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West Ukraines Country must be destroyed Decleration of WAR!

25-09-2003, 02:35
Mr. President what is your orders?

Comrade General Ready the CEA's Millitary for invasion the red forces will totally annihilate and destroy West Ukraine this time!

Yes Mr. President

As the CEA's army begins to mobolize a spread of discussion spreads through the land wondering if others will join the Red Army or watch the CEA destroy West Ukraine single handedly.
Russian Forces
25-09-2003, 02:38
Do not Fight! We must let the Referendum continue in the name of the people comrade!

Zofia-Propaganda officer
25-09-2003, 02:39
He has taking enough shit, what was your last war in ns years? 2! leave him alone NOW
25-09-2003, 02:41
Why have a Referendum he needs to be conqured and annexed to our great forces!
25-09-2003, 02:44
For violating a ceasefire, Bonstock is threatening to declare war on Sonju. 16 modified Visby Corvettes are now on the way to Sonju, along with 2 Nimitz class carriers and two fleet oilers. We hope we dont have to use them.
25-09-2003, 02:49
President we are violating a Cease Fire Capitalist Nations are preparing WAR aganist our mighty nation...

AHH... I see.. StandDown call off all troops we will combat another day!

Yes, Mr. president...
25-09-2003, 02:50
More like a czar than a president
25-09-2003, 02:52
We have elections just not just elections :)
25-09-2003, 02:52
Yaya for diplomacy and international pressure! And for useless posts to bring my daily posting level up a few notches.