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12-06-2003, 20:51
OOC: Meant to be a long-term thread on Wazzu expansion into space...much like Tahar Joblis' naval page. Note that Wazzu already has a colony on the moon ("Wazzu Asgard" in the old Derkesthai complex in the ISAF Lunar Region), a strong presance on the International Space Station (current thread: ), and a very strong (but simple) focus on space, which is traceable in the forums for many many months (earlier then these march and april people building FTL drives).


SNN, South Northmen News

Hermes Spacelines, in conjunction with TransCorp, announced the launching of Wazzu's first massive interplanetary cargo hauler. The ship, which is to join the 12 "fast clippers" already in service with Hermes Spacelines, was designed using principles from Wazzu's two generation ships, the SS Darkskye and the SS Hephestus. The ship was built from the newly expanded Wazzu section of the International Space Station and is the first in a line that will increase by one ship per year [[OOC: 1 day]] for the time being. This schedule may accelerate in the future.

This new class of cargo ships use low cost and extremely efficient accelerated ion drives backed by simple fusion reactors, and is expected to cost a small fraction of current trade done with complex gravitic drives.

In other news, the SS Hephestus itself, which has been sitting in orbit next to the ISS since the end of its construction years ago, may soon be finally underway. In a brief statement a speaker for TransCorp said the spacecraft was being sold to Hermes Spacelines after the nation of New York and New Jersey failed to live up to its part of the contract. "We gave them several warnings over a period of years" TransCorp sales representative Jim Gibbons said tuesday. "It just wasn't profitable keeping a huge investment tied in orbit."

Asked what Hermes Spacelines would do with the craft, CEO of that company Bob Sanow said "The Free Republic of The World Sphere has inquired about bringing an asteroid back to Earth Orbit for mining purposes. This buy will situate us for immediate profits that should really help our growth."
19-06-2003, 07:13
Oren Moore Selling Water/Ice
by Mike Savoi, SNN web reporter

Oren Moore announced today the arrival of the Ice Asteroid caught by Hermes Spacelines. The asteroid, which appeared to be a comet durring its trip from the belt to the moon, is now in polar orbit of the moon and still showing a comet-like tail when in the sun.

With the lack of water on the moon or in free-space nearby, and the expense of lifting water from the Earth itself, the asteroid has become the cheapest source of the valuable resource to lunar and orbital colonies and stations.

Wazzu Ministry of Defense Announces New Harpy Missile
by Mike Savoi, SNN web reporter
[[OOC: Image Credit: Roman Stepanov, Title: Missile]]

Minister of Defense Helena Meyer announced today the testing of a new type of missile near the Wazzu owned Derkesthai complex in the ISAF Lunar Region. Like its namesake, the Harpy is a very dirty bird. It uses nuclear fusion for propulsion instead of typical chemical propellants, giving the missile a much extended range and greater acceleration. Upon impact with the target, the leftover fuel is used as a nuclear explosive.

Minister Meyer stated that the purpose of the missile was to act as an increased deterrant to the explosion of nations that have started forming space fleets. She declined to mention what sorts of defenses the missile has other then to say that many components were "mechanical" in nature. When asked who the missile would be available to, she stated they would "only be sold to close Wazzu allies."

SNN technology analyst Samual Makhaven noted that the missiles were probably quite cheap to produce given Wazzu's reliance on nuclear fusion despite its huge uranium mining industry. He also noted that they would probably be extremely heavy, which would make them expensive to launch into space...use in an atmosphere would likely cause too much radioactive fallout and be viewed as WMD use.
20-06-2003, 07:35
[[OOC: Image Credit: Sebastian Marquez, Title: 3D Art]]

Wazzu Scientist Captures Elusive Gravitron
by Mike Savoi, SNN web reporter

A team lead by Dr. James Samson, a noted Wazzu particle physicist, recently captured gravitrons in a specialised trap. While Wazzu has had an "artificial gravity" system since taking over the Derkesthai complex, those systems rely on altering momentum rather then gravity itself, and are not fully understood. The capture marks a great acheivement for Wazzu as gravity technology is traditionally held very secret by the powers that have it for fear of proliferation.

Like those other powers, the Wazzu scientific community surrounding the search are being especially quiet except to say the method of capture is unlike the methods other nations used. The journal the technical aspects is printed in is top secret, and limited to Wazzu's best scientific and military minds who have the security clearance to view it.

Dr. Samson, as elusive as the particles he hunts, said he was already on the track of another hard to get particle in a quick phone interview this morning.


[[OOC: The important part of this article is that the trap used was fundamentally different. I intend to use gravitics in ways unique to NS. Only time (lots of time...if you can tell by a late december nation only now getting this tech) will tell what. :) ]]
06-07-2003, 01:13
TransCorp begins testing "Anti-Grav" ships
by Mike Savoi, SNN web reporter
An artist's concept of what future Wazzu "anti-gravity" ships might look like.

TransCorp, Wazzu's leading aerospace firm, announced today that it has begun testing a "anti-gravity" systems. According to TransCorp Sales Rep. Jim Gibbons, the systems gleaned from Jangle Jangle Ridge are not true anti-gravity. They are an electro-magnetic based technology that can simulate anti-gravity while in the presence of a gravity well (like Earth).

While no where near as quick as EOTED "cores" or Menelmacari "grav-tech", TransCorp hopes the more efficient technology will lower Earth-to-Orbit costs to the hundreads of Beggars per kilogram [[OOC: mid to low hundreads of dollars per pound]]. Seeing potential for defense use, Wazzu non-profit corporation Northern Gun is working closely with TransCorp to quicken development.

Ice Asteroid Mine Grows

Other industry is forming on the Ice Asteroid brought to Lunar Orbit by Hermes Spacelines. Oren Moore Inc. has apparently decided that shiping finished products to the asteroid to increase water mining is too expensive, so only raw-products are now being sent up. The raw products are then smelted, machined, or otherwise made according to need. A spokesman for the company said that getting what was needed to the Ice Asteroid from the Derkesthai complex and from Wazzu was too slow and expensive, cutting into the companies expenses.

Hermes Spacelines Joins International Trade Complex
by Mike Savoi, SNN web reporter
A shuttle launches Friday from Ontappa Thewarld International Aerospace Port in Wazzu. Hermes Spacelines officials were onboard to inspect new cargo transfer premises in an orbital yard.

"Startup" company Hermes Spacelines sent 10 inspecters by shuttle Friday to a cargo transfer yard in low Earth orbit. The Yard is operated and maintained by a coalition of forign nations and companies vieing for space trade, a coalition which Hermes Spacelines recently joined.

Bob Sanow, CEO of Hermes Spacelines, stated "We've been relying on TransCorp for years to get our products to orbit so we can trade with Titan and other Sol markets. But our company is growing too fast, even for TransCorp. Our decision to join an international trade organization should increase our buisness with other Earth nations, allowing our company to grow faster."

Representatives from TransCorp are rumored to be angered by the move by Hermes Spacelines, but have no legal course of action and had no comment on the decision.
07-07-2003, 00:31
Image of the EX-01 as it crashed into the ocean earlier today

Experimental "Anti-Grav" Craft Crashes!
by Mike Savoi, SNN web reporter

One of TransCorp's first expirimental "anti-gravity" aerospace craft crashed today in the Baltic Sea. The EX-01 is one of three TransCorp craft designed to test an electro-magnetically generated pseudo-anti-gravity propusion system. The remaining two test craft, both of which have flown before, have been grounded until an investigation can determine what went wrong.

Wazzu Government Announces Lunar Archeological Find
by Mike Savoi, SNN web reporter

A Wazzu governmental spokesman announced an archeological project under the Derkesthai complex today. According to Manar Tawam, the project has been going on for some two decades and centers around an old "alien" ruin.
A photograph of the humanist known as "Sandman"

Led by the popular and in some places infamous humanist known only as "Sandman", the archeological team has been digging up the ruins found by a mining crew. Sandman and his team have stated that alien biological samples and retrieved computer data suggest humans, or at least ancestors of humans, may be much older then previously expected. "In fact," stated Sandman, "the evidence leads us to believe that while humans did in fact evolve on Earth, their ancestors came from somewhere nearer the core of our galaxy and were quite capible of advanced sublight space travel."

Full public results of the revealed archeological team's findings can be read in Octobers edition of Science Now.
08-07-2003, 10:44
TransCorp EM Simulated Anti-Grav Testing Facilities

[b]Problem Solved, Anti-Grav Idea Floats Again[/i]
by Mike Savoi, SNN web reporter

Just before a rally in TransCorp stocks last month, Nike Wang, CEO of TransCorp, announced the problem with EM Simulated Anti-Gravity was discovered and solved. "The problem was really just a small one," Wang started, "it had to do with mixing our technology with incorrectly understood Jangle Jangle Ridge technology. It won't happen again."

Over the past month, TransCorp has been attempting to prove just that, and succeding. Since the problem was fixed, neither of the two remaining aerospace craft have had any difficulties. With testing now mostly finished, TransCorp is looking to put the new technology into use. An experimental, reusable, heavy-lift is already in the planning stages, and we could see it within the next year. TransCorp hopes to eventually build a variety of craft on the technology, including civilian transport.

And TransCorp is not the only company with their eye on the technology. Government owned but independantly operated Northern Gun, Wazzu's primary weapons contractor, is also very interested. "A system capible of hovering without the radiation or heat effects of fusion makes a lot of things possible" stated one source, who wished to remain anonymous. No one is exactly sure what Northern Gun has in mind, but if past performance is an indicator, then the long time since we have seen anything new means something or somethings big must be in the making.
08-07-2003, 19:11
Commercials end on news channels and vidscreens show a room filled with reporters. A man walks onto a stage and behind a is Manar Tawam, speaker for the Wazzu government.

"Ladies and gentlemen, people of the world, this will be brief.

"The nation of Whittier has threatened Thermo-Nuclear Warfare with other nations claiming some part of Earth's moon. This threat is not solely aimed at Wazzu, but most certainly includes it.

"Due to this threat, emergency funding for military research and development has been approved unanimously by the Wazzu Executive Council. Projects being accelerated include aerospace, land, and seabound systems.

"The nation of Wazzu will not take threats of Thermo-Nuclear Warfare lightly, and we hope that other nations with a presence on the moon will not either.

"Thank you for your time."

And with that, Manar Tawam leaves the podeum...and a great many people wondering just what military research and development projects exist in Wazzu.
08-07-2003, 19:13
pounds head on desk

"this guy has no freakin' clue about anti-gravity"
08-07-2003, 19:15
OOC: Actually, I do. And I am aware of the prevalent notion in NS that anti-gravity requires negative matter. Thats why I specifically state, several times, that it is an EM device that simulates anti-gravity.

If your going to accept that Titan nations have gravships, force fields, and FTL travel...then how is a pseudo-anti-gravity device any worse?
09-07-2003, 02:51
Three corvettes fly by a terriforming Mars on their first test run

TransCorp Corvettes Fly Out Of Derkesthai Shipyards
by Mike Savoi, SNN web reporter

After a flurry of government activity over threats by Whittier and a lost Hermes Spacelines freighter now feared pirated, TransCorp has been pushed to release the first three dedicated long-range combat spacecraft for Wazzu. The corvettes, still undergoing testing, incorporate a large number of new technologies. Many critics argue because of this they are not ready.

In a test, TransCorp sent the ships out around Mars to see if there was any merrit to the arguements. "The ships aren't ready for combat," stated Jim Gibbons, TransCorp sales rep and spokesman, "but their space systems seem perfectly fine."

Unlike previous Wazzu ships, civilian and military, the corvettes have a Derkesthai-type inertial system, the same system used in Wazzu Asgard, to protect the crew from hard accelerations and quick jerks. In the test run, the crew was subjected to 8 gravities, or 8 times the gravity we feel here on Earth, while feeling only the slightest tug backwards. Other technologies are mostly classified, but are rumored to include designer materials and unspecified defense systems.

Sources in TransCorp, Northern Gun, and the government all confirm that the Wazzu military hopes to have the ships tested and in fighting condition within a year. Until then, Hermes Spacelines is taking other measures to ensure the safety of its ships.
One of SS Ares' sister ships, the SS Titan, as it leaves a forign owned orbital transfer yard on Tuesday

No Word Yet On Missing Freighter
by Mike Savoi, SNN web reporter

The Hermes Spacelines SS Atlas is still not responding to calls according to a company statement earlier today. The Atlas, 12th ship in her class, was on her way to Titan carrying hich-price, low-mass novelty items. She has a crew of 7 who are currently considered "missing" by the Wazzu Ministry of Trade.
11-07-2003, 22:54
Wazzu Builds Station In Mars Orbit
by Mike Savoi, SNN web reporter
An image of Ares station under construction
[[OOC: please ignore the "Europa" stuff. :) ]]

Geoffry Starbuck, administrator of the Wazzu Space Agency, announced today the building of a space station in Mars orbit. "With piracy around Mars on the rise, Wazzu has decided to insure safe trading for its cargo ships in the region. The presence of Ares station will allow us to keep a military force near the red planet." Starbuck went on to say that he thought it was unfortionate such a military presance was needed in space, but enevitable.
Another image of Ares station under construction

According to designers from the WSA and the Ministry of Defense, the station is designed to be expandable and will eventually rotate for gravity. The goal is to have an inexpensive platform not just for defense of trading routes, but for expansion of trade itself. Stocks of Hermes Spacelines, which dropped after the destruction of a Wazzu freighter, mostly recovered today at the anouncement and the start of construction.
Wazzu's Frst Anti-Gravity Fighter, the P-6 Hawk, in a flight demonstration

[b]Wazzu's First Anti-Grav Fighter Takes Flight[/i]
by Mike Savoi, SNN web reporter

Wazzu has finally joined nations with gravity manipulating aerospace craft. The P-6 Hawk is the first operational military vehicle using Wazzu's understanding of anti-gravity. While details on the craft itself are sketchy, members of the Ministry of Defense were quite happy to talk about some aspects of the anti-gravity system.
TransCorp project leader David West

"It's not really anti-grav, you know." Stated TransCorp lead project engineer David West, a noted expert in advanced vehicle electronics. "Really, it is an electro-magnetic system that simulates the presence of anti-gravity. It isn't terribly fast itself, but it is relatively cheap and there are other ways of going fast."

There are some things made public about the fighter though. It is a light-fighter, meant for relatively low cost ("relative" being an estimated 80 million Beggars), single-pilot, and fewer advanced systems. It is still however Wazzu's first fighter to use many new features, such as fusion power and "active armor."

Design groups within TransCorp are known to be competing for a more expensive Aerospace Superiority Fighter and rumors abound of the design of larger "grav-ship" style craft.
21-07-2003, 07:43
Dr. James Samson

Samson Does It Again
by Mike Savoi, SNN web reporter

Dr. James Samson, elusive Wazzu scientist, has done it again. He has captured another particle as elusive as himself, the tachyon. Despite being hard to get ahold of, we at South Northmen News managed to acheive it. He seemed quite talkative this time.

"It is quite fascinating!" he started in durring our interview yesterday, "for years I've done mathematical work, playing with time tensors to try and figure out how to do it. But the answer came from another nation, The New Russia.

"You see, the Neo-Russians weren't really trying to do the same thing, they were playing with time travel...and some nasty stuff I still don't think is possible. They didn't have the technology or the mathematics to capture a tachyon, but they did have information they used to build a prototype time machine some time ago...pardon the pun. Combined with some still classified Wazzu science and technology, and my math tensors, some of the information from the Ruskies made the breakthrough. Really, without them, I would not have been able to do it."

While he was quite talkative, there were certain subjects he would not touch, like exactly what Wazzu might do with the technology. Still, this marks another groundbreaking move by Dr. Samson, adding Wazzu to the few nations who have ever captured this elusive particle.

Hermes Spacelines Gets Mars Contract
by Mike Savoi, SNN web reporter

Earlier today, Hermes Spacelines announced a contract with The Resi Corporation to move entire nations from Earth to Mars. While Hermes has other large contracts, including a trade contract with Titan through Yut member SLAGLands and a contract through Hermes Spaceport, this is the largest undertaking yet by the young company. The move was followed by a stock rally for both Hermes Spacelines and TransCorp, the sole ship provider for Hermes.

TransCorp Slowly Takes Over Oren Moore Inc. Asteroid Mining

Decades ago, Oren Moore Inc. bought an ice asteroid from then startup company Hermes Spacelines. The ice has since been sold to lunar and Earth orbit nations, at prices much lower then water lifted from Earth. But the asteroid has steadily been growing smaller as ice is mined, leaving the support community for the miners on the lunar orbit asteroid in dire jepordy.

TransCorp however is offering a solution. As Oren Moore runs out of ice to mine, TransCorp is taking over facilities and converting them towards spacecraft production. Already, factories are gearing up with manufacturing small "trainer" spacecraft and test runs for larger ships.

According to TransCorp CFO Richard Nayes, the new facilities will primarially be aimed at making more cargo spacecraft to meet Hermes Spacelines growing needs and will replace the ISS as the only place of manufacture of the ships. The Wazzu section of the ISS will be put towards other peacefull spacecraft production use.

The new shipyard will be TransCorp's third, after the Derkesthai yards producing Wazzu military spacecraft and Ontoppa Thewarld yards producing countergrav-ships and shuttles. The ISS is not counted as a place of true ship manufacturing.
31-07-2003, 01:46
Hermes Spacelines first superfreighter on its maiden flight

TransCorp Launches Superfreighter
by Mike Savoi, SNN Web Reporter

From Wang CounterGravWorks in Southern Wazzu, TransCorp launched its first Superfreighter today. While being a counter-grav ship, the freighter is meant for interplanetary travel under Hermes Spacelines, the company buying the ship. TransCorp Project Manager David West had this to say:

"It was pretty exciting launching our first CG ship. Wazzu has always been committed to commerce first, and war second. We've had a lot of projects bringing out war products lately, and there are more in the making, so it has been a real pleasure making this ship."

At half a kilometer long, the superfreighter dwarfs Hermes 60 other cargo ships and is able to carry 10 times the cargo, a full 900,000 metric tons. Unlike its smaller cousins, the ship's CG system allows it to land on planetary bodies of Earth's gravity or smaller while carrying a full load, and take off again.

The ship does have some disadvantages. While still being cheaper then the vast majority of other cargo ships, the ship costs more then the older freighters, and has a higher trasport cost. Hermes Spacelines CEO Bob Sanow explains:

"The older freighters are great, truely great. They can get from Earth to Titan in less then two weeks for less cost then anyone else in the solar system can. But sometimes more cargo, and a cruise that takes only half the time, are needed. The Superfreighter will fill this niche nicely while still offering great profits for a transport price other corporations and nations will have trouble meeting."

The superfreighters first journey will be to bring OrenMoore scientists and equipment to the Ares Space Station in Mars orbit, and the Mars nation of Sunset, where they will engage in joint research of advanced materials.

TransCorp And Oren Moore Inc. Make Armor Deal With Sunset
by Mike Savoi, SNN Web Reporter

TransCorp and Oren Moore announced today a contract with the nation of Sunset to give an advanced armored hull to several of that nations spacecraft. The battlegroup, currently a collection of skeletal frames in Boeing-Mars dockyards, will recieve the armor in peices from the Derkesthai comples and Wazzu propper.

The contract, valued at 250 billion dollars over three years, is considered by most experts to be remarkably cheap. Other experts attribute this to Hermes Spacelines low shipping costs, the Oren Moore expertise with materials science, and the likely lack of use of the best and classified materials Wazzu likely uses.

Still, most agree that the armored hull should be comparible to Menelmacari materials [[OOC: thought not Menelmacari ships, which have a lot more then just armor]], and certainly far superior to typical bulk/quantity oriented starship makers, who often make entire ships for less then this.

Wazzu Space Association Evaluates Mars Move
by Mike Savoi, SNN web reporter

For the last decade, Wazzu has been considering putting a colony on Mars. This has largely been put off as research continues and global crises divert attention from the project. But the project continues. And with recent dealings with the Sunset government, it looks closer then ever.

Already the Wazzu government has asked the government of Sunset to mark off a large plot of unclaimed land within the Green Mars area, teams already on Mars are looking for the best places to build, and Oren Moore is pouring over resource maps. With the release of Hermes Spacelines first superfreighter, the dream of the first totally Wazzu built colony looks to become a reality.
31-07-2003, 01:49

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02-08-2003, 21:56
First Wazzu landings on Mars

Wazzu Colonizes Mars
by Sven Hannah, SNN Mars Breau

Wazzu started its first ever attempt to colonize another planetoid today on the nearby planet Mars. Helped by Hermes Spacelines, the Ares station in Mars Orbit, and the government of Sunset, a regional power, Wazzu landing craft took down the first pioneers hours before this article.

The first Wazzuians on Mars are mostly engineers and construction workers, who are setting up prefab units to house citizens until more perminate structures can be built. These prefab units contain everything from aeroponic gardens to fusion generators to housing, and most were built in the Derkesthai complex, the Wazzu Asgard colony.

Despite the explosion of other nations into space, and the many recent conflicts and fleet movements around Mars, the Wazzu government is confident its small space fleet can keep the colonists safe. "Most of these other nations are making some pretty cheap ships, hardly even spaceworthy." stated defense minister Dr. Helena Meyer in an interview earlier today. "Some of the stronger states are making more solid ships, and these are a worry, but we are certain that both Wazzu's traditional neutrality and our extremely advanced ships will be able to handle any threat."
The first Defender-Class Frigate after its commissioning Saturday

Wazzu Launches Second Escort-Type Combat Spacecraft
by Mike Savoi, SNN Earth breau

In response to moves to weaponize space by other nations, Wazzu commissioned its second large combat spacecraft on Saturday. Like the Comet-Class Corvette, the Defender-Class Frigate is also designed towards escort duty.

Hermes Spacelines CEO Bob Sanow: "The increased numbers of military spacecraft from other nations, especially those on sale on the open market, is bound to create another increase in piracy. While the 6 Comet-Class Corvettes already in service are an excelent defense against large ships and even fighters, they can't continue to offer protection to our trade fleets. So TransCorp designed a new frigate for the Wazzu Space Forces to defend our growing trade fleet."

The ship, smaller then the corvette despite its classification as a traditionally larger ship, is designed mostly towards a close-in anti-missile and anti-fighter role. These weapon systems should complement the Comet while offering greater protection from hostile pirates.

The ship also boasts a new engine type. While the "Heat Pile" drive is too large to be used on a fighter, its efficiency increases faster then fusion drives, making it smaller and more efficient when on larger ships. The mass and volume freed by this new drive can either be used for other critical systems, or taken out of the ship to allow for a higher thrust-to-mass ratio and greater acceleration.

As if this were not enough, the Defender also utilizes a new fusion generator. The two-stage generator doesn't stop at fusing hydrogen to helium, but further fuses helium into carbon. The more complete "fuel burn" gives the ships more energy for the amount of fuel they carry then traditional reactors.

Both the new reactor and the new engine type are already being added to three new Comet-Class corvettes in the work, after which the origional 6 will cycle into dock to have their systems updated. The Defender is the first of four currently planned in its class.
11-08-2003, 03:25
by Mike Savoi, SNN Earth Breau

Wazzu date, July 30, 222WA . World date? November 7, 229. What happened?

The Dominion of Wazzu, including the Asgard and Elysium colonies and the community of New Nasustiro, seems to have experianced some strange sort of timewarp over the past 7 years.

Both Wazzuians waking up and those working "this past night" were confused to suddenly find that the rest of the world suddenly "skipped ahead" more then seven years at 5:10 am Wazzu Standard Time. Executives, students, soldiers, and others typically noticed the fault as international times suddenly did not match up with local times. For those on the coasts or waiting at aerospace ports, many planes and ships failed to arrive, or seemed to disappear completely!

Wazzu wasn't the only nation to notice. For these 7 years, a glowing white anomoly seemed to have surrouneded the nation and its associate states, blocking all travel and communications. Supprisingly, the barrier seemed to follow Wazzu boarders almost perfectly, catching only one non-related nation based in Earth orbit. Many Wazzuians were stuck in the outside world, and those who attempted to cross the barrier seem to have disappeared completely.

Among those caught outside were Ares Station in Mars orbit, the Oren Moore mining / TransCorp shipyards in Lunar polar orbit, the Wazzu section of the International Space Station, and all private spacecraft, seacraft, and aircraft not nearby Dominion territories. While Wazzuians inside the anomoly didn't notice the change, those outside have had to cope.

Out of necessity, Wazzu private space holdings, and those found on Earth, merged to try and survive the sudden cutoff in support. The corporate council of these merged assets seemed to have managed well despite lack of supplies, continuing to trade between Earth, Mars, and Titan, and on Earth itself. But the new merged corporation is in challenge to Wazzu law.

Technically, the air, sea, and spacecraft still belong to the Wazzu parent companies. The WazzuCorp corporate council is now said to be in high-level negotiations with TransCorp, Oren Moore, Lifeworks, and others over property rights, employment, and restructuring. It is hoped that these talks will forego lawsuits in Wazzu courts.

While Wazzu corporations are in a flurry, Wazzu military personal abroad have been overjoyed by the reappearance of the nation. A military is not a profit-earning envevour, and those soldiers caught abroad were trapped without supplies. Enough was eventually gained off of WazzuCorp to ensure survival, mostly to protect commerce, but logistics from the Wazzu government was non-existant over the 7 years. Many Wazzu ships are undergoing major repairs and refits now.

The strange disturbance has meant other problems for Wazzu. Stocks of forign-traded Wazzu corporations plunged at the disappearance of the nation, but are currently skyrocketing. Wazzuians caught abroad are rushing back to Wazzu to meet with lost family and friends, in many cases bringing back new family. A population boom is expected.

As well as giving full citizenship to these forign born Wazzuians, Wazzu government speaker Manar Tawam announced today would become a national holiday, to celebrate the return and continued existance of the Dominion. This makes it the 2nd national holiday, the first being the nations birthday.

[[OOC: In otherwords, I'm back from vacation. :) ]]
12-08-2003, 02:36
Wazzu Tests Deterrence Cannon
By Mike Savoi, SNN Earth Breau

In a suprise move today, Wazzu tested a before now unknown anti-capital space cannon. The test was announced to the world by Manar Tawam, speaker for the Wazzu government, several seconds before the first and so far only firing.

Forewarned by the government, the beam was detected by SNN satelites as it left a high peak in the Dendarii mountains and struck a Wazzu target satelite in Geostationary orbit, some 42,200km away. The satelite was mostly vaporized, with only small portions of corroded dense metals remaining. The beam was not noticably stopped by the beam.

Many Wazzuians living near the Dendarii mountains who happened to be looking out windows at the time noticed a bright flash along the beam path as air was apparantly ionized. A few amature films were caught by visitors, but SNN and publically released government film are also available.

According to government speaker Tawam, the test occured to help deter nations involved in the current Arda war from spilling combat into Northern Europe. No forign government has yet issued a statement.

A slowed down SNN video capture can be found here:

EDIT: Origional announcement found here:
15-08-2003, 07:52
Interplanetary Tradepaths Clear
by Mike Savoi and Sven Hannah, SNN

Interplanetary trade is returning to normal as space wars near Earth and Mars calm down. The continuing conflicts centered on Arda and the Mars nation of Bajon have become less of a threat to wandering system freighters as space superiority is gained by anti-Ardan and Mars regional forces respectively.

After hundreads of spacecraft damaged or destroyed, many Wazzu military analysts are predicting an increase in piracy. General Nikoli Volkov of the Wazzu Aerospace Forces has been leading a push to take preventative measures.

[[OOC: in pseudo-Russian accent]] "Because of explosion of cheap space warship, mostly to and by younger, smaller nation, piracy was not much problem" Volkov said in an interview earlier today. "With destruction of so many ship, money problem because military spending and stopped trade, and sudden comeback of trade after space warfare, piracy will start."

The preventative measures General Volkov has been pushing for are an increase in Wazzu's space military presance. So far, he has been partly successfull, as two Defense class frigates and three Comet class corvettes have been ordered. This will eventually bring the total to twelve corvettes and six frigates. Rumors have stated that a third type of space warcraft may be fourthcomming.

Hermes Spacelines pilot Jim Mornington says he is glad for these increases. "We already have more then 70 cargo ships, 150 small passenger ships, and three superfreighters. But Wazzu until now Wazzu has only had six corvettes and 1 frigate to defend us between planets, and any two of those frigates have been in dock getting refitted while this war goes on. We've had huge convoys with minimal support, it is dangerous."

Many experts are debating if the recent release of four ships is too late for the war, or just on time for the threat of piracy, but all agree more needs to be done. With the last two old Comets undergoing their new refits, even the nine corvettes and two frigates currently in service may have a tough time protecting Hermes Spacelines, something hurting that companies stock. But as one enthusiastic investor said, "Hermes is just growing too fast, I'm holding onto my stock."
15-08-2003, 08:16
Nice back story for your history Wazzu.
24-08-2003, 01:20
Defense Spending Bill Passed
by Mike Savoi, SNN Earth Bureau

The Wazzu executive council passed a new defense spending bill today. Accelerated through the bureaucratic process by recent hostilities and increased instability of Northern Europe, the bill promisses several new thigs.

First, it mobilizes vast reserves, arming the populace of Wazzu in case of invasion.

Second, it increases funding for a long list of research and development projects, many of them space related.

Third, it begins construction of the first of two planned interplanetary escort carriers, three additional CG ships, and an undisclosed number of aerospace fighters over the next ten years. It also starts the construction of a new research ship, Wazzu's third generation ship and the first in well over fifty years.

Fourth, it increases production of armored vehicles, missiles and munitions, emergency rations, and the development and deployment of Wazzu's third generation navy.

Fifth, it allocates funds for possible troop deployment to other nations.

The bill is expected to raise taxes by a considerable amount, syphon funds from other budget areas, and gain additional resources through the development and sale of military goods to friendly and allied nations.

Mars Terror Continues
by Sven Hannah, SNN Mars Bureau

The region of Mars continues to undergo constant threats and actions by a group of rogue nations who have stolen the UN Delegacy. Wazzu Elysium continues to expand under these conditions, but residents are fearfull.

"I'm afraid to interact online with other Mars nations." says Suzy Melios, an aeroponics farmer in Elysium's capital, "And it isn't just me, everyone is quiet even inside the habitation domes. We all whisper, hoping they won't hear us. You won't publish this on Mars, will you?"

Indeed, Suzy isn't alone, and neither is Wazzu Elysium. Many Mars nations are now just keeping quiet, hoping the region crashers will get bored and go away. In the mean time, they cringe and bare the stupid, kindergarten jokes and remember better days.
03-09-2003, 08:49
The first Firestar-Class Escort Carrier passing through the belt

Wazzu Space Updates Finally Complete
by Mike Savoi, SNN Earth Bureau

After more then 16 years of slow, tedius construction, Wazzu's first space-based escort carrier is out. The 225 meter long ship, Wazzu's largest, is capible of carrying and fully supporting up to 30 fighter craft.

Since its release, it has recieved praise and thanks. "It has been too long in the making" say Dan Zariavo, a Hermes Spacelines spacer. "Our fleet of cargo and passenger ships has been growing constantly, but Wazzu's assets are still comming out too slow. It is about time we get some more protection."

TransCorp project manager David West agreed. "This ship really did take a long time to make. It wasn't because of the ships size, it is quite small compared to many spacecraft. We just wanted to do it right the first time, so we could do it right from then on. Now that we know the details of the construction, future ships of its class should take less then half the time to build, even with the docks working on other ships."

The Firestar, named after its class, will not be the only spacecraft added to the Wazzu inventory. A series of new UCASVs have also been added.
Concept art of the Avenger ACAV

A few years ago, it was decided that a further step needed to be taken to deal with the potential threat of cheap, low-quality forign space warcraft, warcraft that continue to be popular on the international market. Enter the Avenger Automated Combat Aerospace Vehicle.

The Avenger is an Air-Space capible AI controlled "drone" designed to protect Wazzu interests where better quality ships can't deal with sheer numbers. The relatively low-cost craft can be based just about anywhere and can attack without risking human life. An onboard AI and basic sensors ensure that the small vehicle can operate even under intense jamming.

With these two additions to the Wazzu arsonel, Wazzu defense from the vast majority of forign powers is assured.
22-09-2003, 01:27
FTL Communications Developed.
by Mike Savoi, SNN Earth Bureau
Dr. James Samson

Dr. James Samson has done it again, at least to Wazzu based Elegant Solutions. So what is it?

It is a tachyon-based FTL communications device, Wazzu's first. And while such devices are one of many kinds known to exist throughout the solar system, Wazzu built it using its own discoveries in physics, at least according to the elusive Dr. Samson.

"The classified science community in Wazzu has been working on this for a long time." stated an aging Samson in a short interview earlier today. "Since long before the temporal disaster."

Experts not involved in the project, and therefore able to say more about it, seem to agree this had been comming. "I've known since Wazzu contacted New Russia about their timetravel experiments. I know such hogwash as timetravel isn't possible, not for us. But for particles? Sure! Why not!" says Tim Russel, a government historian.
The SS Grendel, Wazzu's third generation ship

The test supposedly took place between the SS Grendel, comfortably far from Wazzu somewhere "South" of the solar system's equator, and an unknown location. The crew of the Grendel was too far away to attempt a comment, but is expected to remain silent when they put into port outside the ISS late next month.
26-09-2003, 18:57
Wazzu Signs New Mars Treaty
By Sven Hanna, SNN Mars Bureau

Wazzu government speaker Manar Tawam announced today the finalization of the new Mars defence treaty. The treaty comes before the expected failure of the old MIDAS conference, and with the same name. In all, seven nations have joined the treaty, with the eighth nation, Mangala, not yet signatory and still under an observer status.

Just In Time is the common thought of many experts and amatures in Wazzu today. The nearby region of Vacilia County has been noted publically to be spreading propaganda against recent colonists. But SNN has learned that this isn't all.

Recent SNN research shows that the nations of Vacilia County may be mobilizing for war! While it isn't exactly clear what nation may be attacked, it is certain that this is not an internal dispute and that nations boarding this region are the most at risk. This mostly negates the possibility of attack on New Mars Treaty nations, but should those nations get involved, Wazzu may be pulled in too.

Contrary to normal policy, Wazzu national leaders believe this may help stabilize the region and eventually bring an increase in trade.

TransCorp Ship Construction Quickens
By Mike Savoi, SNN Earth Bureau

Due to continuing conflicts around the solar system and the recently expanded construction facilities in Wazzu Gravworks, the Derkesthai Lunar Yards, and TransCorp Ice Gardens, the costs of individual ship construction has gone down. Along with increased revenue from Wazzu colonies and associated states, TransCorp is wasting no time building a large variety of new civilian vehicles.

Rumors Of Large Scale Open Sales are making their way through the Dominion of Wazzu, with people wondering just why TransCorp is stockpiling these ships without a known market. Many new designs have been reported by dock workers wishing to keep their identity secret.

Pilot crews have so far been politely silent, and TransCorp buisness leaders have not been available for comment.

The SS Grendel is Almost Complete according to TransCorp spokesman Jim Gibbons, once the head of sales for the company. "With the whole Venus mess going on, Wazzu has been anxious to stake its claim before someone else does. To that end, the Grendel construction timeframe has been stepped up. We are nearly a year ahead of schedule." Gibbons promised a tour of the 1650 meter long ship for SNN reporters as soon as it is complete.

Elegant Solutions To Build Solnet

TransCorp isn't the only busy Wazzu corporation these days. Elegant Solutions Incorporated is looking to build what it calls Solnet, an interplanetary network connection using its new Tachyon FTL communication system. ES-Inc. plans to build its first two relays in Mars and Earth orbit, and hopes to soon put relays in YuT space and near Venus.
26-09-2003, 19:06
26-09-2003, 20:45
very interesting...
nice job Wazzu
29-09-2003, 04:05
Venusian Talks Succeed!
By Mike Savoi, SNN Earth Bureau

The Wazzu Venus colonization plan got a boost today after the announcement that talks with Menelmacar were productive. While exactly what went on is being held secret, Wazzu Minister of Diplomacy Dr. James Messer gave some of the basics to an SNN Mars crew.

"It was agreed that the territory in question would be ceded to Wazzu in return for spinning the planet and other scientific offers." The tired Dr. Messer then returned to his quarters, giving no indication as to what territory on Venus would be aquired or what the other scientific offers were.

The announcement gave great relief to Commander Julian Melios, one of three 'second-in-charge' people on the nearly complete colonization ship. "We are going to be ferrying civilians to the emerald planet in groups of fifty thousand along with all their buildings, vehicles, and equipment. The last thing we need is an encounter with a hostile war fleet. This takes a great burden off my chest, and I am sure off my associates."

The unnamed colonization vessel is due to launch next year and start taking on human cargo. Completed portions are already being loaded with necessary components of the new habitat.
03-10-2003, 05:08
*Sticks head in*

Hey, nice looking ship.
03-10-2003, 05:45
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18-10-2003, 22:18
Prices of War
by Mike Savoi, SNN Earth Breau

War now rages over Earth and Mars, but even before the first shots were fired, the effects were felt. Wazzu based Hermes Spacelines, an interplanetary shipping giant, has so far had the worst of it. With orbital space unstable, Hermes redirected their fleets to stay in comparitively safe Saturn and Venus space, cutting off the markets of Earth and Mars.

"Wazzu has long concentrated on making few very good vessel to defend shipping." WDF General Nathanial Volkov said in an interview earlier today, "We in MoD [Ministry of Defense] now see folly. We have too few ship, is better to have a few more." General Volkov went on to explain recent structural changes in Wazzu corporations.

As it turns out, the Executive Board of Wazzu has called for a Wazzu intra-corp contest. Design teams are being put together to design not only the future ships of Wazzu, but ships for donation to the soon expected MIDAS-II Defense Forces. It also includes a multi-role light fighter to be Wazzu's first arms sale to forign (but only to friendly) nations in over two centuries. Both multi-corporate and inner-corporate teams will be competing for pormotions, pay raises, bonuses, and vacations.

Besides freedom of shipping in times of trouble, Wazzu also hopes to get a true space fleet capible of destroying enemy ships far away from ground and orbital defenses near Earth and Mars. "This will give true power projection and forward presence to Wazzu as it grows into solar-system power." General Volkov said with some pleasure at the end of our interview with him.

The first step of the design process is expected to take several years and cost the government of Wazzu and its corporations several billion dollars.
22-10-2003, 06:06
Wazzu Elysium Under Quarantine
by Sven Hannah, SNN Mars Bureau

After cases of the mysterous Grey Phage have grown to over 10,000, Wazzu Cheif Executive Board Member Brian Walton has ordered a general quarantine in Wazzu Elysium. This is not just a quarantine of the nation, but of individual habitats.

All citizens in the colony have been ordered to remain indoors for the next 72-96 hours, or until the government gives an 'all-clear' signal. Wazzu Lifeworks planners hope that this will isolate the disease at least until its symptoms become easily visible, and those contaminated seperated from those free.

The Wazzu military is calling up full and part-time soldiers by the hundreads of thousands to enforce the quarantine. Many have already been seen wearing pressure and contamination suits going from area to area to make sure seals between habitats are secure. Inflatable dome colonies with decontamination centers on every entrance have been set up for the soldiers in hopes of warding off infection.

Other measures are also on the increase. Rushelia Plants are being hastily grown aeroponically in habitats that have seeds, while extract and seeds from the plants are being shipped to MIDAS-II nations from Earth along with blood samples and detergent.

It has been found that simple clothing detergent molecules expload on contact with viral protein shells. When a fine powder is blown into air, the molecules act as microscopic bombs and destroy viruses [[OOC: a real life technology]]. It is still inconclusive if this technology will work on the Grey Phage, but hopes are as high as the need for truely reliable and easy non-biological decontamination rooms. [[OOC2: This of course has no effect on viruses in living beings, just those in the air or on surfaces)]].

Following the huge and ultimately unneccesary deployment of forces on Earth in the AMF war, and the recent limiting of Hermes Spacelines trade routes away from Earth and Mars due to the AMF and VC wars both, the contamination is comming as a third hard blow to the Wazzu economy. But so far, government planners are halfway thankful.

"If the AMF and VC wars had not restricted Hermes ships to Titan and Venus, we may well be seeing an outbreak on Earth and Luna right now." stated government speaker Manar Tawam earlier today. "So it is actually somewhat of a relief in that since, as outbreaks here would be harder to control and much more damaging. That said, what we really fear is this virus spreading to the bioforming Martian environment. As of yet, there are not enough organisms for the virus to feed off of, and we are lobying forign governments to keep it that way."

Wazzu Cytherea on Venus is taking similar measures as Wazzu Elysium, but cases there are not expected. The Venusian atmosphere is still too hostile for even this plague, and the plague became known before any cases could spread there. Ares Station, Aphrodite Station, Wazzu Asgard, and New Nasustiro all report no known cases, and are also expected to remain Phage-free.

MIDAS-II Sees First Subtreaty and Amendment
by Sven Hannah, SNN Mars Bureau

A recent message comming out of the now sealed and guarded MIDAS-II meetings in Wazzu Elysium has stated that the MIDAS-II treaty has finalized its first amendment and subtreaty.

The first amendment to the MIDAS-II treaty calls for the creation of permenant diplomatic relations through a Diplomatic Council. Member nations are to appoint diplomats to a shared embasy area expected to be located in the nation of Sunset. It is hoped that the constant and shared diplomatic contact will boost cooperation and understanding between the MIDAS-II states.

The first subtreaty MIDAS-II doccument creates a shared, alliance force. Member nations will be able to donate military assets to the organization which will be under a joint command structure. This goes far beyond the origional MIDAS-II agreement which provided only that nations help each other in defense.

Wazzu government planners are said to already be working on appointments for both expansions to MIDAS-II. Meanwhile, high-level diplomats at this first meeting are still in talks.
29-10-2003, 07:17
Winning Designs Announced
by Mike Savoi and Sven Hannah, SNN News

It has been eight years since the Wazzu government announced heavy funding for teams competing to design the first of the next generation of Wazzu military craft. Today, government officials announced the winners of that contest.

Of over thirty teams competing, three won contracts to further develop and build their designs.

The Zancudo team, a group of Latin American refugees mostly from Columbia responsible for earlier combat helecopter designs, won the fighter contract. The Zancudo team came up with a light-fighter that should have a low cost compared to other Wazzu fighters, but that should still be much more capible then those found on the open arms market. The fighter has been dubbed the A-7 Drake.

The X-Projects team, a high-tech TransCorp team lead by renouned designer and project manager David West has won the contract for a multi-role frigate class vessel. The ship, now given the classification of the SS-6 Knight, was designed to be usefull in both escort and point defender roles. At 315 meters, it will be Wazzu's largest space warship to date.

In concert with the X-Projects team, the Vega team won the contract for a new gunboat class vessel. The A-8 Squire is designed to replace the aging A-1 and A-2 Starstorm gunboats currently used by Wazzu to defend against 'cardboard' fleets. Despite relatively low expected cost (compared to the Knight), the finished Squire should be fully capible of combat with superior vessels known to be operated by more advanced nations.

Lastly, the Avari team has come up with a preliminary design for a medical corvette. The support ship will come fully stocked with everything a fleet could need, from dental offices to emergency rooms to biological warfare defense gear. SNN feels the SS-5 Aide class vessels are likely to become a valued support vessel for both Wazzu convoys and MIDAS-II Defense Forces.

Each of the four designs will come in two varieties, one for Wazzu and one for donation or sale to the M2DF and Wazzu friendly nations. However, none of these designs have been finalized, and as such, images are still unavailable for SNN.

More vessels are also said to be in the works, but both officials and design teams are keeping quite. Only time will reveal what the corporations of Wazzu will bring next.
06-11-2003, 08:11

A-7 Drake Undergoes Flight/Combat Tests
by Sven Hannah, SNN Mars Bureau

Two new prototype A-7 Drake Fighter started it's first combat tests in the Asteroid Belt early today. Military officers were quiet on the Drake's expected capibilities, but were optimistic about it's performance. Civilian analysts argue this could have something to do with the fighter's nearly 1.3 billion Beggar (US $1 billion) price tag, more then many nations spend on corvettes, or even cruisers. But Northern Gun corporation officials deny this, saying the fighter still costs about ten times less then current Wazzu fighters.

The Drake is the first fighter that the Wazzu government is authorizing for sale to forign nations. While these nations will be limited to MIDAS-II members for now, sales could be expanded to include close non-MIDAS allies. This will make the Drake the first weapon system Wazzu has sold to any other government in well over two centuries.

Not everyone is happy about the testing. Hermes Spacelines crews are continuing age-old complaints about poor defense. "Not only are we flying old freighters," says navigator James Watts, "but the Wazzu military hasn't had any new ships in decades to protect our growing merchant fleet. And now they take an escort away so they can test these fighters somewhere else?"

Government Speaker Manar Tawam disagrees. "It is necessary to have a good testing location suitably away from prying eyes. Military secrets are just that, secret. We don't want anyone but allies to know the Drake's full capibilities. This hurts us merchant fleet defense now, but in the long run it will help. We may as well take advantage of the current peace."

If all testing goes well, the Drake is scheduled to begin production within five years. Prototypes of other ships from the recent design frenzy are exptected to be completed over the next couple of decades.
12-11-2003, 21:55
A Hermes Fast Clipper, a civilian transport, moves past Juipiter on its way to Mars

Hermes Spacelines Ready For More Support
by Sven Hannah, SNN Mars Bureau

Hermes Spacelines CEO Bob Sanow stated tuesday his company is ready for the support new Wazzu warcraft are expected to bring in the next few years. "The more we keep growing, the more the Wazzu space forces remain the same. It has been a slow design process for those ships, and our increasing merchant fleet has had the same old protectors. Best quality ships in the system, really, but too few of them."

The ships Sanow is speaking of are the new TransCorp made ships for the MIDAS-II Defense Forces. The ships include not just the Drake fighter, but a new class of gunboat and a new and quite large frigate. Under the current contract, TransCorp will be making three such frigates every three years with one of each three staying in Wazzu.

But the frigates are the only ones with the staying power to escort Hermes ships away from safe ports at Venus, Earth, Mars, and Saturn. In other areas, especially between the asteroid belt and Juipiter, Hermes convoys will have to rely on current long-range Wazzu warships.

The Wazzu Merchant Defense Forces are not without answers though. As the new Squire gunboats come out, older corvettes, frigates, and escort carriers will be increasingly restricted to travel between Saturn and Mars, making them more common among convoys here. Convoy routes are also again being constantly changed in hopes of throwing off ambushes. Still, Sanow and others in his company are worried.

"With fifty or more of our merchant ships to one escort in each convoy, we are worried we look like more of a tempting target then we are. So were pressuring the government to create a safe harbor at Juipiter. Only time will tell."
Squire crews practicing in computer simulated combat

Squire Gunboat Passes First Tests
by Mike Savoi, SNN Earth Bureau

The first crews of the Squire class gunboats are currently undergoing combat training following speed and endurance tests between Earth and Saturn. "Its a fantastic machine," navigator Lieutenant Jeff Wellington exclaimed to SNN yesterday, "at least in the simulator. The crew is small enough to work as a true team, and it boasts capibilities greater then any fighter, and manuverability better then escort ships."

Lead development tester and ace pilot/navigator Captain April West agrees. "The squire is something new in space combat, and it has been a pleasure experimenting with and developing new combat moves." Captain West also commanded the endurance tests, in which the first squire made Juipiter from Earth in under two days accelerating and decelerating the entire time.

Captain Nickolas Masters of the Sunset Defense Forces was there as an observer for both MIDAS and Yut. "It is a pleasure to have participated in the testing of such a fine craft." Captain Masters confided to us, "My report to the Flag Council will be full of praise for this fine craft, it's manufacturer, and crew."

The A-7 Drake has also entered into full production. Considerably less expensive, 200 Drakes are scheduled to be built over the next 4 years. They and their crews are eventually destined for Mars, to make up some of the first defense forces under M2DF command.

The Drakes have also been officially offered to other M2DF subtreaty signatory nations (only!), and allied nations interested in their capibilities are suggested to contact the Wazzu TransCorp privately for information.

The first Knight-class frigate and Aide-class medical corvette are both finishing construction in TransCorp's cometary shipyards. Both trial vessels are also bound for the M2DF, but not before extensive testing and crew training. It is expected that both will be put on Hermes escort duty durring the training of their crews. Both ships are expected to be completed within the next 5 years.
12-11-2003, 21:58
13-11-2003, 03:14
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16-11-2003, 23:56
First production line prototype of the Knight-Class Frigate

WMDF Toys Continue To Roll Off Production Lines
by Mike Savoi, SNN Earth Bureau

Among heightened tensions with EOTED and easing tensions around Mars, the Wazzu Merchant Defence Forces continue to roll off production lines. In addition to several hundread fighters and ten new gunships, the first larger ships have exited TransCorp Cometary Shipyards.

At 315 meters long, the Knight-Class Frigate has become the largest ship in the Wazzu arsenal. The prototype, unimaginatively named the WSS Knight, left with it's also unimaginatively named cousin ship, the WSS Aide early this week for testing in an uninhabited portion of the asteroid belt.
First production line prototype of the Aide-Class Frigate

While the Knight is meant as a convoy escort and point-combat ship, the Aide is relegated to the support role. Reclassified as a medical frigate, the Aide-class is hoped to fill an important and often overlooked role in the eventual MIDAS-II Defense Forces. Outfitted with the lastest domestic and forign technologies, the Aide and its crew will be able to fill every need from common dental work to defense against biological warfare as seen in MIDAS-II ally Pilon a short while ago.

Both frigates are to be produced in larger numbers following testing, with emphesis to be placed on the Knight. New ships are already slated for convoy duty between Mars and Titan durring the training of their crews, and most will end up under M2DF command.
26-11-2003, 05:54
Government Bored With Bureaucratic Slowdown
By Mike Savoi, SNN web reporter

Wazzu government speaker Manar Tawam today told reporters in Wazzu's weekly press conference that Wazzu is getting tired of the slow movements of the Slagkattunger government.
"Slowdowns and red tape are common ways that bureaucries get what they want." Tawam said, "This is especially true of old and overfunded bureaucries like the Slagkattunger Space Elevator group. No doubt they believe they can Wazzu out. But Wazzu is not willing to budge where the safety of its citizens and the world is at stake."

Tawam went on to threaten the Slagkattunger government with "extreme but peaceful action" if it did not abandon the project quickly. "We have repeatedly offered free help in safer and cheaper alternatives, and we are no longer willing to waste money waiting. The deadline for action is 5 years from now."

While government officials refuse to comment, sources inside the Wazzu Merchant Defence Forces suggest this could have to do with procurement of new frigates bound for Mars. "In five years, the Wazzu will have a total of ten operating new frigates with crews in training." theorizes Petty Officer Jason Wallis, "That will be enough to free up ships from Hermes convoys and should be well before the schedule to turn them over to the M2DF."
Hermes Spacelines officials have refused to confirm or deny this idea.

In the press conference, Manar Tawam also officially broke diplomatic ties with EOTED and held a moment of silence for renouned Wazzu physicist Dr. James Samson.
28-11-2003, 07:45
Now that's what I call a dedicated space ascension RP. Damn Wazzu.......I give up :wink:
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Now that's what I call a dedicated space ascension RP. Damn Wazzu.......I give up :wink:

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11-12-2003, 20:36
Newsblip: Wazzu Signs, Ratifies Mangalan Accords
by Sven Hannah, SNN Mars Bureau

In a suprise move today, Wazzu officially signed and ratified the Mangalan Accords. Wazzu, known for its paranoid protection of soverign rights, was not exptected to join the treaty which includes language potentially hindering this viewpoint. Wazzu government officials were unavailable for comment.
20-01-2004, 06:56
Concept drawing of the Archer-Class Destroyer, as copied from the origional napkin

Wazzu Begins Construction of WSS Archer and Darter
By Mike Savoi, SNN web reporter

Representing the last of the current generation of space warcraft, the WSS Archer and it's sistership Darter represent a sort of 'passing-thoughts' of Wazzu's military industrial complex leaders. A ship of the destroyer class was never really intended to be produced, Wazzu has had little need of such a ship over the past centuries, but it still came about.

TransCorp Project Manager David West: "The Archer was really something we drew up somewhat quickly. Thats not to say it is a bad ship, just that we realized the need and potential of it really late. Sure we had noticed the trend of launching thousands of missiles in space combat, but we never really considered using those tactics ourselves. Wazzu has always concentrated on maximum force in the minimum volume. Our designs have thus far always incorporated smaller ships, anything from gunboats to monitor and frigates. The fairly recent Mars wars were a wakeup for us.

"Wazzu is slowly becomming a leading nation, and as such we are slowly gaining the need for more proper fleet-style defenses. Realization that we had a large stockpile of missiles and little means to move them around dawned on a high ranking military leader and the idea for a missile destroyer was born. With Archer and Darter, we have a ship capible of centralized, long-range fleet actions. With these two ships, we have a means to deliver firepower that should last us well into our next generation of warships."

The Archer-Class Destroyer is Wazzu's first Ship-of-the-Line classed vessel. After the completion of these two vessels, no new large military ships will be made for some time.
Early CGI of the Nomad-type civilian passenger liner

Hermes and TransCorp Looking to Expand into Intersteallar Trade
by Sven Hannah, SNN Mars Bureau

Wazzu TransCorp, alongside it's Sunset counterpart, announced a joint project earlier today to construct a superluminal passenger liner. Using some of the most advanced technologies available to both nations, the liner promises to be a success. For this same reason, sales of the ship itself has already been limited by both governments to Sunset and Wazzu based corporations only.

According to Paul Workshnaufs, the Nomad project is already stirring up debate within Hermes Spacelines. "A lot of people are arguing wether this will be more like an ocean pleasure cruiser or a hypersonic jumbo jet." Paul stated in an interview this afternoon. "Personally, I think it has the makings of both. If you really want to know where it causes a problem, you need to check out the Gamma II project." So we did.
The Gamma II prototype making a suprising 0.3 C test run last month. Wazzu's ability to make such fast ships has been a shock to its population since the test of the Samson, but government officials insist it is nothing new, just something hidden for a long time.

The controversy of the Gamma II project comes from its similarity to the Nomad project. The Gamma II, alway is the prototype stage of development, is already set to become Wazzu's interance onto the interstellar trade scene. But the ship posesses many problems. Using the newly developed hyperspace jump technology, the Gamma II is expected to be much slower and more limited then the Nomad. Hyperspace jump technology also had adverse effects on the waking mind, requiring passengers to 'trank down', to drug themselves to sleep for the superluminal portion of the journey.

Still, the Gamma II project is headed forward at full speed with a FTL test run scheduled for early next year. If all goes successfull, the Gamma II will enter full production regardless of the advancements of Nomad. "The Gamma just offers us some things the Nomad can't," said Paul, "like the ability to move smaller numbers of passengers and the ability to do so without relying on forign nations or having to worry about forign interdiction techniques."
26-02-2004, 06:27
A pretty young face appears inside a soft-helmet onscreen. "Hello, I'm Jennelle Moonnstone and this is a special report from SNN Elysium."

The background comes into focus, a city of sorts, ruined. "I'm reporting live, locally, from the Southern boarder of Kajal Mars were work crews are buisilly digging out trapped Kajali civilians from under the Martian dust. These workers are out here braving not only nuclear contamination, but biological as well.

"For our viewers on Earth who may not know the entire story, the past few days have been a mix of relief and terror for Marsies everywhere. Entire nations have been put under lockdown to prevent biological contamination, bringing everything except relief work and military operations to a standstill as bands of orcs ravage the planet.

"According to Speaker of Wazzu Manar Tawam, the Wazzu government hasn't yet discovered why it was seemingly not directly targeted in the recent attacks but it is working hard to find out. Meanwhile he said, the government is taking full advantage of its position to put aid workers like these on scene.

"Already, crews like this are working hard throughout Kajal Mars, the Aiur II territory, and elsewhere around the world. Meanwhile, 2 of Wazzu's 8 medical frigates are on the scene, with 5 more on the way.

"The worst disaster to hit Elysium was a battle that broke out yesterday when orcs tunneled under a portion of one colony site and caused a deliberate cave-in. The resulting battle that took place in the city was both quick and bloody, as orcish troops ran into defending citizens and soldiers in an urban environment. The cave-in itself caused radiological, chemical, and biological contaminatoin and tens of thousands living in the area have fallen down sick to numerous diseases.

"Our hearts here at SNN are with all those who have suffered so far. This is Jannelle Moonstone reporting live from Kajal Mars.
15-03-2004, 07:05
Wazzu Increasing In Space Status
By Mike O'Mally, SNN Space Bureau

Ela Rios, the new Cheif Executive Board Member of Wazzu ought to be happy as events over the last few centuries are combining to increase Wazzu's influence in space. Once a young nation, and still young in the eyes of some, Wazzu's industrial base has already surpassed many nations, and it's technological and trade fields are quickly catching up.

It started not too long ago with Wazzu's testing of FTL drive systems. While the drive itself is bulky, slow, and limited compared to most nations, it's use required the showing of a technology the recently past Wazzu Government claims it had had for a long time. That technology was an extremely powerful sublight drive system that project scientists say only "seems to violate conservation of energy."

The revelation was quickly followed by a score of small FTL transports and then the announcement of something bigger, the Nomad project. The project was a close venture between Wazzu and allied Sunset corporations. And it is today that we see the launch of the first Nomad Luxury Liner. The liner promises to revolutionize public interstellar travel by using classified and closely controlled technology from both nations.

The Nomad's first stop will be Alpha Centauri, where passengers can tour the beautiful Valinon countryside.

In addition to that old news, TransCorp has announced the authorized purchase of two used Sunset Venture B ( Class exploration ships. TransCorp states it plans to use these ships in joint technology R&D ventures with it's Sunsetian equivalent.

And what increasing space influence would be complete without a new weapon to defend it? Outgoing Minister of Defense Helena Meyer announced the existance of a new particle beam weapon before the close of the executive elections.

"This is really a step forward for us." Dr. Meyer said in an earlier interview on Mars. "For a long time, Wazzu has relied on fairly average weapons systems. We've had to use a lot of ingenuity in creating tactics that would let us defeat more technologically advanced nations. The HPPB will help change that. For the first time, Wazzu has a weapon of roughly equal capibility as Menelmacari plasma weapons and Yut gravitic lances. This also roughly doubles our capibility lead over cardboard using nations to an estimated 15 or better to 1. And just a hit for the future, this isn't the only project near completion." Meyer finished that last statement with a wink before heading into a Duma party.

But the news for Ms. Rios isn't all good. Some mistakes have been made, and several challenges remain.

For one, tensions on Arda remain high, with most Ardan nations now shunning contact with Wazzu. It is believed that they may be preparing for an attack on Wazzu's Ardan colony or perhaps even Wazzu itself...a conflict that could badly damage Wazzu space assets. The election of Ela Rios over Zander Chan is expected to further damage relations with the contenential alliance...if that is even possible.

And Mars remains a hot-button issue as well. Many Mars nations have suspended trade and travel to Wazzu Elysium over an outbreak of an orc-carried disease. This is in spite of the fact that the disease has been isolated and treatments discovered. The blocking of trade and movement with Elysium is savagely hurting the colony's already damaged economy.

Then there is the overproduction of the Drake ( light-fighter. While it was designed to be both easy to produce while dealing favorably with the overabundant makeshift constructions of third-world nations like Xanthal, Klonor, and Angelus, the 6000 that have been produced far outnumbers the availability of trained pilots to fly them. Moreover, military tacticians theorize that the light-fighters would have difficulty in fighting more advanced nations, and would take losses that commanders and navigator-gunners would find hard to stomache.

However, it is this writers opinion that Rios' most difficult hurdle in space over the next couple generations will be lack of ability to protect interstellar assets. Without even the limited FTL drive systems of some Hermes Spacelines Gamma II and (more advanced) Nomad ships, Wazzu Space Warcraft will have to rely on Sunset hypergates to travel elsewhere...a limited and dangerous proposal.