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! Reformed Alcardia Reinstates Ambassador Hasselhoff !

17-09-2003, 03:09
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Ambassador David Hasselhoff Returns to Alcardia

Vethage Settlement, 16-Sept. -- Goodwill Ambassador David Hasselhoff, appointed to the presitigious position by the late former Alcardian ruler Arden Rana, has been reinstated as Goodwill Ambassador after two weeks of heated debate in the Reformed Alcardian legislature.

"After considering the situation from every point of view," Stephen Callahan, the newly-elected Majority Leader of the Reformed Party of Alcardia, said at a press conference this morning. "We have decided that Mr. Hasselhoff, having performed such an amazing job as Goodwill Ambassador, should not be punished for the shortcomings of his superiors."

Hasselhoff, who faced pressure from some to stand trial as a member of the now defunct Alcardian Revolutionary Party, the masterminds of a mass genocide in the former nation of Alcardia, was never formally charged with any crimes.

"It's fantastic to be back in this city, this reformed, beautiful, progressive city," Hasselhoff said, draping an arm around Callahan. "I'm very, very happy that I was reappointed to the position of Goodwill Ambassador. I had been hoping for this for four long years."

Cheers from the crowd of press and citizens drowned out the assorted protesters, now demonstrating freely without fear of oppression. "I ask, we all ask, as civilized Reformed Alcardians, that Mr. Hasselhoff be treated with the highest of respects and dignities," Callahan said.

Hasselhoff, who never formally pledged any party alliance, said today "If I were asked to vote today, to declare my alliance to any party, I would have to say it would be a dead heat between the RPA and the CGP."

The Citizen's General Party, once banned from Alcardian legislature by former President Rana's "Purity Acts", are now the second most populous group represented in the legislature, second to the RPA. The CGP has stated its views as "defending, through oppression or peace, the rights of the middle-class worker, the low-class survivor, and the high-class dignitary."

17-09-2003, 03:11
Yes, he seems like a good willed guy
17-09-2003, 03:16
Yes, he seems like a good willed guy

We believe that Ambassador Hasselhoff, showing his amazing situation solving skills during his tenure on Baywatch and Knight Rider, has always been the natural choice for the position of Alcardian Goodwill Ambassador.