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possibly anti socialist terrorists

08-06-2003, 18:15
!5 people are left dead in a small town on the border of Salinar!
In a small town by the name of Abellgrad 5 people were killed after what seemed to be terrorists threw a grenade into a market were a amn was reading a book to 8 small children. Luckily none of the children were hurt but 2 elderly and 3 teens were are left on the ground dead there were 4 middle age people left with minor injuries. Reports say that a good possibility could have been that these were anti socialists considering that salinar has recently been active in trying to round up all socialist especially after the executions in Koscia! Something definatly needs to be done!
Socialist or none socialist i need help on this investigation! just to clear i do not hate non socialists i just don't wont people messing with people just because they are strongly socialist!
peace out
09-06-2003, 16:05
Terrorists eh!!!!! well its obivous that there has definatly been a grudge against socialism these days and it has to stop because the ones ho hold these grudges don't know what there talking about they just say this without even knowing what socialism is....!!!!!
09-06-2003, 17:01
Rosenhiem, Barvaria-Studenland-
A suicide bomber blew himself up at the bus stop for a children's school. 20 children were killed and 10 injured. Barvaria-Studenland justice minister Erwin Stubern has said that the bomber was a member of the Neo-Talabanist Revolutionary Party (NTRP), a political party that emerged after the American invasion of Afganistan in 2001-2002. The NTRP is strongly anti-socialist and probably was behind the attack in Salinar which killed five and injured four. Justice Minister Stubern has pledged that Barvaria-Studenland will catch the terrorist and will banish him to Venus.