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## 2008 movie comments (spoiler alert)

31-01-2008, 16:00
The last few weeks Ive seen: gory Rambo, interesting I-Legend, gay 300 Spartans :D, Time warping Rendition ,incomplete Golden Compass, mysterious Cloverfield.
(yes some of them are from late 2007)
I enjoyed them all one way or another...

Meet the Spartans. A++
I am legend. A++
Golden Compass. A++

Rendition A+ my GF did not get the Timewarping rite away... my NSG experience helped me with that ;)

Cloverfield B+ I had very-very low expectations for this movie.. and It was kind of fun after all.. It was refreshing.

Rambo B- this was like a roman Circus, the audience accounts for 80% of the entertainment points. :D

Beowulf B+ I liked Angelina Jolie.. I totally enjoyed this moment: When my GF asked me "Why is Beowulf accepting the deal. would you?" and I replied "of course, Its Angeline Jolie !! " :cool:

So what movies have you (all) enjoyed lately.
31-01-2008, 18:32
Latest Movies that did not meet expectations:

AVP requiem C-.
31-01-2008, 19:41
AVP 2 was ... well it met my low expectations. It wasn't great, nor would I pay money to see it again, but I don't particularly regret having paid for it too much.

I am Legend... somewhat underwhelming. I don't know... I suppose I wanted more background plot on the infected.
31-01-2008, 19:59
I am Legend totally torqued me off...We have to accept that the main character is a really smart guy and yet his defenses suck. You would think that a military man no matter what branch and occupation would employ a little barbed wire around his light stands. Granted they wouldn't stop the creatures but they would slow them down. Also the placement of the lights was retarded, not to mention the fact that his explosive perimeter took out his hardened defenses. *grumble*
31-01-2008, 20:03
I have yet to see a movie in the theater this year, or much of last year, really. So far it doesn't look like I'm missing much.