluntly.

The continued to drag the two bodies off the dock and into a forgien made SUV. They were un aware of the remaining police officer, who had heard the discussion about the president of UD being killed, along with his wife. They turned on the truck and spead off. Not 30 seconds later did the back up arrive. They were shocked at the site. One of their own dead.

The living uniform relayed the story about the two shadowy figures and the presidents murder. The police chief couldn't move. All he could think was 'Where was the UIA?'. That wouldn't help. After what had looked like a switch had turned off in the chiefs brain, he began to shout orders.

"Which way did this vehicle go?"

"East sir, down Miska Blvd."

"You two," he pointed at two officers that were sipping cofee, "Get your asses in the car and follow that vehicle."

"Of course sir," they mumbled as they tossed their cups carelessly to the ground.

The following morning

The two cops that were sent after the assasins had managed to bring one of the men, the one that shot the uniform, into miska county jail. He was pushed out of the vehicle, so he was easy bait. He was interigated and finger printed. His files did not match any in the MCPD data base, the country data base, nor the USSUD data base.

The police now had the suspision that these men were sent from another country. But the question of what the president was doing on his yacht still troubled many. That question was answered when Miska County recieved a call from the UIA. They stated that the president likes to go out with his wife alone, and feel like a normal person. He was spending the night on his private yacht. When the idea about an assasin from another country was brought about, the suggestion that the UIA had a spy that was passing information to other countries.

The UIA and MCPD agreed that it would be better if no one found out about the presidents murder until it was solved. Think about it, if the country knew, there would be mass chaos. One officer was settling down at the station when he flipped on the news. The 7 o'clock news was on. He had been there since about 7 the previous night and he was wiped. He was awakend on what he saw on the news.

"Guys get over here! Look, Ohanson's on the news!" Ohanson was the uniform that escaped the shadows.

UDNNN (Unleashed Darkness National News Network)
"So how did it happen again?" said a young, blonde reporter.

"I was out on patrol, with my partner," he paused, the tension seemed to flow over the electronic waves, "we were just cruising around and we heard shots come from the docks. They shot him."

"Who shot your partner?"

"The shadows."

"Who are they?"

"Thats the thing, we don't know. We think they are from an outside country, the killed the president."

"What the fuck? The president is dead?"


"Do you hear that people, the nation is being threatened, pull out your arms, protect your children! We are under forgien invasion, I repeat forgien invasion!"

The news cuts off. The men at the station were cursing. They phoned the UIA.
Later on TV

A representative from the UIA steps up to the podium. He was tremeling, sorta'. He cleared his throut and ajusted the micraphone, prepared to deliver his speach.

"Citizens of Unleashed Darkness, do not fear. We will be ok."

That was was his speach. Thats all he could say, and even that was a lie. They wouldn't be ok, they did need to worry.

After these events, which, I might add, were never solved, Joseph Stalin has taken over.
Communist Likon
01-10-2003, 07:56
The LEADER of Communist Likon sends a "Hello Joe" to the new leader of Unleashed Darkenss. If you ever need any help umm..."pacifying" un armeed mobs were here to help.
01-10-2003, 10:40
Hey! that's my picture!
01-10-2003, 10:42
There are WAYYYY too many Lenin/Stalins on NS :lol: