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Laplata and Ur an Ass in joint mining effort

09-05-2003, 08:43
In business news today, the nations of Laplata and Ur an Ass have teamed up to initiate mining projects in the mountain regions of Laplata.
The company is known as Laplata-Ur Mining Operations.
It is expected that this new company will provide much needed profits to both nations. The groundbreaking ceremony is set for this weekend and construction is set to begin soon with completion targeted within the near future.
09-05-2003, 08:47
The government of Laplata has announced that the name of that nation's capital city will be changed. Government officals felt that the new name better reflects the image of the nation and its citizens and it will be easier for people worldwide to indentify with the name. The capital city's name was known as Nueva Gloria (New Glory). The capital will be known under the new name of Endeavour (Empeno).
10-05-2003, 00:42
We, the people from the Grunge-France, are interested in having busniess with this company.... a new uranium deposit has been found, 95% of the uranium production is controlled by the government´s company of uranium mining, but our new laws pro liberalism and pro capitalism about anti-monopoly tell us that companies owned by the government can´t control more than the 70% of their market, so...

Monsieur Lemetré Sindel.
Prime Minister of the Honorable Confederacy de la Grunge-France.
10-05-2003, 20:22
Nice to see Operation under way, Laplata.
G-F, your investment in the Laplata/Ur Mining Co. is appreciated, welcomed, and respected. However, I must ask that you keep actual actions to a minimum.

I offer any countries to invest in the quickly-expanding operations of the new company. Mining operations specialize in uranium, but other materials are manufactured as well.

For any nations seeking raw materials, please notify me with a proper proposal of some sort and we will review it to see if it is acceptable. Currently we are looking for:
-monetary investments
-trade contracts
-raw material sale
-propose something, and it will be considered.
10-05-2003, 20:32
Are there any rebels or angry communists in Ur?
10-05-2003, 20:32
Are there any rebels or angry communists in Ur?