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Grand National

05-04-2008, 17:34
So did anyone win owt?

I put an each-way on Hedgerunner, £10.


Also, where did L'Ami fall? Because I didn't see that at all.
05-04-2008, 20:35
Bump bump bump.

Seriously, no-one had a little flutter?:p
05-04-2008, 23:59
I had each way bets on Comply Or Die (in first) and Slim Pickings (in fourth) as well as four others on each way. Total stakes were £6, winnings £8. You'll never really win on the national just going for one horse at a time.

As an aside, I gamble once a week, normally on the football coupons so the national gives me a nice change of pace as does the Scottish National (I picked all four places last year!) and the derby.