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G-V 'mini J-STAR' unveiled (More Pics added)

United Elias
11-05-2003, 09:50
EA-70 Battlefield reconnaissance aircraft.

For years the prohibitively high cost of purchasing and operating E8 J-STAR type aircraft have made it difficult or impossible for nations to operate them. Now the EA-70 Aircraft brings this revolutionary technology into the range of small to medium size nations or even large nations who are reluctant to spend so much on one plane, the design based on a standard G-V/G550 airframe is in some ways more capable while being a fraction of the price.

Key to the design is the EMS-112 Airborne Stand-Off Radar. It is a ground surveillance system designed to provide information about the deployment and movement of enemy forces. It uses state-of-the-art radar technology to obtain high resolution imagery of static features and, operating in an alternate mode, it is capable of identifying and tracking moving vehicles. Imagery gathered is transmitted in near-real-time to a network of distributed Ground Stations deployed with the front-line forces or central command centers often thousands of miles away. Facilities within the Ground Stations permit the display and analysis of imagery, thus ensuring that the tactical commanders are aware of the latest developments on the ground. EMS-112 consists of a dual-mode Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) similar to those used on the American J-STARS surveillance system and allows near-real time monitoring of static and moving ground targets in all weather conditions. It can image targets up to 185 miles away, leaving the aircraft out of harms way, although a chaff/flare dispenser is added to the aircraft just in case. The Gulfstream V/550 aircraft is capable of operating at an altitude in excess of 51,000 ft (almost twice that of J-STARS), has a range of up to 7,500miles and a mission endurance of up to 14 and a half hours. The Aircraft is operated by a flight crew of two although a relief pilot is normally carried and four systems operators although only three are required to operate the systems at any one time.

Therefore this system brings unique perspective and unparalleled information to the army commanders on the ground, who by knowing the enemies precise movements in intricate detail can easily plan for an unfolding situation and therefore gives greater flexibility to the entire battle force.
The EA-70 Aircraft
EA-70 Strategic Model.
Images of an armoured convoy on the EMS-112 radar display
The Truck mounted ground station.

Each EA-70 aircraft is $66 million each and a mobile truck mounted ground station is $0.5 million each.

Ministry of Defence Procurement and Export,
Dictatorship of United Elias
11-05-2003, 09:54
It can image targets up to 185 miles away, leaving the aircraft out of harms way,]

thats why we have the 400 km Air-to-air missiles.
11-05-2003, 09:55
here it is
United Elias
11-05-2003, 10:03
Stop selling stuff on my thread, you want to buy it or not?
11-05-2003, 10:08
We will take four planes
=184 million

and eight ground stations
=4 million

<wires money>
United Elias
11-05-2003, 10:26
The money has been recieved and you can expect delivery in the next
2-3 weeks. Good doing business with you.

Ministry of Defence Procurement and Export,
Dictatorship of United Elias
11-05-2003, 10:33
Highway30 would like to order:

2x EA-70

6x Ground Support Stations

for a total of $95 million.

Two to three weeks aint gonna cut it either. I am sending 2 C-8200 cargo planes pick up the EA-70s and trucks in 24 hours.

The money is being wired to your country via the Karbul International Bank.

William Wallace
Highway30 Sec. of War
United Elias
11-05-2003, 10:39
Ok, money recieved. We can get them off the production line by then.
No problem.
11-05-2003, 11:08
Ooh, new ways to watch people, i like it we shall order 8 EA-70 planes, the 368 million has been wired. Also we will purchase 16 ground stations: Another 8 million sent. Fly them over here in the next couple dyas and we will send two C-5 galaxies to pick up the trucks.

Aviation Division,
national Security Agency.
United Elias
11-05-2003, 11:20
NSA: Money recieved, aircraft will be flown to one of your airbases in the next 48hrs and the trucks will be ready by the time the C-5s arrive.
United Elias
11-05-2003, 16:54
11-05-2003, 17:34
We shall take 1 of the aircraft for 46 mil and a ground station for .5 mill
the 26.5 mil is being wired to you. a phonecian freighter in the area is coming to your port city to pick up the truck.

minister of defense
United Elias
11-05-2003, 18:16
The money has been recieved but we recomend that you buy at least two ground stations as otherwise you are not making full use of the capabilities of the aircraft.
11-05-2003, 18:26
alright then tack on another 2 trucks with the 1 mil. being wired.
18-05-2003, 23:59
We are interested in buying two of these aircraft but you must bring the price down a touch
24-06-2003, 22:29
The Rogue Nation of Kellun wishes to purchase the following:

10 x EA-70 aircraft @ $46 mil/each
25 x Ground Station @ $0.5 mil/each

Our accountants have calcutated the costs to be:

Aircraft: $460 mil
Ground Stations: $12.5 mil
TOTAL: $472.5 mil

As per standard procedure, funds will be transfered upon acceptence of our order.

James Leigh
Chancellor of the Exchequer
24-06-2003, 22:32
---Post deleted by NationStates Moderators---
United Elias
01-07-2003, 14:13
orders confirmed, thank you very much.
23-08-2003, 14:19
We will take 20 planes and 40 ground stations. Payment wired upon confirmation.
29-08-2003, 08:16
We'd like 10 EA-70s, with 25 of the corresponding ground support vehicles. Take the $472.5 million off our credit.

Can we get 2 planes and 5 vehicles within the next 48 (NS) hours? We know it's a rush, but we'd appreciate it a lot. They'll be for use in the Nimbatan conflict, and we'd like to be able to deploy at least some with the main Air Force group. The remaining ones would be appreciated in the next (NS) week or so.

Thank you.
United Elias
29-08-2003, 16:59
All Confirmed.

Ferrussia: Three aircraft would be perfect for use in jungle warfare areas and we can get 2 planes and 5 vehicles delivered by Manatee to Rangoon (under escort, judging by what happened to yours :shock: ) port in abot a day (RL) and the rest winthin about ifved ays (RL)

We hope this is satisfactory and we wish your nation luck in the conflict:

Charge: 472 million

Store Credit Remaining: 4,528 million
07-09-2003, 16:07
We'll take 20 planes and 40 ground stations
United Elias
07-09-2003, 17:19
07-09-2003, 17:22
Money wired, thank you.
United Elias
18-09-2003, 18:43
24-09-2003, 15:57
Looks like a modified Nimrod.....
United Elias
24-09-2003, 17:09
nothing do with Nimrod, thats Maritime Patrol thi sis battlefield recon.
24-09-2003, 17:10
the front looks like it though

The front end anyway, the engines are on the tail, not the wings.....

Just saying
United Elias
24-09-2003, 17:21
*more pics just added*
24-09-2003, 17:24
I will take 30
United Elias
24-09-2003, 17:25
I will take 30

any ground stations?
24-09-2003, 17:26
And 60 ground stations

Spares :wink:
United Elias
24-09-2003, 17:27
Okay Confirmed. These aircraft are really worth buying, Ferrussia will tell you that they've changed the course of battles in the Nimbatan civil war when jungle makes any other type of recon damn diificult..
24-09-2003, 17:29

I might use them to track down the rebels that are in ma country right now.
24-09-2003, 18:50
6x EA-70 aircraft is $66 million each
12x mobile truck mounted ground station $0.5 million each

402 million wired on confirm
United Elias
24-09-2003, 18:51
Confirmed Thank you.
01-10-2003, 13:56
Alizon would like:

6 EA-70 Battlefield reconnaissance aircraft
12 Truck mounted Ground Stations

$402 million will be wired upon confirmation of the order.
02-10-2003, 18:18
Alizon would like:

6 EA-70 Battlefield reconnaissance aircraft
12 Truck mounted Ground Stations

$402 million will be wired upon confirmation of the order.
United Elias
02-10-2003, 18:24
sorry, all confirmed.
06-10-2003, 05:11
We would like an additional:

20x EA-70 Aircraft = $1.32 billion
200x EA-70 Mobile stations = $100 million
United Elias
06-10-2003, 13:48
Confirmed. Thank you.
06-10-2003, 15:36
money wired thx
28-10-2003, 18:21
We would like 24 EA-70 Aircraft and 100 ground stations. $1.634 billion has been wired.
United Elias
28-10-2003, 20:46
Confirmed, thank you and we assur eyou this purchase si worth while for these planes are extremely useful.

Ministry of Defence Procurement and Export,
Dictatorship of United Elias
Imperial Guardsmen
28-10-2003, 20:53
The Empire of Imperial Guardsmen wishes to purchase 5 J-STARS and 2 ground control stations please.

Thank you.
Grand Emperor Bob and his Favourite Banana
28-10-2003, 21:01
The Dominion would like to make the same order as Ferrussia: Ten (10) EA-70s, and twenty-five (25) ground stations. We do not have the same urgency of need as the aforementioned country, however. The money will be wired on delivery of the aircraft and ground stations. Possible future orders may follow.
United Elias
28-10-2003, 21:35
Orders Confirmed, Thank you.

Ministry of Defence Procurement and Export,
Dictatorship of United Elias
Ancient and Holy Terra
01-11-2003, 02:40
The Republic of Ancient Terra would like to purchase:

(25) EA-70 Aircraft
(65) Truck-Mounted Ground Stations

The money will be wired upon confirmation of our order. We have no need for you to rush, however. Thank you.
United Elias
01-11-2003, 17:42
Confirmed Thank you very much.
19-12-2003, 13:34
Order:15 EA-70
40 mobile truck mounted ground station
Money will be wired when order is confirmed,
19-12-2003, 13:34
{doubbel post}
21-12-2003, 00:14
United Elias
21-12-2003, 00:17
sorry for the delay, confirmed, thank you.
United Elias
11-01-2004, 17:09
United Korean Nations
02-06-2004, 14:34
5 Ea-70 MJ Stars aircraft: $330,000,000
12 Ground Stations: $6,000,000

total: $336,000,000
United Elias
02-06-2004, 15:14
Confirmed, thank you very much.
United Korean Nations
02-06-2004, 15:20
Confirmed, thank you very much.

mobey wired.
02-06-2004, 15:22
We would like one aircraft, and twenty stations.
United Elias
02-06-2004, 15:37
Confirmed, thank you.
United Elias
26-07-2004, 11:32
United Elias
25-10-2004, 15:03