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LASH, Revolutionary Submarine detecting device

United Elias
23-08-2003, 15:19
The Elias Navy in conjunction with the Elias Aerospace Corporation and the Elias marine Corporation have developed a highly advanced new sensor for detecting submerged submarines (and whales) that is truely the biggest advance since MAD gear or passive sonar.

Littoral Airborne Sensor Hyperspectral

The Littoral Airborne Sensor Hyperspectral or LASH is a new sensor device that allows an aircraft or helicopter equipped with a LASH pod to be able to ‘see’ submarines rather than hear them.

It uses reflected sunlight to illuminate an area of ocean, sensors then relay the images to an onboard computer system where LASH technology is able to distinguish shades of colour in underwater objects that look identical. The system breaks the image into up to 288 wavelengths including infrared and ultraviolet to search for patterns that reveal shapes beneath the waves.

Currently the technology is only useful during daylight hours and can ‘see’ a submarine size object up to 2600ft in depth, the technology is particularly useful in shallow waters where sonar is often unreliable.

LASH pods can be fitted externally to nearly all maritime patrol planes/naval helicopters and quickly transferred, the pod needs minimal field maintenance and requires just one systems operator.
LASH pod attached to an EA-24H helicopter
LASH integrated into belly mounted sensor dome on Tu-142 maritime patrol aircraft.


Each LASH pod comes complete with mission computer systems required for operation and complete training/maintenance documentation.

= $255,000 each.
23-08-2003, 15:51
If it werent for the fact that I already have torpedoes and a rotary torpedo launcher on the side of my KA-27's, i would buy more, but for the sake of it.....

20 please.
23-08-2003, 15:59
HHHmmm a useful adition to my Gannet fleet
I'll buy 100 to begin with and see how they intgrate with the Gannet's systems.
23-08-2003, 16:03
I'll get 200

money wired
23-08-2003, 16:04
And I'll take 300.

..nice joke about whales, it probably increases sales :P
United Elias
23-08-2003, 16:18
All confirmed.

Fairey Gannet? Kinda old...

Kekkosmaa: yeah, there's a lot of weird stuff about whales around.
23-08-2003, 16:23
It like 20 for the National Whale Protection Service. To keep track of my whales.
23-08-2003, 16:25
No it's for our Gannet Naval Rotodyne (odd but raher useful form of rotor craft).
details here:

Oh and funds wired
United Elias
24-08-2003, 00:24
New bisons
24-08-2003, 00:47
1000, money wired.

Are prod rights on sale?
United Elias
24-08-2003, 00:48
Confirmed. no production licenses, sorry.
New bisons
24-08-2003, 00:52
Alright, money wired.
24-08-2003, 02:10
The Empire of Patrua wishes to purchase 12 of these.
The $2,700,000 will be wired upon confirmation.

Imperial Armed Forces of Patrua
United Elias
24-08-2003, 12:22
The Empire of Patrua wishes to purchase 12 of these.
The $2,700,000 will be wired upon confirmation.

Imperial Armed Forces of Patrua

Confirmed, as usual it is pleasure doing business with the Empre of Patrua.

Ministry of Defence Procurement and Export,
Dictatorship of United Elias
26-08-2003, 19:10
We'd like an additional 1200 of these devices to fit on our naval helicopters and ASW aircrafts.

Money wired.
26-08-2003, 21:05
26 for P-3Cs please.
28-08-2003, 20:42
United Elias
28-08-2003, 20:50
sorry, all confirmed.
28-08-2003, 20:58
We will take 250 units for use by our assorted ASW helicopters.

*Money wired*
28-08-2003, 21:11
Have you ever heard of never thouht of the more cost effective method of simply blanket deapth charges?

Drop enough and you'll bring anything to the surface. It also has the added bonus that you can swwep the seas clean and sell it as suchi therefore recouping any expenses on droping them in the first place

Chief information officer (secretary Do not ask the information officer anything, ask me) The dictatorship or the republic or whatever I only arrived last week on a boat and got this post because nobody else wanted it so if you want info on wherever I can uh-oh he's waking up again bye
United Elias
28-08-2003, 21:52
United Elias
08-09-2003, 20:02
08-09-2003, 20:36
100 please

*money wired*
08-09-2003, 22:49
The Shildonian Navy would like to purchase 750. Money will be wired on confirmation.
26-09-2003, 17:18
100 for my EA-24H

25.5 million
wired on confirm
26-09-2003, 17:20
Prod Rights
United Elias
26-09-2003, 17:26
all confirmed. Thank you.

Sorry prod rights not for sale yet, we need more sales first.
United Elias
11-11-2003, 01:23
Boa Vista
11-11-2003, 02:09

The Minister of Defense, Jose da Rosa Silva, has requested to buy 100 LASH devices. 25 Million Dollars will be wired upon confirmation of sale.

Jose da Rosa Silva
Minister of Defense
The Commonwealth of Boa Vista
United Elias
11-11-2003, 20:03
confirmed Thank you.
16-11-2003, 20:58
1,000 please. $255 million will be wired automaticly upon confirmation of the order.
United Elias
16-11-2003, 23:16
Confirmed Thank you.
16-11-2003, 23:47
I need 30 of these systems
*money wired*
I need these fast!