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Labour trade agreement

17-09-2003, 14:37
After many meetings between the great heads of our proud nation, Albananias governing body under guidance of our great leader has decided to begin exporting our vast workforce to the international community.

This is a try-out for a system which could revolusionize the way Albananias citizens view their fair nation, and we urge all of our citizens to volunteer for duty in the International Engineering Corps (IEC).

What this means to our neighboring nations is that they will be able to benefit from our overwhelming experience and knowledge in fields such as robotics, engineering, architecture and renovation, as well as construction and management.
Our esteemed dictator is enabling the IEC to provide their services to the highest bidder, thereby ensuring that all may benefit from our proud nations great achievements in the fields of science and technology.

The IEC provides:

Skilled workers able to handle all and any task of architecture, construction and maintainence.

Specialists in fields such as robotics, genetics, computer technology and agriculture.

Vast workforces ready to be deployed within weeks on any location.

Negotiable prices guaranteed to be found reasonable by even the least developed nations.

Dont let your nation fall behind!
17-09-2003, 15:23
Message from Albananias spokesman:

We remind the international community that our offer is still open. The success of the IEC depends wholely on the demand for their services.