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24-09-2003, 16:38
the Jimmy the Great Fighter Plane thread

come here to buy the very best fighter planes at the cheapest prices!

All these planes are RL btw, so no 'super planes' will be put on.

For new nations with a developing military:
24-09-2003, 16:44
what kind of planes??
24-09-2003, 16:45
MiG 21, MiG 25, that sorta thing?
24-09-2003, 16:49
i want RAFALE
24-09-2003, 16:51

Type Intercept

Crew Single or twin seater
engine 2 x 16550 lb.
BME 20950 lb.
Max ramp weight 49560 lb.
Ceiling na
Take-off landing < 1300 ft
Cruise range 1000 nm
In-Flight Refueling Yes
Internal Fuel 4250 kg
External stores 13215 lb. to 17620 lb.
Air version 14 hard points
Navy version 13 hard points
Sensors RDX LD/SD radar, FLIR, LRMTS, RWR, Advanced bombsight
Drop Tanks 2000 L Drop tank with 1598 kg for 188nm of range
Armament Cannon: 1 30mm DEFA 554
Mica, R.550 Magic 2, BGL 400

COST: 20 Million USD
24-09-2003, 16:55
i take 260 -money has wired-
24-09-2003, 16:56

Okay, no more hijacking of threads

24-09-2003, 16:58
sorry this thread was a mistake, there is one exactly the same but with a couple of planes on it

plz go there instead

also, there aren't many planes as it is a new thread and i dont have much time