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27-11-2007, 16:50
Free Safety Sean Taylor has lost his fight for his life after an intruder shot him yesterday in his Florida home. Although the details are lacking at the current time it is always sad when someone dies. Especially when that person is young and incredibly talented. I know football is not the most important thing in this world, but I'd be sayig this if he were an artist, poet, politician, musician, etc. When a life of promise gets cut down early it is a time to rejoice in the life you have and the ones you love. His death is not as shocking as PAt Tillman for PAt gace up his life (and millions of dollars) to serve his country in a time of need. RIP SEan Taylor
27-11-2007, 17:01
Death sucks :(
27-11-2007, 17:21

Glad to see the Miami P.D.are still as incompetent as always. Someone broke into his house a week ago and left a knife, no further investigation. Now he gets killed, and the police just throw their arms in the air and say: "We couldn't have seen this coming hurf a durf a durf."

You think Robbery and Assault with a Deadly Weapon (death threat) was enough to at least make the cops just a little fucking curious.