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Anarchist in Las Vegas

Bedouin Raiders
04-03-2008, 00:40
Did anyone else hear about what happened on saturday in vegas. cops searched a room and found ricin and an anarchist cookbook. ricin is wmd. think it was a terrorist attack by soem anti governemtn perwson?
Call to power
04-03-2008, 00:47
Fox News?

also I personally wouldn't trust something (most copies at the least) written by 13 year olds making things up so I'm guessing the guy is an idiot
Free Soviets
04-03-2008, 00:49
probably nazis. it usually is.
04-03-2008, 00:50
*sigh* I really don't care, to tell you the truth. The "Anarchists Cookbook" is one of those books that carries a legend quite undeserving of its content. Ricin in itself is not a WMD, and isn't likely to cause much trouble, since it is so difficult to make.
04-03-2008, 00:54
Anarchism, as a political theory, is entirely different from anarchist. Anarchist's Cookbook is essentially a load of bomb recepies.
04-03-2008, 00:54
I've read it, nothing really special.
Conserative Morality
04-03-2008, 01:49
Anarchists cookbook. Sounds like a cookbook that tells you to throw everything into a pot and boil until you want it to be done!:p But with all seriousness, why did the cops search the room? And then, is Fox news reliable? *COUGH* Mass Effect screw-up *COUGHCOUGH* sorry, frog in my throat.