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25-01-2008, 22:10
Master Haken stood still while he fumbled with his amulet on his chest. Making sure his eyes did not make contact with the Nameless One; he started saying the names of the dead reported from the great war of Sorcery that split up all of Vespyre just hours earlier. He might have been afraid enough not to even say the names in front of the Nameless One if not for the fact that his mentor, Mistress Dara was standing right by his back. Mistress Dara was a attractive woman who was known to have fooled around with many powerful people, rumors including the Nameless One himself.
After the last names were said, Master Haken had a chance to look around the room he was in, and to snatch a look at the nameless one behind his cloak. He started looking around the room for any of the rumored items to be there. Like how it is said that the nameless one holds the amulet of possession, which was supposed to be made from the Executor himself to control the Nameless One on Earth.
After seeing it was not there, he went directly to looking at the Crimson Red walls. He noticed the rough texture of the Mud Brick room. It was made from sun-dried mud that was so prominent and structurally strong in West Cantabria. The ancients before Daedrians were around thought that the mud was actually the blood of the Provider herself.
He then went to look at others small tidbits in the room, gazing by the pedestal he saw what looked to be an ancient claymore made of almost pure topaz, he knew it must have been an ancient sorcerers sword. On the other side of the room was what looked to be a veil, he started to adjust his head just a little bit so he could see what was behind the veil.
That is when he saw it!
He could be mistaken….no that’s it!!! The crystal shard of Wistin, this is where it was thought that all Wistin came from.
Wistin is the force that holds the entire World together, it was what made rocks fall and birds fly, it was fire yet ice. There were supposedly only three shards of the crystal in the world today.
Each crystal shard controlled segments of Wistin Sorcery. One for the people to be affected as a Wistinglor, which is a user of the power of Wistin that can be used for more of the religious duties of Wistin, like communication to the provider, and also it can be used to create spells and minor enchantments, these Wistin users are usually used for potions and cures. The Daedrians use these ones for war too.
The second shard of the crystal produces a Wistin user called a Warrete, which is one who can use Wistin not for spells and battle but for enchanting objects, art, the creation of items of Wistin, and the preservation of Wistin artifacts and Bloodlines. The Warrete is very prestigious for women, since it is very rare that any man becomes one, they usually become Narceleft.
The third and final shard, is the shard that is in the domain of the executor himself. It controls the Wistin users called the Narceleft. The Narceleft have all the powers of the Wistinglor and Warrete plus more, they can summon the very elements themselves, fire, air, water, ice, lightning, and sand. This is by far the rarest of the Wistin users, in most cases. If a Narceleft is a man, then it is extremely common, which is why the Daedrans to the far east only choose women to be a Wistin user, because when men have that much power. The only thing that is in their mind is power and fame. Unlike House Narceleft who chooses both Male and Female to be Wistin Users, this is the core reason why House Narceleft and House Daedra are sworn enemies.
“You seem to be very interested in the shard of Wistin I have on my wall Brother Haken.” Said a deep raspy voice that shocked Master Haken so hard he had to restrain from jumping away from the scene. He did not even notice the insult The Nameless One just told him. He fully earned the rank of Master, and to be called a brother, which is the lowest rank besides novice was a deep insult to most.
When she saw that Haken was not going to answer, Mistress Dara stated, “He has always been interested in the history and nature of Wistin, he certainly is a rare one, master. A pure bled Narceleft, besides the fact that he turned out to be Warrete like me. He seems somewhat ashamed at what he is.”
After he heard this Haken snapped straight back to attention. He was feeling somewhat ashamed right now, after hearing the obvious fact repeated again. Deep down, he was kind of happy that he was not a Narceleft, this way he doesn’t have to do battle In wars unless of emergencies. The life expectancy and aesthetics of it were much lower than one who spends all his life studying the arts and also the skill of healing with magic.
“How many of the keeps have fallen Dara, and how many of the Daedrians are their still in the Seven Kingdoms.”
“ Well if you only take the ones that were sunk in the split of the land of Vespyre. Ten, while 3 where abandoned on the River of Steam by the Cities that could not get to their Keeps from their new placement on the earth, Which means that out of the original seventeen keeps that kept us in this hellhole only four are still up, While Ceylon took half of their troops away to come to the city because of Riots.” She took a quick breath, “ as to the Daedrian problem, It seems that the Mistresses did not take a big enough toll of casualties like us as we thought, they still outnumber us ten to one, but if we plan this out right. We could seek allies with the seven kingdoms at the crucial moment that will indefinitely come. The time when they lose all trust in Sorcery and go against Daedra, and invade her. They know they will need sorcery to defeat the others sorcery.”
“ This is certainly a lot to think about, but right now all acts are to be made with desperation. So I want you Dara, and Master Haken to go to Vespyre and try to invoke the thought that the Daedrians are the reason why the world was split during the final battle hours ago. If we get their before they can we can easily sway them to believe us. Remember that almost no one thinks we are still alive, they think we are extinct as Circedon. So don't give any clue that you are from Narceleft.”
The minute after he said this Master Haken blurted out, “ why me, you know im not a Narceleft and I’m not even a great Warrete, surely you want someone like Master Darren, or even Mistress Kara, not me,” taking control of his temper, he settled down into his chair.
“It doesn’t matter why I picked, you. I have reasons of my own, you should not test them, or I will relinquish your position of Master and turn you back to novice. Now leave while I talk to your Mistress.”
Shocked at the thought of what he just did, he just talked back to the Nameless One, he went to go get ready for the journey northeast to Vespyre…

CHAPTER 1 House Daedra

The highly ornate meeting hall was bustling full of Daedrians and a couple representatives of Vespyre and Central Cantabria. Head Mistress Nimue started walking up to the center of the room, on top of the raised platform.
Nimue was highly decorated with a long satin gown that showed her ample cleavage, her gown was to invoke the thought of feminine power as she showed her strong legs. With a look of minor boredness, she took to the speech.
“ We are gathered here this hour to hold an emergency meeting. The war is over, we have not suffered as much as we thought was going to happen but the facts are, the war has made permanent consequences.” Half lecturing to them she took a breath, “ as you all probably know, about five and a half hours ago this morning a great battle was fought in Ankana. The Narceleft have made their way undetected somehow all the way to almost the end of the Shantulud Desert. The mountains that lead to civilization were only about seven miles away.” Nimue looked to her audience to see what their reactions were, most were looking with serious attention though some in the back, including the Vespyre representatives were looking partially annoyed by the news they already heard of.
Nimue began to talk again. “ As they met, both armies including some mortal humans began to spring into action and started unleashing unspeakable horrors of sorcery. The problem was when the Narceleft’s started summoning the sand up to blind us. Our Wistinglor used fire to burn them, melting the sand which already was soaked with magic from ancient battles. The molten sand filled with both types of Wistin flowed to the center of the world and destroyed the crystal which were later found separated on different sides of the earth. The crystal shards started cutting Vespyre into two’s. This has only happened once long ago in which the ancient Cersadionian’s accidentally fractured the crystal. Now it is said that one of the crystal’s, the one with the power of the Narceleft is guarded by the Executor himself.”
She knew that all the Daedrians knew this information but the representatives didn’t and they deserved too know. She didn’t say where all the other two shards were.
Her last part of her speech would be the deciding key in this meeting, “ now we must figure out what is going to be done about our problem. It is partly our responsibility so the supreme council of Daedrians have voted that we would give the lands of Vespyre each a Daedrian Mistress for protection and one-thousand Denarii. Whether they accept it is up to them alone.” Waiting for the uproar she stepped off the immediate podium.
As she guessed, the Daedrians did not argue knowing that this was a order from the high council and that would be perfect grounds for punishment. The part she worried about though happened, the leader of the representatives of Vespyre went up to the podium after given approval from a slight nod from Mistress Nimue.
As the dark haired skinny noble came up to the podium, Nimue quieted the crowds.
“ We don’t want to cause a conflict here but what this woman is doing does not make up for what is done to the poor people of Vespyre. How will protection help Therin without their temples on the other side of the newly formed ocean. Or how about East Cantabria being disconnected from all the rest of Cantabria. The fact is that one thousand Denarii and a Daedrian will do practically nothing for most of civilization. How dare you give a Mistress to lands and kingdoms who hate the almighty power of Wistin because of the destruction of their economy, religion, and family. I will bring your request to the council but I fear for you what the results are. Now I will take my leave immediately so I may get their before tomorrow is done.”
After his stinging speech, the crowd of Sisters and Mistresses were quiet. Finally the Head Mistress took back the podium she so badly wanted to take away from the man. “ Sister’s, I fear that physical separation of the seven kingdoms wont be the end of it. It can be easily seen that the lands will be further divided by this issue. It might break down to a civil war between the lands. I strongly abide you people to think if there is anything you could do, or say to help us in our current situation meet me in my office today or tomorrow.” Taking a deep breath, “meeting adjourned.”
Nimue walked silently down the private hallway that was connected to the Great Hall, she always hated the representatives , they always get worse with their comments and questions every year.
Her office door was opened as she finally approached it, with a sudden shock she saw a man staring from her chair at her, obviously this is one of the largest insults and crimes anyone could do, to sit in a head mistress’s chair.
With strides filled with authority she walked into her office, “Who are you to sit in my chair in my office alone without permission,” with anger in her voice.
“A person with spirit, a person with knowledge and the hope of being your acquaintance,” the dark-skinned grey cloaked man announced into the room.
“I’ll ask again, who are you and why are you here,” Nimue said as she gestured with her hands.