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The Little Things

03-12-2007, 13:50
Have you ever noticed how its the little things in life that brighten your day? Some unexpected thing that suddenly makes your whole day better.

For example; my dorm room is on the north side of the building, because of this I get no direct sunlight in my room. This makes my room rather depressing, even more so because my room at home faced east and got several hours of direct sunlight. So I'm kind of used to having sunlight in my room, with out it the day just is not the same. Any way today at about 12:20ish the sun hit the south facing side of a building that is further north of me. The south facing side of this building has lots of nice shiny reflective windows- and for about 7 minutes i had nice bright sunshine being reflected into my room. It made my day.

So good people of Nation States General, what sort of things make your day, a better day?
The blessed Chris
03-12-2007, 14:30
Sort of. I'll admit I'm fairly euphoric at the moment anyway, but all the same, waking up next to a certain somebody does make me feel awesome.
03-12-2007, 14:31
Actually completing all the work I aim to complete in a day
03-12-2007, 14:36
This morning my wife was away to work early, and so I woke up with the house to myself. I went through to the kitchen to put the kettle on and found my mug sitting with everything already in it, just waiting for hot water to be added, and a post-it note saying "should be home by 5- your turn to cook dinner". Small thing, yes, but it certainly brightened the start to my day :)
Julianus II
03-12-2007, 14:39
After nearly getting killed in a snowstorm on the interstate this weekend, my day was brightened when I found a candy on my hotel bed. Unfortunately, it was just a wrapper...:(
03-12-2007, 15:27
about a week ago, I was having a very bad day, feeling defeated, one of those everything goes wrong I must be stupid days, hubby who was at work had no idea that my day was sucking so much, but apparently he also was having a frustrating day......when he got home he came into the kitchen and hugged me for like 5 minutes and I said "what's wrong?" and he said "everyone sucks but you, everyone in the whole world is just......they suck, but you don't, you are the only one that doesn't suck"

All day long, I thought I sucked. Apparently not. It was cool, even though I failed at everything all day long, someone still liked me.