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Galactic Alliance Base Attacked

25-09-2003, 03:40
The GAF (I can't think up any new names for a ship. Somebody fill it in with the next post), an Obsidian Ion Stream Frigate on patrol in the Ross128 system began to slowly drift towards the center of the system. With the end of its patrol the crew were looking forward to a few days of rest before the rotation brought their ship back into service. Just before it entered the dampening field of the station it detected a small blip on the sensor screen.

"Sir, we've got a small contact. It seems to be about 2 meters in diameter."

"Probably a metero then. Check its path and make sure it wont hit the station. The painters always charge a hell of a lot to redo the surface."

"Yes, sir. Orbit places it at least 2 million kilometers from the station."

"Very well. Let's head back to the station."

As the (fill in name) began to dock with the station the massive fleet, which had launched the meteor as a diversion, began to close with station.

OOC: We're looking to start a major GA vs. somebody war. We need either a massive nation, or a powerful alliance, to be the attacking fleet so that we can finally have a good fight.
25-09-2003, 03:43
25-09-2003, 03:48
This is a good time for you to not talk.

Anybody for being the attacker?
25-09-2003, 03:51
There is a rogue Valinon war fleet from the Outer Dominion Wars. I could contribute them as the enemy.
25-09-2003, 03:55
Wouldn't they be crushed against 50 nations?
25-09-2003, 03:56
Yes, but the former commander managed to get away with some heavy ordance we were testing at the time. Enough to give him a goodly bite.
25-09-2003, 03:57
lets see if he could use allies i know a way to make him a little stronger......
25-09-2003, 04:05
So, while Comdida does that, do we have a match?
25-09-2003, 04:08
OOC: it'd be cool if this turned into a civil war that split us into 2 rival alliances

IC: *The CCSS Comprasa, also en route to the GA base almost ran into the unidentified ship as it closed in, if it hadn't been for a radar-activated collision warning*

Commander: "What in space is that ship doing!? It's not on any of the space traffic control computers."

Officer: "Sir, I don't beleive that ship is supposed to be here..."

Commander: "Hail them."
25-09-2003, 04:18
Valions not on, so I'm off for today, If this doesn't really start tomorow, I'll pull off my emergency plot twist.
25-09-2003, 04:20
dont worry it will start tomorrow by 6pm est. (im going to get my post typed up during school and post it as soon as i get home tomorrow and the war will start)
25-09-2003, 04:21
Valions not on, so I'm off for today, If this doesn't really start tomorow, I'll pull off my emergency plot twist.OOC: LOL you have one too? i could say that My colony on Optera IV wanted to break free and attack the GA of insanity lol
25-09-2003, 16:06
At one time he was Admiral of the Red Sir Luther Davion, but that was before the Outer Dominion Wars, before he had witnessed the genocide the Empire had been willing to unleash on the defeated and demolished Seven Great Clans of the Dominion of Outer Centauri. Davion had tried in vain to stop his countrymen, advise them against setting the treacherous Scorpion Clan on their former brothers. But the deed had been done, Luther and his men could take the agony no more as they watched as the Empire of Valinon used the Scorpion Clan and the Nightwatch of the ESS to wipe out thousands of former Dominion citizens.
Luther in the end could not take it, so he took his fleet of 78 of some of the best ships in the Star Armada and went rogue, taking with him research of some of the best and brightest of the Star Armada Research and Development branch, and the host of weapons they had designed to bring down the Dominion.
Luther knew he had been branded as a traitor by the Emperor himself, and that the Star Armada, ESS, ISS, Sardaukar, and even the Special Liaison Service hunted him constantly. Hoping to root out his rebel fleet.
But Luther Davion was ready to strike back, he had found a new ally, an ancient race who wished to teach the imperialist Empire of Valinon an lesson they would not soon forget.
Davion watches from the bridge of the HMS Crusader, one of the six battlecruisers in his fleet, as his ships search the wreckage of the Galactic Alliance space station for any useful materials. So far the scavenger teams and the gunships working with them had found nothing.
"Admiral!" came a shout from one of the comm officers. "We have a ship hailing us! Unidentified configuration, it does not match any of the registers we have."
Davion moves quickly to the tactical station, "The Galactic Alliance. What of the Armada? Do you see any Armada ships?"
"No, Admiral."
"Inform the scavenger crews to head for home. Sound general quarters, bring the fleet to battlestations."
"Yes, Admiral!"
The bridge of the Crusader becomes a flurry of activity as all the weponary and power of the rogue imperial fleet begins to turn toward the oncoming unknowns.
Davion turns to his astrogator, "Begin calculations back to the Omega Delta system. Send a message drone back to Fleet Lord Har'tha."
"Yes, Admiral."
25-09-2003, 16:18
The Marduk class cruiser, The Wraith cruised through space heading toward the nearest GA station.

"Sir. We aren't recieving any signals from the GA station. We are still too far away to tell what the cause is."

Captain Smith leaned forward in his seat as he contemplated possibilities.

"It could be just a communications failure. But have weapons systems online just in case."

"Yes sir."

The Wraith continues to move through space, heading toward the wreckage of the GA space station.
25-09-2003, 17:49
"Sir, we recieved a message from our ambassador Jolinar at a distant GA starbase. The message was cluttered, but i'm quite sure that it's been attacked."
"Attack on GA is an attack against us, as it is stated in the constitution. We're a member and proud of it. Send Dreadnoughts Armani and McGordon to investigate at full speed."
"Yes sir."

The dreadnoughts depart from the homeplanet of Technomages, and engage their hyperspace engines.
On the bridge of Armani: "Estimated arrival time in two to four hours"
25-09-2003, 18:02
[OOC: Hey, this is Kekkosmaa. Klonor hasn't yet answered my telegram, but I suppose it is possible to make this my space nation instead of Kekkosmaa but still continue with the old technologies and as a GA member..? And even if it isn't, GA takes everybody, right? :P So can I participate as a GA member?]
25-09-2003, 20:10
On Board the Flagship of the First fleet, C.S.S. Riska
"Admiral one of our drones just reported possible hostile activity near the GA Station."
"Get it confirmed by two of our Cruisers then report back to us at S.B. Delta"
"Yes Admiral"
The Captain saluted and went to the hanger bay where he departed in a shuttle to on of the crusiers. He went to the Bridge and told them to contact another cruiser. Both cruisers departed to the GA station to see what exactly was going on.
25-09-2003, 20:12
OOC: What telegram? If it was sent during my hiatus I never saw it.
25-09-2003, 22:22
Admiral Davion watches as the scavenger teams begin to move away from the broken and battered GA space station. Then comes an emergency transmission over one of his personal comm channels.
It is Captain Lethel, "Admiral, we've spliced into the GA com and con network. We have ships from multiple Alliance nations moving toward our positions."
Davion watches some of his crew tense, he activates his own comm, "Thank you, Captain. Leave an AI juncture in the station. We can keep monitoring their com and con channels on our way out system."
"Yes, Admiral."
"And, Captain?"
"Yes, Admiral?"
"Have you heard any Valinon communications?"
"Not so far, Admiral."
Davion sighs, "Very well then. Continue, Captain."
"Yes, Admiral."
Davion turns to his command staff one of his tactical officers look at him.
"Should we call in some of the other elements of the fleet?"
"No, begin to lay in a course for out system. But call in the HMS Imhotep and Aristotle."
"Yes, Admiral."


Meanwhile, on the system's fringes, a set of Valinon listening probes record the comm traffic, and at last perform a low pulse data dump to a listening post nearby. An on duty officer reads it and takes it to the post CO.
"Sir! We have them!" the lieutenant takes the comp-pad from the officer. He reads it, its information of outmoded Star Armada encoding, and unit callsigns. Onyl one operating fleet would still use codes now a decade out of date.
"Send a priority message to Sanctuary. Then perform a data dump to the HMS Gustav Alderman."
"Yes, sir," then the lieutenant remembers the other order concerning the rogue Davion fleet.
"And send a priority magenta code to the Special Liaison Service Home Office."
The young officer stiffens and then salutes, "Yes, Lieutenant!"
25-09-2003, 22:23
Uh... huh...
25-09-2003, 22:31
"Sir, we're ready to jump out."
"Acknowledged. Engage (inset cool looking word here)!", said the captain of Armani, Gor Felin.

The ships silently slipped back to the normal space, a few thousand kilometers before the spacestation.
25-09-2003, 23:14
Jimathon sat up right in his VERY large chair, "What the hell? I thought people in this age had more sense than that!"

His secratery turned his head, "What, your Holiness?"

"We have just recieved a report from our GA station liason. It said, and I quote, 'Hi your lordship, we're under attack in case you wanted to know, I'm probably going to die. Other than that everythings going really great over here... Oh! Look! My arm just got blown off, how nice.'"

"Is that all he said sir?"

"Yeah, where's the fleets right now?"

"GA wargames, your Holliness."

"Call them back," His face turned from it's usual nonchalant relaxness to an slightly less relaxed stance, "Send them to the station, and tell them that for every hostile they kill thier crew gets a free drink on me."
25-09-2003, 23:54
The Crusiers returned about an hour later to the space base the fleet was docked at. Captain Jim Hiklen walked down to where the Admiral was.
"Its confirmed the GA station has been attacked we didnt check on what happened."
"Ok tell the fleet to be ready to depart in six hours time to head to the location and see whats going down."
"Six hours?"
"Yes six hours we have things to do that are more important then going to check on a space station"
"Aye Admiral"
The Captain turned and left the room to tell the crews...........

Meanwhile on Comdidia's home planet the prime minister just got the news.
"So all we know is that the station was attacked and no clue on damage?"
"Then come to me when we actually HAVE SOMETHING IMPORTANT!"
With that the advisors left the Prime Ministers office.

ooc- dont you love how my country works. wait untill tis pointless to go show up and find nothing. gotta love those alliance hating admirals.
26-09-2003, 00:12
Beta Cygni, Adornian Military Base/Colony

"Sir, we have a Priority One message from our Cruiser at Ross198. It's on a time delay of a few hours."
"Put it on."

The station crew watched as a fuzzy picture came up, showing a shot of an Adornian ship's bridge.

"Attention, Beta Cygni, this is the ASNS Imperial! we're under attack! Unidentified ship, incoming!"
The picture shakes as the ship takes hit. A voice calls from off-screen:
"Shields down to twenty percent!"
"Hold it dam-"
The screen turns to static.

The admiral turns with a grim face to his aide.
"Send the Phoenix, the Saber, and the Red Comet. And mobilize the rest of the fleet. Its war."
26-09-2003, 00:35
On the outskirts of the system, space and time distort almost inperceptibly, a pair of Kanuckistani vessels apearing a moment later; IFF and FTL sensors scouring the system making the ships all but imposible to miss for those with the right sensors.

<On the bridge of the 750m long Kitesfear-class destroyer KHGV Devourer of Wayward Souls>

"Sir, transition to Ross198 system complete; the Blood of Saints is with us and reporting green across the board."

Captain Davenport nodded a bit absently, "Verywell; hail the local Alliance station"

"Sir," the comms officer acknowledged, "Hailing.. no response sir."

"Sir, I'm not reading the station becons.."

"Continue hailing; we'll continue with the frigate's shakedown as sceduled, but keep an eye out for anything suspicious until we're ready to leave this system"

"Yes sir"

26-09-2003, 00:44
Not exactly sure what was going on, an official came into Lee Robert's office.

"Sir, something is going on at one of the Galactic Alliance bases. Some sort of attack"

"Really? Seems this stuff is happening more and more lately. Well, just order up thre Regorks Battleships and a Hiigaran Carrier, and send up the Y-86s with the carrier. That should do our part."


Outside in the ship yards and facilities, three Regork Battleships and a single Hiigaran Carrier fired up, and prepared to exit the atmposphere.
26-09-2003, 00:51
The Droshi crusier Kiarti entered the system, followed by a smaller ship, frigate class, called the Hunter's Claw. The Droshi captain frowned.
"There's supposed to be a space station here, but there's only mysterious.."
United Hiigarans
26-09-2003, 00:55
The "Amaseed" Carrier and her fleet drifted through space lazily toward the GA station for a routine checkup.

"GA Implacent please verify dock con,over."

They waited in silence for the usual return.
United Hiigarans
26-09-2003, 01:00
United Hiigarans
26-09-2003, 01:05
BUMP!...where the hell did you people go?
26-09-2003, 01:36
The Wraith was almost in view of what was left of the GA station.

"Sir. The station is gone."

"I see. We must alert the others. Open a channel to all GA ships or stations within range."

"Yes sir."

The captain activates his head set and tunes it to the correct frequency.

"Attention all Galactic Alliance members. This is Captain Smith of The Wraith, from Assington. I have just arrived on the scene of what was once a GA station in the Ross198 system. The station has been destroyed, all that is left is space junk. So far I have located no attackers."
26-09-2003, 02:03
Aboard the HMS Crusader Admiral Davion watches as the GA fleet arrives. His small force of the Crusader, two battleships, a carrier, a pair of heavy cruisers, and four destroyers are already outclassed.
"Open me a channel, all comm broadcast."
"But, Admiral!"
"They don't realize who we really are, let us play what they believe we are."
The tactical officer sparks with realization, "Yes, Admiral."
Davion waits until the comm channel is open, "This is Admiral of the Red Luther Davion in the service of His Majesty's Star Armada, of the Empire of Valinon. My force and I have responded to the station's distress call and we responded as soon as possible. However, the attackers had fled before we arrived. We have searched the wreckage, and I am sorry to report their are no survivors."
Meanwhile, the arrived GA ships watch as an additional two Magellan-class science vessels arrive near the main ships of the fleet, whose sensor readings are clearly Valinon. However, something is not quite right, but it is not that noticeable. The ships they see seem a little bit older than those regularly seen in the Star Armada, and two of the destroyers have what look to be rather crude repairs to the hull.
26-09-2003, 02:05
The RSD Repentance pulled to a halt. Around it, the 60 odd ships that made up the Roanian 5th fleet fell into battle positions.


What is this nonsense?

<End transmission>
26-09-2003, 02:11
(OOC: still need attackers/defenders? I'm itching to try out my new fleet)
26-09-2003, 02:12
Spyglass Station

"Sir we have just recieve a message from the wraith requesting assistance."

The ranking officer reads the message.

"This is bad news. Send 10 diamond cutters, 10 prometheus' and 10 marduks."

"Yes sir."

The man issues the command for the ships to be launched and within an hour they are full equipped and leaving the solar system.
26-09-2003, 02:21
"Transmission from the Roanian Fleet, Admiral."
Davion turns to the comm officer.
"Open me a channel."
"Yes, Admiral."
"Roanian fleet commander, this is Admiral Davion of His Majesty's Star Armada. We would like to know what happened ourselves. We arrived an hour after the distress call, as soon as we could get here, and we found the station in shambles. Our teams have searched the records and we cannot find any survivors, nor any signs of the attacking forces."


Meanwhile, in jump-space headed back to Alpha Centauri and the Valinon Fatherland. Admiral of the Red Sir Quentin Forrest stands at sharp attention on the bridge of the HMS Gustav Alderman, newest of the Star Armada's Ares-class dreadnoughts.
He is dressed in the stark white uniform of a full Admiral, but his gold epualets are adorned with the red laurels of a full Admiral of the Red, denoting that he has served on the Admiralty itself. Forrest has been a brilliant commander, working his way through the ranks of the Star Armada to achieve his high position and a title in the Peerage.
One of his adjutants approaches, "Admiral Forrest, we have a priority message from one of our listening posts."
"And?" Forrest says cooly.
"It concerns the Davion Fleet."
Forrest turns at once on his heel to face the adjutant, breaking his vision from that of the multi-coloured maelstrom of jump-space.
"When was this report sent."
"Time stamped at 23 minutes ago, Admiral."
"There was an attack on the Ross 128 Galactic Alliance station. Our survelliance probes picked up Star Armada code that is a decade out of date."
"Did they send this information back to Sanctuary?"
"Yes, sir."
Forrest turns to wear his second, Commodore Geoffrey Adler is standing at the tactical station.
"Commodore, bring the ship out of the jump at once."
"Yes, Admiral."
"Helm, lay in coordinates for the Ross 128 star system. Transmit our course change to the rest of the fleet! Order the Ares' Wrath to deploy three full fighter squadrons, I want our other carriers to scramble two fighters to accompany on jump run."
"Yes, Admiral."
"Bring all ships to battle stations, I want us to be ready as soon as we arrive in the Ross 128 system."
"Should we alert the other GA nations, Admiral?" inquires Adler.
"No, this is a matter of the internal affairs of the Empire of Valinon," the Star Armada force fresh from the GA war games exits jump-space and begins to reorient to set a course for the Ross 128 system, under the full power of their Verner drives.
26-09-2003, 02:26
(OOC: noone answers anything around here ARGH, okay then... I'll decide whether to defend or attack later, for now...)

A massive jumpspace signature appears in space near the station, and the Maelstrom Juggernaut emerges.

Darkwing: "To all vessels, this is the BSJ Maelstrom, how may we be of assistance?"

The Maelstrom's fighter bays open, but no craft emerge... yet.
26-09-2003, 02:26
"Very good." Admiral Hyten shut off communication and steepled his hands. "Destroy the base."

The fleet began arming for bombardment...
26-09-2003, 02:40
OOC: Roania, may I ask where you are aiming?
26-09-2003, 02:48
OOC: the base is gone already

IC: Jimathon stood up and glared hard at his defence advisor, "So, there are ten fleets there, and noone knows who to shoot?"

"The advisor looked meek and worried, "Yes sir, but if something does erupt our ships are still cloaked, noone knows we're there."

"OK, and if we don't know who to shoot, what good is it?"

"Uh...Er...I serve his Holiness!" And the advosor walked out of the room his tail firmly shoved up his rectum."

Jimathon clicked on him com panel, "Tell the fleet to go to 1/2 alert, I think the attackers already got the hell out of Dodge, Damnit!"

He pounded on the panel and had an idea, what if the was just one of the fleets that arrived first, only pretending... but, only GA members have fleets there, right?
26-09-2003, 02:51
OOC: The Valinon fleet currently there is a rogue element, Davion is the attack and is trying to bluff his way out of the system, right under the noses of the GA forces there. Another Valinon fleet is en route though, and it is the REAL Star Armada force.
26-09-2003, 02:53
OOC: The Valinon fleet currently there is a rogue element, Davion is the attack and is trying to bluff his way out of the system, right under the noses of the GA forces there. Another Valinon fleet is en route though, and it is the REAL Star Armada force.

OOC: I know, I was just showing you what Jimathon is thinking. He's a very smart guy.
26-09-2003, 03:00
The pair of Kanuckistani vessels continued cruising through the outter system, silent but for the wash of active scanners and IFF beacons; power surged now and then in the Dark Valour-class frigates weapons and deffencive systems as engineers continued with her space trials, tho ECM tests were postponed until the next leg of the trip in light of the present tension.
26-09-2003, 03:03
OOC: Fine then, my misunderstanding.

Luther Davion watches events unfold around him, realizing that with each arrival the deck is stacked more and more against his small raiding force.
"Admiral, we have Valinon survelliance probes on the system rims!"
"What! How did we miss them!"
"They may have been passing on the other side of the sun when we entered and engaged the station."
"Damn. Cease all comm traffic on our encoded frequencies. Meanwhile begin to take us toward the outer system, I want us out of here before the Star Armada shows up."
"Yes, Admiral."
The engines of the Davion Fleet force begin to power up, and they move away from the wreckage of the station. The reorient themselves on a course out of the Ross 128 system.
26-09-2003, 03:09
Jimathon fleet comander Wren looks at the situation screen, "wait, what's that Valion fleet doing?"

A junior advisor offered, "Maybe they're being relieved by that other Valion fleet coming in."

"The one using different com systems? The one that has powered up weapons?"


"Exactly. RED ALERT! All Units to batlle stations, keep our cloak and set intercept course for the older fleet. I'll bet Jimathon it's that Davion figure, and his rouge fleet."
26-09-2003, 03:18
The report came to the council about an hour after the prime minister recieved it.
"Has any fleet been mobilized?"
"No they think it is not important to hurry to the situation much less check all logs from our sensor stations right now."
"Then i suggest we override him and send in the Intercept and Second fleet."
"We just need five votes of us"
They voted and recieved all votes except one person.
"Thats more then enough mobilized the Intercept fleet and launch second fleet as soon as possible."

Intercept Fleet departing S.B. Delta-
"Admiral we can arrive in about an hour to the station. Second Fleet will be deployed in about an hour and a half to check all sensor logs."
"Good lets go"
The fleet departed the Starbase and arrived near the station. As they came out of Jump Space several hundred fighters lunched instantly to create the safe zone around the fleet incase of hostilites. They also recieved a coded message from one of their mobile sensor ships.
"Comdidian Intercept Fleet we can give you the direction the hostiles went but nothing more since we stayed cold and dead the whole time they were nearby."
"Transmit the location and power up and fly to one of the carriers"
The ship transmitted data as it was escorted onboard a carrier and a message sent for the second fleet to come in further ahead of the direction the hostiles headed for a possible lead of who they were.

ooc note- i dont plan on having anything find the rogue fleet they are just looking for who might have sent it since they think its a nation or alliance.
26-09-2003, 03:19
"Admiral, we are out of optimum weapons firing range for the GA forces currently present."
"Good," Davion turns to the holographic projection of the Crusader's AI. The holo image of him looks like the Crusaders that challenged the Muslims in the Holy Land centuries ago.
"Richard, prep the Verner drive. It is time to leave this party while we still can."
"Of course, Admiral."
Davion sweeps his eyes across the stars, and then turns back to the AI.
"No sign of the Star Armada?"
"None, Admiral Davion. But, Admiral, I should notify you that the Imhotep and the Aristotle have picked up an unusual shadw sensor signature. In fact there are serveral of these sensor ghosts."
Davion stiffens, "Any comparisons?"
"Details, Richard."
"Signs would be evidence of a cloaked ship, much like the cloaking system the Armada was testing at the end of the Outer Dominion Wars. Based on a combination of Dominion/Valinon technology."
"Do any of the GA nations have cloaking technology?"
"Reports are unconfirmed, but we have heard rumors of the Jimathon fleets having cloaking capabilities."
Davion turns to the bridge, "HELM! Full power to the engines! Shields up! Weapons online! I want us out of the system NOW!"
26-09-2003, 03:19
At the central fleet headquarters, the Admiral dispatched the two completed Edison class gunboats/corvettes to help defend the spacestation... while the smallest ships used other than shuttles, they were heavily armed for their size. This, combined with their state of the art pulser cannons, just like the other ones, made them a match for starships many times their size.

OOC: Since this is our first combat use of starships, I'll detail our combat tactics. Note this knowledge is strictly OOC to non-GA countries.

First, the starship wears down shields using antimatter torpedos... energy pulsers (a unique weapon of ours, check other threads for details) have very little effect on shields. Once the shields are down, we let loose with the pulsers if they are close enough... if you are unshielded and you come up against pulsers, you're pretty much disabled, since we typically set them to disable the electronics systems. The pulser electronic interference setting allows it to completely short out electronics at the impact site, and temporarily render them useless for lessening periods of time as it radiates out. The disintigration takes apart at the subatomic level all matter within the impact area of the beam. Our ships are very small compared to most, but with their powerful weapons, and excellent manuverability, they are a match for almost any ships out there combat wise.
26-09-2003, 03:20
OOC: Roania, may I ask where you are aiming?

At any and all threats. 60 ships, not counting robotic fighters or ramships. I think I'll be all right.
26-09-2003, 03:23
"Davion turns to the bridge, "HELM! Full power to the engines! Shields up! Weapons online! I want us out of the system NOW!"

"What!" Wren yelled, "Jump to full speed, decloak, open fire on my mark. Time till intercept?"

"5 minutes sir, our newer systems outclass them easy."

"Yes, finally, now let's get some vengance!"

He smiled as his fleet went into overdrive.
26-09-2003, 03:24
Aboard the HMS Gustav Alderman, Admiral Forrest taps his fingers against the command railing.
"ETA," he says cooly to the Gustav Alderman's AI adjutant.
"We will arrive in the Ross 128 system in 8 minutes, Admiral Forrest."
"I want a full scanner sweep of the system when we jump out. Task our Magellans to do that."
"It will be done, Admiral."
"Commodore Adler, once we have their location, I want us on top of the Davion Fleet. All ships are to aim to disable, not destroy."
"Yes, Admiral."
Forrest returns his gaze back to the swirls of jump-space. He is racing against time, and the genius mind of Luther Davion. He had even served under Davion in the Outer Dominion Wars for a time, until he had taken his fleet and ran. Forrest had watched as his own command was disabled with EMP missiles, and Davion jumped into the unknown.
"I have you know, Basilisk," Forrest murmers.
26-09-2003, 03:27
Jimathon looked at the report, "Who's Davion?"

"The leader of a Rouge Valion fleet sir, he's very good. The fleet will engage him very soon."

"Ah, well, we have ministar engines, they don't have a chance, right?"

"Well, he is very smart, your Holiness."

"So's Wren."
26-09-2003, 03:34
"Davion turns to the bridge, "HELM! Full power to the engines! Shields up! Weapons online! I want us out of the system NOW!"

"What!" Wren yelled, "Jump to full speed, decloak, open fire on my mark. Time till intercept?"

"5 minutes sir, our newer systems outclass them easy."

"Yes, finally, now let's get some vengance!"

He smiled as his fleet went into overdrive.

"Admiral, we have an energy spike the the area of the sensor ghosts."
"No," whispers Davion. "Ready our EMP missiles, and access the Triple Protoccol. I want go out today, especially not to this Jimathon character. How long before jump?"
"We will reach your jump coordinates in ten minutes."
"Too long. Cut the time back, jump in eight."
"But, Admiral, the coordinates will be off."
"Not enough to do harm. The jump figures are padded anyway. We could shave off six more minutes if need be."
"Admiral," says Richard, "perhaps we should scramble fighters?"
"No, if we can't take the time to collect them we will lose them, and I won't lose any men here."
26-09-2003, 03:38
Wren looked at the screen, "Not today *****. I want everything we've got fired as soon as were in range! How long?"

"2 minutes sir."

"Screw that, Fire now, I dont care if we miss, just give them to much interferance to jump, NOW!!!"

He stared at the screen, his blood racing, his heart pounding. He could really go for a cigarette right now.
26-09-2003, 03:38
As events continue to unfold, the KHGV Blood of Saints breaks away from her larger companion; angling insystem to intercept the fleeing force as weapons and power systems ramp up; ECM coming online, throwing off sensors and wreathing the frigate in the projected the form of a dreadnaught as Kanuckistan's newest weapon prepared for a very real live-fire test.

OOC: That ECM should fool just about any sensor; it'll look like it was probally a dreadnaught disguised as a frigate. Oh, and those dreadnaught-sized power reading? Those aren't sensor spoofs :twisted:
26-09-2003, 03:43
---Post deleted by NationStates Moderators---
26-09-2003, 03:51
"Admiral the scout just picked up Jimathon ships in pursuit of something."
"Where is the secondary line of our intercept fleet?"
"Just about to enter jump space"
The Admiral sent a sudden message, "Abort JUMP ABORT JUMP SECOND GROUP! Change co ords to 86 786 and jump!"

The second group recieved the transmission and changed the jump co ords jumping and coming out a distance infront of the Rogue fleet.
They launched what little they had just to slow down the rogue fleet long enough for the Jimathon ships tp blow them away. (its only about 12 crusiers, 6 destroyers, 2 carriers and 2 battleships)
The group feel back with the most important ships in back adn the lesser ones in front as they locked on and fired to just slow the ships down.
"Captain we are getting a EMP starting up in the engine room from the sudden change."
"Have all ships go into emergancy EMP shielding to shield core systems in case it goes off"

The Anubis and Slip fighters pulled out of the carriers and prepared to engage the Rogue ships once they came within maximum lock range on the cruisers.
26-09-2003, 03:53
OOC: I'm confused, what just happened?
26-09-2003, 03:55
OOC: I'm confused, what just happened?
whenever i launch my intercept fleet it goes two groups. the first group is ment to take a beating while the second group is the sheer firepower and not heavily armored.
My scout probes detected your ships persueing valinon's rogue fleet so they told the second group to change the jump point to come out infront of them. The plan was to just fire blindly at them to slow them down or force them to break apart so it would be harder to escape without casualties. so basiclly you get to blow em up im just trying to mess with their heads.
26-09-2003, 03:56
"Admiral! Ships coming out right on top of us!"
"Fire the missiles! But enginer reactor power to 110%! We must get out of range before the EMPs detonate!"
The Davion Fleet task force suddenly is given a greater boost of energy. And from the science vessel Imhotep and Aristotle, along with the Crusader, strange missiles fly away along with several Old Earth contact ocean mines. They fly toward the Jimathon fleet, arming themselves, and then their counter begins rapidly to descend toward zero.
"Admiral! We will clear the EMP zone just in time to avoid any core system damage. However, the destroyers may lose some non-essential systems."
"Once the missiles detonate, activate the Triple Protoccol."
"Yes, Admiral!"
Behind the Davion Fleet, rapidly moving away from the oncoming Jimathon forces, the missiles and mines detonate. Eerie blue-white lightining cackles outward, washing the Jimathon fleet with the deadly electronic scrambling of an electro-magnetic pulse. Davion does not wait to see what damage he has caused.
"Triple Protoccol initiate!" suddenly, the Davion ships seem to multiple, and the stars are filled with triple the ships that existed before. Well constructed illusions and "sprite" probes to assist Davion in his escape.
But then jump-space exit signatures begin to appear at the system rim.
"Oh, no," Davion mutters. He watches as the first Star Armada ships exit.


Forrest watches as the last of his fleet arrive.
"I want a channel."
"Done, Admiral."
"All GA forces, this is Admiral of the Red Sir Quentin Forrest of the HMS Gustav Alderman. The current 'Valinon' forces are rebels operating against the Star Armada. We request all GA forces allow us to handle the matter of these dissidents."
Forrest watches as the EMPs detonate, and then the sensor illusions of Davion activate.
"Prepare to engage, Commodore. Order all fighters to scramble."
"Yes, Admiral."


Davion watches as the true Valinon forces arrive. One of his officers notices a slight smile reach his lips as he hears Forrest's announcement.
"So it comes to this, Ice Man. After so many years, you still are as cold and as deadly as ever."
"Nevermind. Take us right down their throats, Helm! Let us see how willing the Admiral is willing to meet his ancestors!" Davion opens the command channel.
"All forces open fire!"
Davion turns to Richard, "Send final jump calculations."
"But we are engaging."
"Smoke and mirrors, my dear Richard, smoke and mirrors and ice," says Davion whimsically.
The Davion fleet, holograms and their real counterparts undistinguishable, open fire, pouring forth energy and missiles.
26-09-2003, 03:57
OOC: sorry, I must be really out of it, anyways, since Valion isn't on I think we should put this on hold for now, agree?
26-09-2003, 04:00
OOC: That was my last post back of yours, Jimathon. Feel free to respond to it though.
26-09-2003, 04:05
OOC: oops

IC: Wren was thrown 10 feet from his chair, "Aggg! Damnit! Activate ministar vents, get us stabalized!"

"......" The officer was unconcious.

"I have to do everything myself!" He went to work on the controls, "Alright, Wren to fleet. Activate high energy ministar vents, aim between the two Valion fleets, it will make quite the buffer."

He snarled under his breath.
26-09-2003, 04:10
ooc- this is my last post in this thread for night im going off soon wont be back till 3-4pm est tomorrow.

As the missles fired the crusiers targeted and fired intercepts many being hit by the intercepts but at least half passing through. The cruisers and destroyers were hit and all systems but the core ones wiped out.
"Captain the entire front defense was nailed by emp missles."
"What about us?"
"We are just out of range."
"Stay that way untill those guys are gone then move in to help get those ships back online and set up a defensive block around it."

The four working ships prepared all long range weapons just in case and recalled all fighters to close defense as they waited for any communication from the first group heading thier way to answer the call for help.
26-09-2003, 04:11
OOC: I'm off for the night too, see ya about 4 MNT. tomorrow.
26-09-2003, 04:36
The Blood of Saints continued to close head-long at the Davion Fleet from further outsystem; a twelve milion kilometers away from their quarry; 40 light seconds; well within effective range of Kanuckistani weapons.

In a testiment to her designers, the illusion wraped around the frigate wavered not as her seventy-five launchers spawned fifteen hundred high-cee kenitic missiles; three massive spinal-mount Super-Heavy Particle Lances spearing past the swarm even as they left their launchers, aimed for the largest vessel in the fleeing fleet.

1'680 teratons of death, 1'500TT in the lances alone; it was a volly that would warm the heart of the most battle-hardened superdreadnaught's commander, and lent only credibility to her ECM mascarade.
26-09-2003, 07:52
OOC: man, this thread kicked off since I last posted... can someone summarize it? Or is it too late for me to get involved.
26-09-2003, 10:18
The Assington cruiser moved back from the conflict. The captain was not sure what the hell was happening and decided to sit back and watch until he figured things out.

"Captain. Our reinforcements have arrived."


The 30 Assington starships pulled out of Hyperspace just behind the Wraith.

"We have quite a situation here. I suggest we wait until we are sure of what attacked this station."
26-09-2003, 15:17
Davion watches as the weapons fire from his enemy hits his numerous holographic diversions. He smiles, but know things are incredible close. He watches as one of the gunships of Forrest's force explodes under concentrated bombardment from the Crusader.
"Admiral, we are ready to jump!"
"Lay in the course!" Davion says, he watches as the holograms rapidly begin to evaporate as fire consumes the probes that give them substance.
"Wait! Open me a channel."
"Done, Admiral."
"Ice Man, you adapt well, but you still have forgotten that war is passion as well."
Davion turns to his bridge crew, "Prepare to drop a trio of HAVOKs!"
"Launching HAVOK tacnuc mines."
"Timer for 2:00 minutes."
"Timer at 2:00 from launch."
"No, two minutes. Time from activation."
The weapons officer looks nervous, "Yes, Admiral."
Twelve new objects fly away from the old ships of the Davion Fleet. Davion watches with care.
"Activate Verner drives!" and with that his fleet jumps out of the system, but not before the destroyer HMS Sledgehammer is consumed by enemy fire.


Admiral Forrest hears the transmission from Davion, "Ice Man, you adapt well, but you still have forgotten that war is passion as well."
Forrest glares at the Crusader, "Prepare to deploy our own EMP pulse weaponary."
"Admiral! The Davion Fleet is preparing to jump! We are detecing twelve new objects on an outward dispersion pattern."
"New object signatures confirmed as HAVOKS!"
"Broadcast an emergency comm call to all GA forces, tell them to clear the area at once! Helm! Give me an outbound in system jump, in three seconds!"
The astrogator and the helmsman converse with the AI, "Done, Admiral, there is a risk though."
"Forget the risk! Jump now!" As the Davion Fleet disappears, Admiral Forrest takes his fleet on a risk in-system jump manuver. The Star Armada ships rapidly move to aquit the taks, as the deadly HAVOK tactical nuclear mines move rapidly toward the GA ships.
26-09-2003, 15:46
The Technomage dreadnoughts, Armani and McGordon were whole time watching this massive space opera.
"Why aren't we doing anything?" Asked one of the officers on the bridge of McGordon.
"Simple. No one has targeted us, and we'll let them fight. When the time is right, we enter the scene.. Like now! Pinpoint the retreating point of Valinons forces!"
"Great. Relay the coordinates to Armani. Set course. Engage Hyperspace Drive! ..Let's get them."

(OOC: I possibly can't be back before tomorrow. But I'll try to come and continue today..)
26-09-2003, 16:15
The Wraith picks up the warning transmission.

"Sir. HAVOK mines have been released."

"Let's get out of here then. Do we know where the enemy ships have gone?"

"Not really sir. But we can follow some of the other fleets that just departed."

"Ok. Do it."

The Assington fleet locked onto the technomage signals and followed. Within a minute the all 31 ships were gone.
26-09-2003, 21:08
"Captain a transmission just said we need to clear the area they just launched mines."
"What is status on disabled ships?"
"Almost nothing is online but core systems and jump drive."
"What about the normal engines?"
"They are not responding"
"Tell them to jump back to ready point."
'Isnt that dangerous?"
"They have a better chance jumping then sitting thier without shields"
"Aye aye sir"

The disabled ships powered up the jump drives and entered the jump points on the computers. The jump drive went to maximum power and they jumped out as fast as they could as the working ships did the same to meet up with any ships that managed to make it through the jump to the meet point.
26-09-2003, 21:20
Their quarry gone, and with buisness elsewhere to attend to, the pair of Kanuckistani vessels vanish like they arrived; simply disapearing as chance is shifted.
27-09-2003, 09:47
Communications between McGordon and Armani:

"Ok, we're now where we're supposed to. Any readings of the Valinon's forces?"

"Not much. Sensors detect minor readings of EM radiation."

"They must be here somewhere! Boost sensors to maximum, with the expenses of lasers; I doubt they would help us much anyway."
27-09-2003, 14:47
Captain smith paces across the command deck of the Wraith.

"Any readings on where or who the attackers are?"

"Not really sir. There were several fleets in the area. A Technomages force is slightly ahead of us and there are some faint other readings. Nothing significant."

"Damn. Contact the Technomages command vessel and ask if they know anything."

"Yes sir."
27-09-2003, 17:20
Admiral Davion sits aboard the Crusader, now powered down and on the lowest of its passive sensor settings.
"Admiral," says the sensor section officer, "we have two fleets now. One matches the ships used by the Assington star fleets, and the others are unknown."
Davion lets his eyes sweep the planetary system before him, a white dwarf sits far in the system. But it is not the inner system that is the reason Davion took his task force here. This system is known as Delta Orion, mapped by the Star Armada 50 years early possess a unique feature around the eighth planet, a massive gas giant even larger than Jupiter.
Called the Ice Rings, the gas giant known as the Yetti's Eye has captured massive floating asteriods of pure water ice and solid frozen CO2. A phenoma that still stumps the best scientist in the Empire. But one thing the Ice Rings do is play hell Mary with starship sensors. Davion looks at his tactical display, watching as the fleet's dead engine motion swigns them slowly toward the Ice Rings. If he can take his ships in there, it will buy him enough time to make a run at safer territory, like Kelanis.
"Full power to engine! Take us directly into the Rings! Deploy four squadrons of Longshard interceptors and one squadron of Javelin bombers."
The Davion Fleet task force suddenly comes to full power, blazing for the Ice Rings, of which they are already close to. But the sudden flare announces their prescence to whoever is in Delta Orion. Davion knows this is a race, and he hopes that his gambit will pay off.


In the Ross 128 Admiral Forrest reforms his fleet and prepares to follow the Davion Fleet and their pursuers from the Alliance.
"Do we have a course pattern?"
"Yes, Admiral. The Assington ships jumped on a course straight to the Delta Orion system."
"Yetti Land," whispers Forrest. "Helm, bring us around and set in a course for Delta Orion. Bring us in right on the fringes of the Yetti's Eye planetary system."
"Yes, Admiral," the Star Armada force moves to reorient themselves for the jump to the Delta Orion system.
"Activate Verner drives," says Forrest, and with that the HMS Gustav Alderman and its fleet disappears into the wilds of jump-space on a dead course to the Delta Orion system.
27-09-2003, 17:41
The Second group waited back in safe space repairing the downed systems before coming back and regrouping with the first intercept group.
"Captain we are now just awaiting the Second Fleet to arrive in about ten minutes"
"Ok, Where did some of the fleets go?"
"In pursuit of the attackers Captain, we sent a probe along is transmitting jump points to us if we are to follow"

About Ten Minutes later the Second Fleet came out of jump space behind the intercept fleet.
"Captain the fleet has just arrived and the Admiral sent alogn for us to pursue the attackers."
"Alright lets go then."
Both Fleets formed up and entered jump space coming out where the probe was transmitting data from upon following the attackers....
"I think the probe got the points wrong theirs almost nothing on sensors. Long range sensors pick up some ships but it doesnt look like anything."
"Have everyone prepared for a fight and slowly move foreward looking for any sign of allied or enemy ships"
United Hiigarans
27-09-2003, 18:09
The Hiigaran commander muttered something to himself under his breath.

"All fighters launch,defensive positions,standby for orders.Harak,relay the situation to Fleet Command immediatly."

From the belly of the carrier,23 Acolyte's poured fourth,taking up point positions around the Carrier and the smaller capitol ships in the fleet.
27-09-2003, 21:13
On Dreadnought Armani:

"Sir, Assingtons forces are hailing us."

"Put them through."
[After a "boring" conversation:]
"No, we have no idea where.."
"Sir, engine activity! I'd say, they're heading towards that Gas Giant at full burn, but I have NO idea whatsoever why are they heading there."
"Well, guess you heard what my Science officer just said. Bye."

The communications screen is closed, and Armani and McGordon start moving in on Valinon fleet. They can outrun the Dreadnoughts, but then: McGordon launches four Technomage Heavy Fighters(Class Abe), which accelerate, and quickly start gaining on the Valinon fleet.

(OOC: The fighters have a few Plasma cannons, fusion lasers and five small(very small) laser turrets. A hint; The fighters have no shields, only reflective armour(one meter thick) and are over a hundred meters in length..)
28-09-2003, 02:46
Silent in the void, the dark form of a stealthed Kanuckistani surveliance drone floated amidst the electromagnetic noise of the galaxy, one of countless seeded throughout the cosmos, relaying it's observations in undetectible tightbeam burst-transmissions; even if detected, they'd be seen as little more than an inconsiquensial. The arrival of several fleets in it's system drew the attention of the drone's tiny AI, passive sensors aligning for a better look, flaging it's findings for the attention of it's thinking overseers even as the Blood of Saints' combat report reached the desks of the Admiralty...
28-09-2003, 05:51
"Admiral Davion! Unknown config fighters on intercept course."
"Can we beat them?"
"They will overtake us before we can enter the Rings."
"Damn! I had hoped to save this card for later. When will the new fighter contacts enter the limpet mine field?"
"They will enter the perimeter scatter zone in 30 seconds."
"Fast aren't they."
"Yes, Admiral."
"Activate limpet mines, program in the sensor readouts and schematics garnered on these new fighters."
"Good. Helm, ETA until we enter Rings?"
"Three minutes, sir."
Davion does not comment, merely watches as the limpet mines begin to move toward the Technomage fighters. These specially designed mines will latch on to the fighters body and then blast with an electromagnetic pulse. Originally designed to stop Dominion kamikaze runs during the Outer Dominion Wars, the limpets have proven invaluable in saving the Davion Fleet in the past. Now Davion watches as thirty of these small mines accelerate toward their approaching targets.
28-09-2003, 07:06
The communication screen flicks off.

"Well. That didn't really help. Lock onto the engine signature we just picked up. Are there any other fleets in the area?"

"Not at the moment sir. Shall we deploy any fighters sir?"

"Deploy two Charmeleon fighters. They are only to observe and stay cloaked. No offensive."

"Yes sir."

The Charmeleon fighters sped out of the Wraith and after the Davion fleet. (in cloaked mode. They can't attack whilst cloaked.)
28-09-2003, 07:08
OOC: Hey, I just popped in for a little update. How's the battle going?
28-09-2003, 09:57
The fighters try to evade, but eventually they are all floating motionless in space.

"Ah, hell! We lost all fighters."
"No reason to go in to despair.. We still have ten more. Launch them, and make sure they won't get beaten before their target."

Another batch of fighters leave the bays of Armani and McGordon, and accelerate with maximum burn to the fleet. One fighter is more faster than others, it's stripped for speed. It amazingly reaches the supposed flagship and opens fire with two plasma cannons and after a few hits rams the flagship in the part thought to be the reactor section.
28-09-2003, 10:36
The two Charmeleon fighters sit behind the Davion fleet. They gather all information on the fleet they can before sendin a encrypted signal back to the Wraith.

Wraith: "Message recieved. Continue persuit. If appropriate you may open fire."

Fighters: "Yes sir."
Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah
28-09-2003, 13:41
Suddenly, the Valinian rebel fleet detected approximately thirty disc shaped objects moving towards them, fast. Every single one of them being about sixty meters in diameter, some meters in height and of some alloy not yet known to humans. Their point of origin was unknown as well. As they closed in, it was easy to say that they were infact weapons, not ships. They were obviously bladed, spinning furiously and full of malign intent.
United Hiigarans
28-09-2003, 13:57
Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah
28-09-2003, 13:59
((OOC: They are in Delta Orion, and only Assington and Technomages said they followed in. Are you shooting them from some other star system now? Or did you attack the "genuine" Valinian fleet, that came to the system afterwards?))
United Hiigarans
28-09-2003, 14:04
OOC:I have no clue what is going on..Im just kinda popping in here randomly.
28-09-2003, 19:53
((OOC: They are in Delta Orion, and only Assington and Technomages said they followed in. Are you shooting them from some other star system now? Or did you attack the "genuine" Valinian fleet, that came to the system afterwards?))

my fleet followed them eventually but can only detect both of them on their long range sensors as they are trying to follow. So im not attacking anybody untill i come up with a good way to do it.
28-09-2003, 19:57
28-09-2003, 22:08
OOC: Well that was a random and rather annoying comment.

"Admiral! Ships still enclosing!"
"ETA until we enter the Rings!"
"30 seconds, Admiral."
"Activate all the limpet mines, set them for targets of opportunity. Tell them to hit any and every thing!" Davion knows he is beginning to lose the Rings will be his salvation if only he can get them.
"Admiral! We are passing through the outer Rings."
"Activate point defense systems. Transfer sixty percent more power out put to the shields. Take us in, but do not let any of the Shards take us or by God it will be over."
Davion watches as his ship enter the mirror world of the Rings. A deadly realm where massive water ice and carbon formations play havoc with any sensors, or at least those of Valinon and their allies.
"Cut engine power by 35 percent. Bring sensors down to extensive passive."
"Yes, Admiral."
"Helm, plot a course through the Rings until we can exit and make for the Hell system jump node."
"Yes, Admiral."
"Code sent to limpets," says the calm voice of Richard. The AI seems unaffected by this near death situation, although Davion knows ship AIs have been known to fear death if they see their ship "home" coming to an end. Plus Richard has not received the standard upgrades of his Star Armada brethern, and is beginning to show his eccentricities.
"Good," Davion says.
Meanwhile on the outside of the Rings, sensors come to life with 900 limpet mines, activating and flying toward the nearest GA pursuers. The deadly mines rush forward to by the Davion fleet any time they can.


Aboard the Gustav Alderman, Admiral Forrest stands at the end of the command catawalk.
"Five minutes, Admiral."
"All ships stand at the ready. I want to be ready to pounce on Davion before he realizes we are there."
"Yes, Admiral."
Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah
28-09-2003, 22:20
((OOC: Valinon, are you going to just ignore the thirty discs flying at your ships? The ships that shot them were in the star system before the others were, they had been following your rebels all the time, and they're in a different place than the GA ships. Any damage to report? The ships are running silent and are as dark as the space itself, so they are hard to detect.))
28-09-2003, 22:25
OOC: And you think me running into a field of frozen ice crystal the size of the Death Stars is not a response to this? Plus the limpet mines are flying everywhere. I'm hoping someone is going to join me in the merry chase through the Rings.
Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah
28-09-2003, 22:40
((OOC: Uh, ah, I thought you were going there anyway... And getting your sensors scrambled might make it a bit harder to see what's coming at you too. The ships shooting at your rebels are about as much under my control as your rebels are under yours. They are not "mine", but they are of "me".))

IC: As the Valinian rebel fleet disappears into the icy hell, the unseen fleet still sees them. Instead of pursuing them and risking being seen, they choose to go through the Rings, in HyperSpace. It is not impossible, even if it is not the most desirable way to do it. It is the only way to get to shoot another round from the main weapons on the Valinians before they flee again. Who knows where they would jump next. The ships' main weapons are so long ranged that their jumping does make them concerned at all, no one would detect them anyway.
28-09-2003, 23:16
"Admiral, so far our sensors can read no pursuers."
"That is not saying much, we are as blind as whoever is out there," mumbles Davion.
"Should we exit the Rings?"
"No, keep us on a course so that we will go around Yetti. If we can get to the jump node, we can lose our pusuers."
"Yes, Admiral," Davion looks out the viewports, the eerie world of the Rings is enough to haunt a man's soul for eternity. Bizarre refracted imagery and ghosts plague the Rings, and leave men with only their eyes to see and their minds to set lose nightmares. The huge crystals collide with one another, destruction and reformation as one, and the mind screasm to hear sound as these ice titans grind on one another in a battle as old as the planet they circle.


"We are exiting jump-space," Forrest watches as his command enters the Delta Orion system. He sees Yetti taking a quarter of the view ports already.
"Lay in a course to the Rings."
"Yes, Admiral."
"Sir, our sensors are picking up multiple contacts that are being identified as limpet mines."
"Put out the mine alert."
"Yes, Admiral."
"Scramble all fighters, and tell the gunships to execute the Z-Delta formation. Then give me an open channel to the other GA forces."
"Done, Admiral."
"All Galatic Alliance member forces, this is Admiral of the Red Sir Quentin Forrest of His Majesty's Star Armada. The actions of the Davion Fleet are our personal affairs, we ask that you withdraw and allow us to deal with this traitor appropriately."
29-09-2003, 00:35
Jimathon looked at his screen, "He wants us to leave?"

"Yes, your holiness."

"We just took heavy damage to the fllet and the GA's main station was destroyed, and we're supposed to back down?"

"That's about what it sounds like."

"Then open a channel to Davion, tell him as politely has he can, to go copulate with himself. It's his damn countrys fault that renegade is blowing stuff up in the first place, and it's very apparent it's up to the GA to stop it. Also warn him that if he screws up our attacks we have little reservations against beating the fecal matter straight out of him."

"Er... Yes, your holiness."
Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah
29-09-2003, 02:11
As the fleet had reached the other side of the Rings quite some time ago, as it was a very short trip, they laid there waiting, disregarding the received message. There was no way the Valinians would know of them, and even if they do find out, it would not matter. They had other things to take care of now. There they were, in their pitch black vessels, in the darkness of space.

They had inserted several discs into the jump node and close to it, even though they were not sure if the Valinian rebels would use it. If the discs miss their targets, they act as mines, that close in on their targets when they come close enough. It can be used to form a sort of a minefield, like this one.

The test is still inconclusive. It had nothing to do with them being rebels, it was only a trial. It could have been done on any unsuspecting fleet.
29-09-2003, 03:03
OOC: Jimathon, just for clarafication, Davion is the rogue, Forrest is the 'real' Admiral. And now I can use the forces New Ortaga is loaning technology..... :D

Admiral Forrest is seething on the inside, although his cool exterior belays the rising internal turmoil. He has just heard the return transmission from the Jimathon fleet.
"Signal the HMS Alexander and the HMS Hercules."
"Yes, Admiral."
"And inform Vice Admiral Carpeletti to bring in the Solar Navy."
"Helm, take us toward the Yetti system, be wary of any limpet attacks."
The HMS Gustav Alderman begins to move toward Yetti.


Meanwhile the Jimathon sensors pick up multiple jump-space signatures. Exiting from them are two full Star Armada battlecruiser task forces. The Star Armada forces interpose themselves between the Jimathon forces and the path that would take them toward the Ice Rings.

OOC: Tag, New Ortaga.
New Ortaga
29-09-2003, 03:10
OOC: Time to win my post count back from the General Forums deletion.

A new set of four exit points opens, and from them exits new arrivals. However, these ships do not bare the symbols of the Empire of Valinon. Instead these bare the eagle of House Corrin against a tri-color background. At the lead formation is a dreadnought. Suddenly a new transmission comes across all channels.
"This is Vice Admiral Carpeletti of the New Ortagan Solar Navy. This operation is now place under the joint authority of the Grand Duchy of New Ortaga and the Empire of Valinon, with the authority of the Proxima Centauri Defense Initiative. All Galactic Alliance forces are request to stand down and assume a secondary role, this is now under the direct discretion of the nations of the Alpha Centauri system."
29-09-2003, 03:32
As the Comdidian Fleets approached the other GA fleets they recieved the transmission.
"Admiral they want us to stand down."
"Let's see i dont care what they say send this to them. We are under strict orders from the High Council to only stand down once the attackers are defeated. Killed or captured we will not stand down untill told otherwise by our council"
They transmitted the message as they had every ship on full alert and pilots already in their birds.
"Where are our probes?"
"On other side of the rings projecting possible locations for that fleet"
"Have them continue transmitting and prepare to have the secondary engines ready to overload i think we can blow a hole in those rings we'll need time to think though"
"Aye aye sir"
29-09-2003, 03:42
"WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS?!?" THe commander yelled with the force of a thousand hurricanes.

"He thinks he is the commander of...."

"SHUT UP! You're fired! Open channel to all New Ortega and Valion ships."

"Open sir. Oh, and Comdida has just shown up to be powering weapons."

"Good Guys......Anyways, LISTEN Valion, you too N.O. We are going to stand down just as soon as you blow us and the other 50+ GA nations out of space, so SHUT UP! We're taking the primary role here! SO you stand down or I swear to god I will send the whole damn galaxy so far up your *** you'll be puking organs you didn't know you had! All ships...cloak!"

On the command the entire fleet dissapered, ready to attack anyone anywhere without any warning.
29-09-2003, 06:05
The two Charmeleon fighters ended their pursuit. They could not pass the mines and the rebel fleet had gotton away.

Fighters: "We have lost the fleet. They escaped into the rings. Returning to the Wraith."

The unseen ships spun around and made thier way back to the Assington fleet.
New Ortaga
29-09-2003, 15:26
The voice of Vice Admiral Carpeletti comes over the comm, "We seek no quarrel with forces of the Galactic Alliance, but this is a matter of under the internal affairs of the sovereign nations of the Empire of Valinon and the Grand Duchy of New Ortaga. We will detain Davion and his rebels and then ensure that they are given a trial by a joint martial judicial triumvirate under the auspicies of the Imperial Star Armada and the Great Solar Navy.
We politely request that you stand down and merely assist us in a system wide interdict."
The New Ortagan fleet and its Valinon allies move inward toward the Yetti system and the rings.
Carpeletti turns to his gunners, "Prepare a missile salvo, we will blast Davion out of his hide-away."
29-09-2003, 15:59
(OOC: Sorry, I was out for awhile. Valinon, You didn't see my post? It said that one fighter we sent got through your defences, shot your ship a few times and then rammed it.. I presume that the limpets are still active?)

"Holy shit! Sensors indicate over 800 drones incoming!"
"Activate defences! I want all of them taken down! Science, you think they could get through our shields?"
"Hard to say.. We have never tested EMP weaponry on our shields. But I think they should. Altough, our fighters are again destroyed."

"We have no choice but to chase them. I want Armani in to those Rings."
"Sir, but.. We lost the enemy fleets trails. I'd guess that if we fly in to the rings, we'd be flying almost blind."
"Do it anyway."

(OOC: By the way, I'll be leaving.. Don't know when will be coming back)
29-09-2003, 17:00
OOC: Missed that one....hmmmm....You hit one of the heavy cruisers, damage on several decks, being kept under control. Minimal damage to sensors, but weapons black out in affected area. Good enough?
30-09-2003, 03:33
The Assington fleet sits just outside the rings, but far enough away from the limpets.

"Sir. Several hundred limpets are blocking our bath."

"Damn. Destroy them."

"Yes sir."

The fleet begins to launch several timer detonation plasma torpedos into the cloud of limpets.
30-09-2003, 15:27
"Those Assingtons are sissies" thought the commander watching the Assington fleet onboard of the Armani.

"Let's blast our way through those drones. Use all weapons we can, those Valinon's mustn't get away!"

(OOC: Valinon; Good enough.)
30-09-2003, 15:54
THe mines fly forward toward the Assington and the Technomages. Many are destroyed, but their numbers prove too much. Nearly a hundred get through the Assington field of fire, and head for the hulls where they will attach and release their EMP wave. The Technomages watch as the oncoming mines get through, around 115 try to move to attach themselves to their hulls.
30-09-2003, 19:21
On the far side of the gas giant, space seems to distort, befor reality deposits the ominous, three-kilometer form of a Kanuckistani Superfortress; shields and weapons hot, massivly powerful FTL sensors lighting her up like a beacon system-wide as she stalks the fleeing force's escape route; a fighter wing two thousand strong screaming away to picket edges of the ice rings.

Suddenly, a power spike; a finger of light lancing out from one of her seemingly-countless heavy batteries to sweep across the ring, teratons worth of energy flash-vaporising billions of tonnes of ice in an instant, shattering the glacier-like crystals in thunderous explosions of scalding gas and steam to leave a storm of mountain-sized shards in it's wake as it methodicly flickers across the ice flow, sweeping back and forth from the nearest point; creating a malestrom in it's wake as it's methodicly walked back around along the path of the fleeing rebels must take; their haven quickly becoming a deathtrap as the mountains of ice that hid them are rent asunder and transformed into mountainous projectiles. :twisted:

OOC: Those fighters, BTW, are my standard 5m long Deamon's Bane class interceptors.
30-09-2003, 20:23
On Armani:


The drones that aren't destroyed in intense defensive firing(approx. 50 attach to Armani and 20 to McGordon) attach to the hulls and start their dirty work. Every single scouting fighter is released to try and sweep them off with their tiny lasers.

"Sir, shields are holding on key areas(*). We've already lost most of our sensors and laser turrets."
"Status on our main weapon systems?"
"Main cannons are all active, few heavy lasers are destroyed and one plasma cannon is destroyed."
"So, we can still pound the living shit out of the enemy?"
"If we get that far."

(OOC: Key areas; Reactors, engines and such..)
30-09-2003, 23:46
"Admiral Orders from home base return at once to main Defense grid."
"Take us home then. Open a channel to the other GA ships."
"Attention Allied forces i have been told to return home under orders of our Prime Minister. We would have liked to pursue the attackers but their seem to be problems in our system." The link went dead and the fighters landed back in the hangers and the entire fleet put their jump drives to full power jumping back to Comdidian space.
01-10-2003, 02:20
"Sir! We have 100 drones heading into the fleet!"


Ten drones are destroyed by the Wraith but many others still get through. The Wraith is attacked by ten, the Infernal hit by 40, the White Dwarf hit by 20 and the Executioner hit by 20.

"Sir. The wraith has sustained minor damage with some sensors and turrets offline. The Infernal has almost been completely crippled and won't be going anywhere for a while whilst the White Dwarf and the Executioner lost most of their weapons. They are able to return to a station for repairs. They cab also drag the Infernal back."

"Good. I want all remaining ships to empty 20 plasma torpedos each, into the ice rings. We'll blast them out of there."

The three severely damaged ships departed the scence whilst the others unleashed their torpedos towards the ice rings.
Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah
01-10-2003, 02:30
The beings in the ships of unknown origin and still unseen were not pleased with the actions of the Kanuckistani battlestation. They now threw their weapons at it, meaning there are now thirty fast moving, spinning bladed disc-shaped projectiles moving towards it. No shields have been able to withstand them to date, no armors have won against them. This would be... Interesting.
01-10-2003, 14:15
Onboard Armani's bridge:

"I've had it. Let's follow the Assingtons example. Weapons section, how are our missile banks?"

"They seem to be active, altough few missiles have been disabled."

"Good. Fire with all missile banks, with all available missiles to those rings. Comm, how are the scouts doing? And comm., order McGordon to fire also to those rings."
"Almost all drones are destroyed, but few are still left on the missile banks, we wouldn't like to see anyone of those babies exploding accidentally.."

Weapons officer hesitates. "Sir, may I point out, that all missiles launched together could make any solid planet a piece of rubble?"

"You may, but fire anyway. After all confirmed kills we will leave"

Almost 600 fusion powered missiles(spiked with antimatter warheads) head to the Ring, as their mission is simple: Destroy anything that moves.
02-10-2003, 01:13
OOC: Ah, Uber-Post.

Davion sits on the bridge of the [i[Crusader[/i] unaware how much damage his limpets have caused, if any, only they were detonated.
"We will soon cross over what would be the Yetti day/night line if we were orbiting the planet," says the helmsman.
"Half-way there," Davion mutters. Meanwhile he watches as several of the Ring crystals are danced with the multi-hued fire of explosions.
"Looks as if a large portion of the Rings were just vaporized using fusion torpedos and other mass detonater devices. Likely suspects are probably Admiral Forrest's force and any GA forces still tracking us."
"Time until we can exit the Ring for the jump-node?"
"Thirty minutes, Admiral."
"Too damn far, too damn far. Send three comm drones out, have one fly to the jump node, and send the others to set a link so we can boost our signal out to the rest of the fleet."
"Yes, Admiral."
"It may be here we make our stand."
02-10-2003, 01:17
The beings in the ships of unknown origin and still unseen were not pleased with the actions of the Kanuckistani battlestation. They now threw their weapons at it, meaning there are now thirty fast moving, spinning bladed disc-shaped projectiles moving towards it. No shields have been able to withstand them to date, no armors have won against them. This would be... Interesting.

Black as space tho they may be, they still had mass and cast a siloute against the ever-present electromagnetic glow of background radiation; the massive Kanuckistani vessel would have had little trouble detecting them with passive sensors, much less the epicly powerful active ones that lit her up like a star all to herself upon the screens of sensor techs system-wide; still, she had ignored them, for they had done little to garner her attention... until now.

Inside her cavernous bridge, the volly was reported to her commander.

"Let them come," she replyed in a disconcerned voice; little existed that could hope to penitrate the infinite curviture of space-time projected by gravitic deflector, and tho bulky and obscene in their power requiorments, they proved a powerful shield to compliment the thick armour and keen sword of Kanuckistans largest ships of war.

"And what of the hostile vessels?" a tactical officer asked, for it was his job to help direct the great ship's fury.

The Commodore considered for only a moment, befor handing down as sure a death sentence as the Grim Reaper in the days of old when plauge ravaged Europe, "Let them whitness the impotency of their weapons, then blow them out of my sky"

"Aye sir."

And it was so; the Thunderhead-class superfortress hung in space, aparently ignorant of the oncomming onslaught while a finger of light continued to soe death in the path of the rebels. A locus of deflection apearing befor the jagged sawblades as the neared their target; space bent back on itself, each projectile literily ran into itself well short of other deffences; point-deffence batteries standing by, should they become more than they apear.

Moments later, thirty massive turrets tracked the source of each; their spawn thwarted, these interlopers would reap what they've sown.

As one they opened up, thirty beams lancing across the emptyness of space, crossing a distance that was nothing to lightspeed; each imparting enough energy into it's target to vaporise the oceans of a world in an instant and punch a continent sized hole in a planet.

And so the wrath of the KHGV Fuzzy Kitten was set loose upon her foes.
Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah
02-10-2003, 13:28
Yes, the bladed discs had been tested on the ships of thousands, and not many shields would keep them from their targets. They WERE more than they seemed to be. They had stopped, yes, but because of the fact that the enemy had mostly left already. They now acted like mines, and they would move slowly towards the fortress, unless they were physically destroyed. ((OOC: Meaning, shoot them out of the sky, if you don't want them rending anything. Getting rid of them is easy, but it requires destroying them.))

IC: Soon would they use their own defensive mechanisms. The novas have proven themselves useful against the best of weapons. Soon, when the cannon fire had supposedly hit the ships, several blasts were detected in the area where the hostile ships supposedly were. Most of them had already left, only a few of them had stayed there, to see the outcome. And they wanted to be seen by the fortress, they wanted to test their defenses.

But no, the blasts were not done by the weapons of the Kanuckistani fortress, but by the ships they had targeted. The novas had practically outclassed the power of their turrets, or more likely, absorbed their energy. The last ships jumped into HyperSpace as well, still inside their defensive barriers. Of course, the Kanuckistans would think that the hostile ships were destroyed by their cannons, but this was not the truth, how things really were.

Their defenses were truly magnificent. No beam weapon could truly penetrate them, only add to them. Of course, their defensive systems had taken some damage due to massive overloading of the nova barrier, but it was nothing to be worried about, as well as the burns on the ships' armors were not truly concerning. They now knew more than they had known.
02-10-2003, 18:28
OOC: Ah, Uber-Post.

(OOC: Something had to be done.. :wink:)

Once again, onboard Armani:

"Sir.. Our sensors.. Err.. Sensor is giving us readouts that most of the rings have been destroyed. Also... It seems that our sensor has found a faint engine signature at the rings."

"Then let's go. We have no time to waste."

"McGordon's just hailed us. Their sensors are in more correct order, and they informed us about an abnormal sensoring spikes on the other side of the Gas Giant. There's something massive in there, but they can't tell what."

"I have a bad feeling about this.. Maybe it would be better to call in reinforcements. Ask the HQ to send a few dreadnoughts more.. And the Defragmentator."

"Def..? Are you sure? That's the most poweful weapon we have ever created.. It's considered as a war-crime to use it."

"Just do it."

(OOC: Hah, Technomages is also an old race. They have technology beyond dreams of a modern day scientist. You'll see when the Defragmentator arrives...)
03-10-2003, 11:14
On the Wraith.

"Sir. Shall we follow them into the rings?"

"No. Whoever they are, they are sly. Continue the bombardment of the rings. Prepare one of the nuclear missiles. Once ready, fire."

"Yes sir."

The Wraith and other Assington ships continue their bombardment of the rings. Amongst the weapons launched at the rings flys a nuclear cruise missile.
03-10-2003, 15:34
OOC: I will try and compose a long response tonight. But it seems that two nations are more interested in laying into each other rather than worrying about the rogues. Plus I'm sort of busy with another RP, I'm being raided by pirates in my freaking HOME SYSTEM! :evil: I will just have to have their heads, then I can eat them! :twisted:
04-10-2003, 04:48
OOC: Nuclear cruisae missile? My point-deffence guns have more power than the world's collection of nuclear weapons; nukes are small fish in most of sci-fi :?:

"Sir most of the hostile contacts vanished befor weapons made contact; remainder apeared to have been destroyed, but particulare debris is not consistant with starship wreckage. Fighters picketing the edges of what remains of the ice ring are also detecting engine signitures consistant with the rebel ships."

The Commodore nodded, glancing at the data on her tactical repeter, "Have PD swat those disks then target the second largest signiture and put a heavy lance through it. And continue sweeping what's left of the ring."

"Yes ma'am"

Outside, a light turret came to life upon the hull of the Fuzzy Kitten, a finger of light flickering through the ranks of alien projectiles; each transformed into a miniture sun for but an instant as the two meet.

Mines swept, a singular heavy cannon tracks it's distant target while a brother continues sowing death in the path of the fleeing rebels; a second pencil of earth shattering force lancing into the rings, this one targeting an actual ship; the beam sears through several mountains of frozen ice in it's way, unaffected in speed, aim, or potency; explosions of flash-vaporised steam ripping apart mountains of ice and sending a shower of ice bregs, many larger than most ships, careening towards the fleeing convoy.
04-10-2003, 04:53
OOC: I just thought the intense heat caused by the nuke would melt the ice away quite quickly. Assington has much stronger weapons, but I felt like using a nuke. :wink:

IC: The Assington fleet watched as a large portion of the ice rings were melted away by the nuclear detonation.

"Send some hunters."

"Yes sir."

Ten hunter missiles spead out of the wraith and into the remains of the ice rings, searching for an enemy signal to lock onto and destroy.
04-10-2003, 05:59
OOC: I just thought the intense heat caused by the nuke would melt the ice away quite quickly. Assington has much stronger weapons, but I felt like using a nuke. :wink:

OOC: Must be one hell of a nuke; aren't some of these ice cubes the size of a death star? All the RL nukes in the world wouldn't melt one of those.
04-10-2003, 08:44
OOC: It won't take out the whole thing. And it is one hell of a nuke. :twisted:
05-10-2003, 00:25
"Sir. Defragmentator has arrived."
"Oh. Maybe it would be better to leave.. In all frequencies, tell everyone to leave this starsystem at once. We're not kidding."

The Defragmentator, a tiny ship, not much bigger than three hundred meters in lenght started moving towards to the starsystems sun. It's mission: To make it collapse in to a black hole.
05-10-2003, 03:30
"Sir. We are recieving a message from Technomages. They are warning us to leave the system. They have brought in the....... Defragmentator."

"Sh!t. Let's get the hell out of here then. Take us to the next closest system and we'll watch the situation from there."

The Assington forces lock coordinates and jump out of the system.
05-10-2003, 05:24
The commander of the Kanuckistani vessel listened to the Technomages warning with some confusion; inteligence reports were sketcky, but indicated that the Defragmentor would collapse a star into a black hole. But why waste it here, when the enemy was as good as caught or dead? Unless they were trying to give the terrorist rebels a chance to escape in the chaos as ships fled unnecessarily.

Kanuckistan was well versed in blach holes and singularity-physics, for such things powered their ships of war; but for the life of her the Commodore couldn't see the threat. The danger of a black hole was it's gravity, which was caused by it's mass; but at range it was no more dangerous than any other star or lump of rock of equal mass; often less so. Compressing the star beyond the point of critical mass-density would not alter it's mass or gravity; the only way to do that would be either active gravitic manipulation, which would be redundent, or to add more matter, which would requior many hundreds of stellar masses worth befor becoming a threat at this range; a star of such mass would be far more a threat to most vessels...

She paused in her consideration, "Hail the Technomages vessels."

"Channel open"

"This is the Kanuckistani High Gaurd Vessel Fuzzy Kitten to Technomages commander. The rebels are as good dead; your warnings serve only to soe chaos and panic that will facilitate their escape. Inteligence reports don't indicate your Defragmentor vessel is a threat at this range, but if it continues in it's aproach to this system's solar primary it will be disabled or destroyed under suspicion of attempting to aid in the escape of known terrorists."
05-10-2003, 15:41
The captain of Defragmentator listened with a smile on his face.

"You think that you're tough? We noticed your ships strength. That made us to change the enemy, we're now after you. We don't just make the sun to collapse. We can also manipulate it to revolve faster, make it more denser than in ordinary collapsation. This ship has maybe the most unique technology in the universe. We can collapse it without any harm to us, we can even disable a black hole after we have no use for it. I'm not supposed to tell this, but as you don't live very long, so here's a tiny secret; We didn't invent this technology. It took centuries for our best scientist to understand the most basics of this. The bottom line is: Only things we have to fear in the universe are the ones who made this weapon.. But enough chit-chat. Bye."

A highly consentrated beam started bursting from the whole ship, the whole hull was a weapon itself. The beam slowly started to move towards the sun.

Soon, the light was out.
06-10-2003, 22:27

OOC: So it doesn't just compress it into a black hole, but makes the singularity even denser? It's already infinitly dense; that has nothing to do with the gravitational effects.

I'm confused; how is this thing suposed to be dangerous to a ship a few dozen AU out?

That reminds me; gravity propigates at the speed of light; anything you do'll take hours to reach me :wink:

Also, your've just revealed that you're trying to destroy my ship; that is an act of war. :wink:


The Commodore was still unsure of the threat the Technomages vessel posed, but he wasn't about to sit around and let them try and kill him and everyone under his command. They were too far out for even lightspeed weapons to reach them in time; that left only retreat, or...

"Give me a channel over the zero-point to C&C"

"Channel open, sir"

"This is the Fuzzy Kitten declaring Ace of Spades," he quickly keyed a series of commands into his console, "Relaying targeting data now."

The voice took a moment to respond over the bridge speakers, "Confirmed Fuzzy Kitten; Ace of Spades is in your hand." And that was it; the channel closing with a muted click.


Somewhere beyond the galactic rim, a small Kanuckistani station came to life. It took only moments to complete it's sole mission; massive racks of high-yeild warheads suddenly empty, enough firepower to shatter a hundred worlds suddenly vanishing for half an instant befor reapearing somewhere else.

It's purpose done, the small instalation vanished as a new star lit up the intergalactic void. Then it was gone; less than dust.


The commodore waited tense moments for his commands to bare results; it felt like hours, but infact mere seconds had passed...

"Sir, it looks like a planet just apeared around the Defragmenta..."

The sensor tech never got to finish his sentence befor long-range FTL plots lit up with a massive explosion; enough matter to create a planet suddenly apearing around Technomages' Defragmentator, befor the warheads that composed it detonated.

Matter vanished; all of it; reapearing the very instant as cataclymic energies; the ball of hellfire engulfing the star crusher so intense it would all but sweep this system clean; remaining dangerous for several years befor disipating some ways short of the nearest star system.

Fortunatly, even the fastest elements of the blast could never quite aproach lightspeed; the allied fleets would have several hours to finish their hunt befor the area around the ice-ringed giant would become dangerous.


That was one of a handful of Kanuckistani one-shot interstellar artillery batteries; and the largest at that. One of my few 'ace in the hole' tricks.

On a technical note, it's worth mentioning that all Kanuckistani military vessels utalise a zero-point datalink to communicate with and pass information on to their home ports. It is perfectly secure; uninteruptible; uninterceptible. However, it can only communicate with one place, has to be set up befor hand, has a fairly limited bandwidth, and is expensive as he11(but deemed worth it by the Admiralty)
07-10-2003, 11:38
"We have lost all contact to Defragmentator..!"
"What the F*** is happening in there?"

(OOC: Kanuckistan, Look Here. (
07-10-2003, 12:01
"Sir. Something strange is going on back in that system."

"Like what?"

"I don't know. But it's not good."

"I see. Well it is obvious that the other forces of the alliance can handle things. Relay the coordinates of the enemies last known position to all allied vessels. Then we're going home."

"Yes sir."

The Wraith sent the message to all Galactic Alliance ships in the area before plotting a course to the nearsest Assington station.
07-10-2003, 12:11
The bridge of the Defragmentator was left to float in the space. It was designed to serve as an emergency escape-pod.

"Whatta..?" Was the question in everyones mind.
"Umm.. I might have an idea.." Said one woman.
"Speak up, private." Said the captain after he cleared his head.
"The Shatterlingbeam was active when the.. Explosion?.. Happened. I think. Maybe.. Just maybe it protected a bit of this.. Destruction. Either that or the spirit of Galen himself protected us."

It was silent in the cold space. The sound of silence was interrupted.
"Do we have any communications?"
"We could, but the auxiliary power is barely keeping the life-support up. Do you want us to risk it?"
"Better to die soon than to die from malnutrition.. Contact Armani."
09-10-2003, 01:59
OOCly pokes Valinon
11-10-2003, 15:57
OOC: :shock: :shock: :shock: Ummm.......after carefully reading the last two pages of postings, I have an annoucement. THERE IS NO WAY DAVION AND FLEET OF SHIPS THAT ARE 10+ YEARS OLDER CAN STAND UP TO THIS. I have some powerful cards to play, but it would take a full Valinon armada to beat back the stuff being flung around currently. I will try and figure a way to tie this up suitably, but I will not be online very much, if any, betweeen the next four to five days. In the meantime, have at each other, your doing a swell job. :P
12-10-2003, 17:16
OOC: It's been settled already; Technomages is paying me $10 Trillion in reperations for attacking me(half of which will be going to cover the ordinance expended in taking out his ship; I cannot overstate just how expensive interstellar artillery is, especially for a one-shot weapon).

And my Superfortresses are designed to be equivilent to entire armadas(or atleast pretty close); that's why I only have seven of them, despite being a Decenber Nation(tm) with a Frightening economy and high military spending. :wink:

I belive we're just waiting for you.