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Kraytia needs tanks and fighters.

10-06-2003, 10:26
Light or medium bombers are welcome also.

We can buy stuff with 1,050,000,000 USD that we have saved up to our treasury.
10-06-2003, 13:14
Visit my storefront thread for a catalogue of 30+ aircraft.
10-06-2003, 13:15
Tilsitsin's own Liahona Defense offers what you are looking for:
10-06-2003, 13:29
we can sell interceptors and fighter bombers along with heavy battle tanks
10-06-2003, 14:52
Ell: We will buy 30 F-18C/D fighters. So the total prize would be 810,000,000 USD?
10-06-2003, 16:08
Kraytia is preparing for that war now?

Well, since also Kekkosmaa will need to build up it's army, we will be buying 40 F-18C/D fighters. It will be 1,080,000,000 USD, am I right?