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Republic of Jace calls for International Creatures

29-09-2003, 20:28
Decidies to move away from military spending this budget, Jace has turned it's attention to the Jacian National Zoo and Aqurium.
This facility is completely owned by the goverment (As private industry is illegal in Jace) as such, there has been no shortage of funding spent, and making good use of the large amounts of Imperialised land Jace has, the zoo is perhaps one of the largest in the world, with hundreds of millions of dollars being used to create large and highly realistic habitats for animals.

Jace is always looking to expand the Zoos collection of creatures for the viewing and educational uses of the citizens of Jace, and has turned to the international community for contributions of any sort.

Jace is also willing to participate in any breeding programs other goverments have set up.

The Republic of Jace also hopes this endevor will show the international community that Jace isn't a completely military bent imperialising warmunger, and that we too, have our own social interests.