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"Israel 'annexes' West Bank areas "

11-09-2008, 14:43
"Israel has annexed thousands of hectares of West Bank land beside the barrier it is building, according to an Israeli rights group. "

"The group says some settlements have seized up to two and a half times more land than they have been designated by fencing it off or through intimidation. It says that the unofficial closing off of land to Palestinians, around these settlements, has been going on for 30 years.

But what has been happening more recently is the Israeli military formalising the expansion of these settlements through what are called "special security areas".

The group has calculated that this has more than doubled the overall area of the settlements. "

Should Obama win, this will carry on regardless. Should McCain win, they'll probably clap them on.
11-09-2008, 14:44
11-09-2008, 18:03
What else is new? :(
11-09-2008, 18:54
Truth is that every now and again, somebody over there takes a look at this kind of thing, and straps a bomb onto themselves, or tries to stab some soldiers at a check point. That act will not be presented in its proper context. By publicising what goes on - the everyday brutalities of colonialism - perhaps some people might understand somewhat better than they normally would. Thats the hope anyway.