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Global Organisation for Removal of Movements Against Freedom

29-09-2003, 22:52
August 5th 2023


This is a state funded organisation for the removal of organisations/governments or movements who seek to actively work against the freedom of civillians.

Each Countries GORMAF group is split into A1 and A2

A1 investigates anti-freedom movements within ones own country.
A2 investigates anti-freedom movements in other countries, but may only intercept at the will of the government except in cases where the government is not free. In that case the A2 group must report to the GORMAF Council of Investigations in which action mauy be voted upon.

Manpower for the groups is small. Suggested size of organisation is 80 people. 50 of those people would be the actual squad. Thses should be highly traind people, skilled in disguise, sharpshooting, assasination and Computer Hacking.

The Grand Imperium nominates itself as the security council chairman for the duration of 4 months, whereby another council head is voted upon. Other nominations and seconds are welcome.


Councilman Atreides

The Grand Imperium
29-09-2003, 23:30
August 27th

The Grand Imperium has discovered a small rebel force on the outer reaches of it's border planet Zygoth and requests help to deal with it.

The force is assumed hostile but is yet to make demands or show its intensions.

Councilman Atreides

The Grand Imperium