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Weird dream thead

Imperio Mexicano
26-11-2007, 09:56
I almost never remember my dreams.
South Lizasauria
26-11-2007, 09:56
Lets have a thread sorta like this ( =0) one only on NSG

So, what weird dreams have you had recently?

funniest one wins a statue of LG made in gold, weirdest wins a statue of the LOLWUT pear in silver, the most awesome dream wins a free lightsaber and a book "how to become a jedi for dummies" and one that is all three wins a statue of both put together in carved diomond which is also a lightsaber so it'd be a statue that had a blade coming out of it's stand when activated.

LET THE WEIRD/FUNNY dream contest commence!

:sniper: *shoots gun to signify the begining of contest"*
Lunatic Goofballs
26-11-2007, 10:03
I dreamed that I was eating tiny pillows and when I woke up, all my marshmallows were gone. :(
South Lizasauria
26-11-2007, 10:04
I dreamed that I was eating tiny pillows and when I woke up, all my marshmallows were gone. :(

South Lorenya
26-11-2007, 10:10
What, no reward for "most awesome dream"? :(
26-11-2007, 10:14
I had a dream recently that the world was like Grand Theft Auto. And you could look up and see the stars and I just kept getting star after star and the whole freaking city was chasing me with torches. But the thing is, is that I haven't played any GTA in like five years, since Vice City was new. So that just like came out of left field which makes it really weird for me.
South Lizasauria
26-11-2007, 10:15
What, no reward for "most awesome dream"? :(

I'll add that in. :D
South Lorenya
26-11-2007, 10:16
Very well! Here's Atma's best dream ever -- note that Grim is one of Atma's non-NS friends. And before you bring up an age discrepancy, it dates back to august 2006 (yes, Atma's birthday is in October).


And now, I present you with the most awesome dream EVER!

It started in my local high school. For some reason, Grimlock and I were there -- even though we were both graduates and in our 20's. Anyway, we both went off to discuss private stuff. Apparently there was a Gradius-ish game where you can fight against seven bosses, gaining two capsule (energy used for powerups) for each boss. The first two dropped lasers, the third tried to ram. The fifth tried to shower you with lasers (kind of like, but instead of blasting the cores, you blast the individual laser shooters. Sadly, I don't rememebr the others. Anyway, Grim was able to beat all seven without losing any lives, but my skill wasn't so good. Thing is, we couldn't gte time alone! First we tried a bathroom, then another bathroom, then a couple "empty" classrooms! We were sufficiently annoyed that I led him out of the school and behind another building (which doesn't exist there IRL) to discuss stuff. There were elementary school kids there, but we didn't worry for some reason. Some demon disguised as a human was causing problems, and we wound up fighting it. In the end, I was able to destroy it.

For some reason, however, defeating that demon triggered a flood. Grim and I were both superhumans, so we could float up to safety, but there was some convoluted skeleton of a tall building above us. We had to navigate through it to find the holes and float upwards. Eventually the flood stopped, but by then it had swallowed most of the town, which is fairly low but has some hills -- although the hills didn;t match the IRL location! This part of the dream is a bit blurry to me (probably because I semi-woke and forced myself back to sleep to finish it), but basically there were two more demons-diguised-as-humans. Each one of them triggered another flood. The first was another part of the complex which led to a giant library, which we also had to navigate. Along there we each found a card called (I think) "Stanislav Swords" or soemthing which showed Tiamat wielding a pair of them. Thing is, the swords in them were different sizes -- Grim's were longer than mine! Also, for some reason, some "books" (or pieces of cardboard?) were key tips -- they were marked by the outline of a thick, six-pointed asterisk with flattened points.

On the fourth "level" of the tower, I remember finding eight small cards, each of which showed a (highly pixelized) picture of a warrior -- I wouldn't be surprised if the resolution of said pics was only 8x8 or so. Also, each of them seemed to be poiinting in one of the eight directions (up, down, left, right, and each diagonal). Near the beginning of the level, some wimpy disguised demon attacked us, and was defeated with a single blow. Strangely enough, he seemed to look a LOT like By the time we reached the level's boss (and four of his "apprentices"), the other four were already gone and he had no clue where they were. I showed him one of the cards matching the first one and they were less than thrilled. By the time I showed them the four cards matchijng the fallen ones, the others were furious and attacked. The leader ordered them to stop, but by the end of the order, two of them were already dead! The last two tried sneak attacks, but both fell, and the leader attacked us -- not surpisingly, we destroyed him, triggering another flood.

After that, there was a fifth "level" which did NOT trigger a flood. It was neither a building's skeleton nor a school nor a library, but the lowest level of what we call Heaven. There was also, however, the demons' leader in normal form. She was NOT happy that we defeated her bosses, and she attacked us. We were warmed up form the previous floors, though, and were able to destroy her. This did not cause a flood, however! Instead a stairway appearted, leading us up to the sixth level, a peaceful library. It was organized, very, clean, and 100% demon-free. A sense of peace filled the area, along with two stairways leading up to the roof. The stairways, each had guardians, however! One was guarded by Bahamut (*bling* three Dragon dream sightings in Atma's 26 years) and the other by Tiamat (*bling* four sightings!). Fighting them was completely optional, and they were not to the death -- the "punishment" for losing was, to quote Tiamat, "bed and breakfast". We approached Tiamat, and Grim showed her his Stanislav Swords card. She was thrilled, as she had lost her swords and receiving the card let her wield them once again! I showed her my card, and she was stunned. She sprouted a second pair of arms there holding the second pair of swords (which, for some reason, were longer!) and told us "I'm not really supposed to do this, but in thanks, you may pass without fighting me." We traveled to the roof and saw we were finally at the top, and could look in every direction. And the camera faded out, showing us at the top of a GIGANTIC tower on a pristine, unflooded (aka before the dream) Earth. I caclulated the tower as nearly as big as Earth's radius, and the image faded away, and I woke up.
South Lizasauria
26-11-2007, 10:18
What, no reward for "most awesome dream"? :(

26-11-2007, 10:19
Ok...true story.

The strangest dream ive ever had:

Im in my bedroom at my mom's house, only it looks like those tacky murals that look like photographs. Its made the room look like a bamboo forest.

Im having sex with a panda.

Or trying to...there were difficulties I wont get into. Aside from the fact that I wasnt all that into having sex with a panda.
Problem was...there was a woman standing in the doorway, who kept screaming at the panda, nagging at her like it was her daughter.

I "dismount" said panda, turn to the woman, and say, "What the hell is wrong with you? Its a fucking Panda."

I woke up, and had to write that down.
26-11-2007, 10:40
I dreamed that I had gone down to the local supermarket and tried to pay for some stuff with monopoly money. A security guard (There are no guards in RL) walked up to me and held baton to my head. I took out one of those suction dart guns (which I have never owned) and shot him. he started screaming and turned into a tan soldier (musta been playing too much sarges heroes before I slept) and said "agh my plastic brain. He then melted and suddenly he was in a bucket. I then got hit on the head with a giant toothbrush by a man in a cheese costume. Thats when I woke up.

Not too different to my normal life, although I have never looked a cheese costumes the same way...
Outer Heaven MK II
26-11-2007, 10:55
My weird/emo dream

So I live in New Zealand right? Lived here for over a year now, and it's great. Early January, I had this dream:

I was leaving the airport with my two best mates, Josh and Joe. We caught a taxi back to Josh's place while talking about crap and just being glad to see one another again. When we got inside Joe tells me there's someone that wants to say hello, and out comes Laura, a girl that sorta screwed me over big time just before I lef the UK. I tell Joe that when he can explain what's going on, he should come up.

So I go upstairs into Josh's room and throw my bags into the corner, pissed. I grab a beer bottle and open it, and creep to the door. Peering out, I hear Joe say "But you weren't supposed to be like that! We paid you.." and I smash the beer bottle against the wall, somehow cutting my hand to shreds in the process. I storm down the stairs and Joe tries to stop me, but I push him down the stairs and walk out. I hear people crying out, but I don't stop until I reach a road at the bottom of a hill, and I hear a car coming.

I turn around and see Laura behind me, telling me to come back. I fall backwards, and the car runs me over, and the dream goes into third person, basically with my mangled corpse on the road and Laura holding me. Strange thing was, after feeling like I was falling, the dream sorta restarts again in first person, up until I storm out the house.

This time, Joe stops me by grabbing my shoulder, so I turn around and smack him in the face. I then get on top of him while he's down and keep punching him, and finally strangle him to near death, before reviving him with a hefty punch to the gut. I look up at Josh, and then say "How could you do this to me man?" before passing out (Due to blood loss I guess).

I wake up in some hospital with flowers around me and Laura's there, smiling. We talk about crap, kiss, and then I tell her I never want to see her again. She stands up, leaves, and then that's it.

Luckily it was a Saturday when I woke up, so I could soak it all up, but that was the most vivid dream I've ever had.
26-11-2007, 11:23
hmmm my most recent weird dream had to do with two of my tutors, called Ricci and Gavin but for confidentiality's sake I'll just call them Mr X and Mr Y here.

Anyhoo in my dream I was Mr X's exact double and there was a guy there who was also Mr Ys exact double. We were both hiding in Mr Xs fridge when Mr Y heard Mr X coming (a feat in itself when you consider both Mr X & Mr Y are deaf IRL) so he told me to hide and for reasons best known to myself I plunged my head into a bowl of peas.

Mr X opened the fridge door and, for some reason failing to notice to fully-grown men sitting in his butter, he started eating minstrels. This continued for sometime all the while Mr Y was having a hissy fit because they were his minstrels.

Not the weirdest dream Ive ever had but certainly the most recent weird dream....
Brutland and Norden
26-11-2007, 12:08
Okay, here's mine, dreamt of when I fell asleep reading school stuff on my roommate's bed. The dream's setting is the apartment I share with two of my classmates. But in the dream, it was my house.

The dream opened with me and my wife (I am single in real life, it's only in the dream that I had a wife.) huddled together in the bed. Then we had the idea to have sex. (In my dreams!) We had fun, got tired, and fell asleep. (I am not going to elaborate on what we did, mmmmkay?)

Then I "woke up", she was cooking in the kitchen. (It's a studio-type apartment, so I can see her.) I sat up, desperate to pee. I went to the bathroom, aimed my thing at the toilet bowl, and tried to pee. But nothing came out. Nothing, not even a drop.

When I got out of the bathroom, I saw myself on the bed. I was starting to fear the worst. And so I laid myself back on the bed, hoping that my body would come along with my soul. I really really wanted to pee and so I sat up again, rushed to the bathroom. Still, nothing. I went out and saw my body still there, motionless. I tried banging on the bathroom door to alert my wife, but by now she had noticed I was still "asleep" and was trying to wake me up. She then realized that the body was lifeless and began crying and shaking the body. It's absolutely disconcerting and scary to see yourself detached from your body like that, even if just in a dream. Then I tried desperately to call her attention, but I was just a ghost.

I think the folks from the funeral home came and even carried my body draped in a white sheet, but I don't remember exactly. All I remember next was that I woke up on my roommate's bed (where I "died") and feeling the urgency to pee. So I went to the bathroom, and thank God, I was able to pee. Never in my life I felt so comforted by the mere act of relieving myself. And oh, I also looked at myself in front of the mirror and pinched myself HARD. I was alive :) but single :(.
26-11-2007, 12:29
there were a bunch of ns'ers who looked like refugees from a harry potter movie (no i haven't seen one yet, but the posters, spinoff toys and everything else seem to have been everywhere for the past couple of years) exploring the caves next door to ones that felt very much like home (from which i observed their approach). they seemed a gay and jolly lot, and for a wonder, none of them appeared to be packing nukes, nor any other obvious impliments of hostility.

there seemed to be a lot of smiling and holding hands, and even a bit of off key accapella 'singing'. there was even a slight wiff of rum and a perplish haze of erbal vapours, fallowing them wherever they went.

(yes this was an actual dream i have just now returned to the universe in which i'm now sitting at this keyboard typing this from, only minuetes ago)

Demented Hamsters
26-11-2007, 13:09
Most recent dream was kinda odd. I was in an OC canoe race out in the open sea (that itself isn't weird as that's my sport), paddling an OC1. I came up alongside an OC2 and was keeping pace with them. I looked behind and saw an OC6 sitting right behind cruising in our wake.
I leaned back and chatted to one of the ppl in the OC6 about the race. Near the end of the race they powered up and shot ahead of me and the OC2, beating us to the finish line.

So far, not a particularly weird dream right? Well it got weird after the end.

After the race I sat down to watch the highlights on TV. Instead of the open sea I'd just been in, it was a beautiful mountain lake with a road running alongside it. We were on the road, not the lake. And instead of an OC1 canoe I was riding a PennyFarthing bicycle. The two guys in the OC2 were on a tandem bicycle but oddest of all was the OC6 was still a canoe and they were still paddling along the road behind us and then up a hill to the finish line.
Extreme Ironing
26-11-2007, 15:14
My friend told me of a dream she had about me: for some reason I had a double bed in my room (student halls) so people would congregate in my room to sit and chat or watch tv on my bed. A group of us are there in an evening and when it gets late the others start to leave, but my friend says she's too tired so just goes to sleep in my bed and we end up sleeping in the same bed (non-sexual). Next morning it gets a bit cuddly, and then she says, 'hmm this is a bit weird and awkward', and I reply, 'Oh don't worry I do this with everyone'. Then she woke up feeling cheated on and proceeded to complain to me about my sleeping habits :p
26-11-2007, 15:19
Bah mine ar all too weird, dark and disturbing for your 'normal' folx of tha net. Heh I could tell you some of them, but then you would all have nightmares.
26-11-2007, 17:30
My strangest dream was of me, my two brothers, and my grandfather playing a game of monopoly.

Everyone has crazy dreams of odd things happening. That's not really weird, mundane ftw.
Conserative Morality
26-11-2007, 18:34
Can we put down more then one? anyway, heres my dream

I was inside some weird abandoned building with Mario and a giant plastic army man,and all of a sudden an army of Mcdonalds clowns ran into the building with pistols. I was "Yelling protect me!I don't wanna be killed by a clown" when all of a sudden Mario started screeching like a ring-wraith and by staring at the clowns he burned them to a crisp.By this time I was halfway-out the window running for my life! All of a sudden this old dude came up to me and said "You are the One". I just kinda stared at him when out of nowhere a fricken army of ninjas came out and one of them took off his mask and kissed the old man. And yes, the ninja was a guy, I was near the point of barfing at that when suddenly the old guy turned into a ninja. I started to run when I realized something. All the ninjas had MP3 players in their ears so I challenged the head ninja to a singing contest. The head ninja agreed and he started singing "Hound dog". It was easy, all I had to do was start singing "The Show Must Go On" by Queen when he said "You fucking win this time you bastard" and led his ninja army away.
Well, I went back to the warehouse when Mario came up behind me and said "You-a left us to die-a" I didn't think he was too happy about that since he was covered in pies and blood. Not his of course. I just ran through the warehouse screaming like a little girl. I hid in a bathroom locked the door, and used the phone that was there to call the Police. When the phone was picked up I heard mario's voice on the other end "We don't like-a cowerds vinny"I hung up as I heard somones footsteps down the hall. I was breathing extremly loadly as I could not control my fear. They opened the door and said in a cheery voice "It's-a me!"And then in a darker voice "MARIO". And hit me with a Koopa shell. When I woke up I was tied up in a room. I heard cheerful singing so I said "I'm ready! Take me away from this horor we call life!!!" When Mario came in smiling with a machine gun. All of a sudden Tom Bombadil came in and started singing"Merry dol merry dee ring-a-ding-a-dillo" and killed Mario by merely singing to him. Tom Bombadil freed me and went on his way singing as he went.
When I went outside, I found a car that said "From Tom Bombadil, master of wood water and hill" I got in it and noticed that the ninjas were back I yelled "SHIT!" and hit the gas!Wrong gas. I hit the OTHER gas it worked I crashed into my school where there was a whole bunch of zombies came out yelling "LIVER..." I ran past the zombies onto the roof of the school. There was a helicopter that i got into. I started it up and flew away from the school"SUCK IT ZOMBIES!" I yelled as I flew RIGHT into a dragon. But then I realized the old man had told me I had the powers of the one, I realized that the one he was talking about was NEO!
So I flew out of the helicopter and I saw Tombombadil again I flew down to him and said"Thanks for the car!" He then turned to me "Oh NO! THEY GOT TO TOM BOMBADIL!" I thought as I reckonized his face. He was a ninja. Then we did a Matrix syle fight and Duke nukem came out and killed Tom. I flew away when I suddenly realized"Hey, I'm Dreaming! Tom Bombadil has a brown beard,not grey!" And then I awoke to find the TV in my room on G4TV and a can of pringles in my hand.
Last time I do that...
Small House-Plant
26-11-2007, 21:00
Last night I dreamt that I was actually married to a velociraptor, and we lived together in a council flat. No joke.
Grainne Ni Malley
26-11-2007, 21:31
Hmmm... ok. So this is my weirdest dream and mostly because it was a reoccuring dream that I had as a child and has stuck with me ever since in vividly clear detail. It seems that the dream got more detailed each time, so here is the final one:

I am a young boy of about six (I am actually female of course) and my parents take me into an old Victorian house. They leave me in the entranceway and disappear. While I am standing there I notice a stairway to my left and immediately see shadows on the wall depicting someone getting violently stabbed. I run up the stairs and about halfway up notice that the murder weapon is a potato peeler covered in blood.

I continue to run through the upper level of the house and the first room I come to is one used for storing military cots; they're stacked up to the ceiling leaving just enough space for a pathway from the door I entered to the next door I burst through. In the next room I find my parents but they are in a juror's box -only it's more like bleachers- and it's filled with people screaming while the judge is pounding his gavel repetetively. The room is loud and my parents don't see me standing there so I leave and head back down the stairs.

I am back in the entranceway and I notice another door that would have been to my right as I came into the house. I open the door and there is a girl the same age as me sitting at an old fashioned sewing machine. Each time she pushes on the pedal of the sewing machine a small bit of floorboard opens up to reveal some light in this otherwise dingy and dusty place. Against one of the walls is another military cot with a mangy, large terrier type dog laying on it. He is obviously ill and never moves from this bed.

As time proceeds I turn into an adult and it seems that I have been trapped in this room with this girl the entire time. She ages with me, but she never stops sewing. I spend my time searching every door I come across looking for an escape, but each door is guarded by terrifying demons. Eventually I find a door that is unguarded and I throw it open running into a blindingly bright field. The dog and the woman begin to chase me only the woman stops at the doorway and is too afraid to come out. I think that the dog is happy to be free like me so, as I come into an orchard, I turn to play with the dog. Only instead of playing with me as I would have expected, he bites me viciously and that is the end of the dream.
The Parkus Empire
26-11-2007, 22:16
It was dream, but I wasn't exactly anybody in particular in it, but I was following this lady (she was sorta the main character). Here's the low-down:

Main character is hired to assassinate this soldier (I forget why) during the Napoleonic period. To make along story short she gets him to fall in-love with her, and they marry, and the soldier is as happy as can be. Anyway, I forget how, but he finds out about the plan. So does government (we're in England here; the lady was sent by France). They send some people to arrest her (and presumably hang her later). The soldier guy saves his wife by holding off the constables with his sabre. She escapes back to France.

Anyhow, she finds out that when the soldier saved her, he knew she had come to kill him. The fact that he would save her life, even when she planned to kill makes her weep. She now loves him. So she seeks him out during the final days of Napoleon's rule (before his exile to Elba).

She finally finds the camp with him in it. She tries to tell him she loves him, but he tells her to go away. He loves her, but he doesn't believe she has changed, and thinks she still intends to kill him.

Anyway, later the soldier gets taken prisoner by the French. She tracks him down yet again and finally proves (sorta the way David did with Saul) that she could've killed him, but didn't. For second there eyes lock in happiness. Then an explosion goes-off. The solider is now dead due to friendly fire of case-shot nature.

Anyway, the scene then flashed to a couples of year later, when the assassin lady is bringing-up the child in a heartbroken manner.

The End

It was a weird dream because I felt the assassin's emotions at the end of the story, and I'm not really the emotional type.
26-11-2007, 22:24
I had a dream I was at a Cafeteria and this guy (who I'm friends with in real life) was picking on some mentally disabled people so I came up to him and demanded he stopped. He punched me in the stomach and I got mad and we got into a fight, I got into big trouble because of it.

Then I woke up
Ruby City
26-11-2007, 22:48
In one of my few nightmares I was sitting in my room looking out the window at the stars and the Earth in the night sky and after a while I came to think of that the Earth shouldn't be up in the sky. Then a tornado grew out from Earth and stretched down to the ground to swallow the apartment block. I ran around with a roll of duct tape trying to seal every little chink around the edges of the windows, between the floorboards and everywhere but a fine dust that I knew was evil killer nanites still leaked in somewhere. The tornado blew the whole planet I was on into the Sun so the only thing that could be seen outside the windows was fire and a thin layer of molten glass floating around on the outside of the windows but they and the walls still held up to the heat. I gave up and calmly sat down to watch TV while waiting for the nanites to multiply enough to eat me but woke up before then.

The most common storyline for my dreams is that I realize it's a dream and dream up myself to be like Neo, Gandalf or something equally unbeatable to defeat whatever trouble my subconscious has gotten me into (unless it manages to come up with something so surprising I forget it could be a dream, like the one above). Then I wake up but soon figure out that it's still a dream (easy to test as electrical buttons almost never work in my dreams) and waking was just a cheap trick by my subconscious to fool me into thinking it's real now. So I decide what/who would be fun to dream about this time and go over to my neighbor's apartment (which is never locked in my dreams) to find it there. Sooner or later I'm going to newly awakened sneak in to my neighbors for real expecting them to be alien refugees hiding from an evil intergalactic empire and their fridge to be their secret interstellar teleporter just because my microwave broke.
The Gay Street Militia
26-11-2007, 23:36
You want fucked up? I've got fucked up.

My weirdest dream opens in the cafeteria of my university. Avril Lavigne walks in with her boyfriend, who turns out to be this really hot guy from where I work (I'll call him A.C.). They come over to me and we start talking, turns out they're looking to hook up and they want me to leave with them. But somehow, between the door and A.C.'s jeep, Avril dissappears but she's been replaced by some other girl that A.C. has also picked up. So the three of us drive to his place and he says he wants to 'have' her first, and I'm kind of annoyed because he picked me up first, but I leave and start wandering the apt building's halls, visiting all teh vending machine rooms (and constantly having to back-track between them because every time I leave one room for another it seems like I've forgotten something in the room I just came from). After wandering for a bit I go back to A.C.'s room and find him walking around nekkid, and the girl's on the bed looking really messed up, crying, hair's all messed up, she has makeup running down her face like she's had a really rough time. I get really excited that it's my turn next, but the girl doesn't seem to be going anywhere, and A.C. doesn't seem in a hurry for her to leave. I tell him I'm really not interested in her lurking around, watching and crying while we're trying to get it on. He gets annoyed, says he'll take her home and tells me to be ready for him when he gets back, so after they leave I get undressed and sprawl out on the bed.

But when he gets back he seems surprised to see me, asks what I'm still doing there. I tell him I'm waiting for him to bang me rotten and he says he doesn't feel like it anymore. I get really annoyed, start getting dressed and telling him he's a dick, which apparently gets him back in the mood because he starts stalking toward me but as he gets closer he morphs into.. and this is weird to describe.. but his new shape is about 2 feet tall, wearing a pink dress and tutu, has a fairy wand, and his head is like a calico Persian cat, but it's made of plastic like the Chucky doll from the Child's Play movies. He tells me- and it's like he has some bizarre power of suggestion- to bare my neck so I lean my head forward, but then I notice he's baring fangs to sever my spine or something, so I break his control and backhand him across the room. Suddenly I'm pissed that he tried to kill me, so I grab a meat tenderizing mallet off the kitchen counter and I start smashing his head with it over and over. He has orange juice for blood and it's spraying everywhere as I'm pulverizing his head, and these little crystals are flying out of my pockets and scattering all over the room.

After I stop bashing A.C.'s face in, I notice the crystals are everywhere. They're important to some kind of 'defense research project' so I start collecting them from around the room. Then I hear voices out in the hallway getting closer and somehow I know it's A.C.'s parents coming to visit him. I grab something to eat and I sneak out through a balcony window and scale my way down the outside of the apartment building to the ground. I walk up a slope towards the front of the building and as I do, it becomes my grandmother's house and I step into her backyard. I round the corner of a barn and there are all these naked but totally built older guys (late 40's, 50's) and they're wishing me happy birthday, asking me to 'do' them. I keep walking past them into the woods behind the barn.

At some point I cross over into Narnia (I can tell because it starts snowing). I come to this area where a small waterfall flows into a sort of frozen swamp with all these little islands, each with a cottage on it, connected by wooden bridges. I go to pick out one of the cottages to hide out in (since I'm on the lam for killing A.C.) but the first one I go to has this three-headed giant wolf in it that's breathing ice and snow and it starts snarling and trying to break through the door to get me. I hear James Earl Jones (voice of Darth Vader) tell me the wolf is the source of winter and that I have to do the "dance of the walrus." So I start this nonsense incantation, stomping around from bridge to bridge, my voice dropping to this sub-bass, and as I go my feet and hands are turning into flippers, and I'm swelling up, growing tusks and whiskers, becoming half-walrus until I finish the dance, at which point the sky brightens, the snow stops, the winter-wolf explodes into a shower of sparks, and I turn back to normal.

I pick out another cottage to hang out in and inside I find it's made up of junk- a lot of it looks like salvaged airplane parts. There are cobwebs and spider nests everywhere, and I go in the bathroom. I open up a cabinet and inside is the wicked witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz. I hear a voice say "we're preserving her in stasis."

Then I woke up. So... like I said, I've got fucked up, in spades.

Incidentally, I remember the whole thing so vividly- I think- because of a trick I figured out. If anyone's played Final Fantasy X and they remember the Hymn of the Fayth that's sung in the Yevonite temples, I found that if I leave Shiva's version of the Hymn (from the Macalania ice temple) playing on a constant loop so that it's the last thing I hear before I go to sleep and the first thing I hear when I wake up, I remember most of my dreams in ridiculous detail.
26-11-2007, 23:47
In my dream, I woke up and got out of bed. I walked down the corrider from my room to the main hallway of the house. I then walked down the hallway, and I reached the kitchen. I moved in front of the dishwasher, and I opened it. Then, I pulled out a bowl. I put the bowl on top of the counter. And I woke up. When I woke up, I was still in bed.

What the hell does it mean?
26-11-2007, 23:52
In my dream, I woke up and got out of bed. I walked down the corrider from my room to the main hallway of the house. I then walked down the hallway, and I reached the kitchen. I moved in front of the dishwasher, and I opened it. Then, I pulled out a bowl. I put the bowl on top of the counter. And I woke up. When I woke up, I was still in bed.

What the hell does it mean?

You were hungry?
South Lizasauria
27-11-2007, 04:25
I once had a dream where I was a little kid (in RL I was 14) and I saw this clown in an ice cream truck, he sudeenly went phyco on everyone so I shut the door and called the cops. Ironically enough when the cops arrived they got pissed at me and started lecturing me about political correctness and how pursuit of happiness is a democratic value and that clowns only do their jobs best when happy, they also made it clear that clowns are unhappy when arrested. It was at that point I looked down and noticed the cop was barefoot and I had large slippers on. The cop then said he'd ticket me for not having any footware when he was the only one lacking in that department. I went inside because I had enough of the chaos and lunacy that has engulfed the outdoors and I grew up to current age (14) really fast and had sex with the chick I liked at the time, but strangely enough I came in just two seconds, the strange thing was it felt lie I was riding her for weeks and I fell alseep in the dream quite satisfied. Then I wondered why that happened which caused me to suddenly awaken.
27-11-2007, 04:41
I once had a dream where I was a little kid (in RL I was 14) and I saw this clown in an ice cream truck, he sudeenly went phyco on everyone so I shut the door and called the cops. Ironically enough when the cops arrived they got pissed at me and started lecturing me about political correctness and how pursuit of happiness is a democratic value and that clowns only do their jobs best when happy, they also made it clear that clowns are unhappy when arrested. It was at that point I looked down and noticed the cop was barefoot and I had large slippers on. The cop then said he'd ticket me for not having any footware when he was the only one lacking in that department. I went inside because I had enough of the chaos and lunacy that has engulfed the outdoors and I grew up to current age (14) really fast and had sex with the chick I liked at the time, but strangely enough I came in just two seconds, the strange thing was it felt lie I was riding her for weeks and I fell alseep in the dream quite satisfied. Then I wondered why that happened which caused me to suddenly awaken.
lol I liked this one
New Birds
27-11-2007, 04:43
I had a dream the other week that I was a table. I didn't do anything except for be a table. That was odd. I also dreamt about two nights ago that I was a 16 year old boy. That was another odd one.
South Lizasauria
27-11-2007, 05:10
I once also had a dream that I was an a pyramid covered in grass, floating in space and that the cigarette smoking man from the X-files (only younger) walked up to me and handed me a scroll of parchment and said "this document is very important, an older version of me on the other side will try to take it from you but you MUSTN'T give in, everything depends on this scroll." I unscrolled the parchment and to my surprise all it was was smily faces, stick figues and badly drawn animals in crayon with the words "top secret" with a child's handwriting. The entire thing looked as though drawn by a four year old. So I went on with my mission. ( I was an INTEL agent (like the CIA for my IC nation) And sure enough the older guy got the parchment, it just magically left my hands and ended up in his. :(
27-11-2007, 07:40
I don't really remember my dreams or at least I don't have memorable dreams, except a few.

One is a recurring dream. It's weird because its not visual or audible. Its a feeling of flight or levitating, but its like I am on a roller coaster, or some kind of magic carpet ride. I feel like I'm in motion laying down usally going feet first. Its like going down one of those water park rides, sans the water, Its not just going forward, but backwards, sideways: left and right, loop-de-loops, barrel roles, all kinds of move, and often reaching a great hight and then plummeting down but I'm not frightened. All the while I have this sensation of (and guys will know this feeling) going down a dip in the road at good speed in a car. I know in the dream I'm really lying down, but man I swear I'm defying gravity.

Second, Every time I'm on a long flight and fall asleep, I dream I'm reaching for a door knob, just as I open the door and step past the threshold, feeling my right foot stepping into nothing, ::Bam!:: In no time I'm awake, fully aware, and have just stomped my right foot on the floor of the airplane. I guess it is really more of a nightmare.

And recently I had a dream, where I was someone else; like a character in a play but I know I look nothing like this guy. It starts off with me on an old timey metal cot. It feels like a prison or at least I think it is, in the Napoleonic era. Its dark, dingy, and the walls made of chiseled stone with an eerie green tent to them. I don't see any bars but I know there are some. My cot is in a hall with many other cots and people. Everyone else is getting ready for bed putting on their nightgowns (White pull-overs canvas, with long sleeves, and come down to mid-thigh.) I don't see any females, just lean men in raggedy nightgowns. I/ He somehow finds/ receives a note/ pamphlet/ ticket to the tournament/ maze of the Satyrs (I guess labyrinth but its all written in a strange foreign language.) I/ He reads and/ or hears it happens every hundred years and is a way out of prison (to me it really dose not seem like a prison, but my character perceives that it is.) I/ He then reads it starts at the Straight of Gibraltar; I can sense he knows this location as prison slang. He then looks up and people are wearing gold masks, some are antlered, goat horned, or ram horns. I/He notices the guy next to him is wearing an antlered mask. And thats it; I woke up, but it would make a good story.
27-11-2007, 08:01
All of my dreams are weird. They'd be incomprehensible to basically anyone but myself.

Allot have involved work lately.
South Lizasauria
05-12-2007, 07:05
I had one recently while taking a short nap in history class. It was like this ( only the two children talking scene was replaced by Theodore Roosevelt and McKinley staring out into the ocean talking. The dialogue was basically the same. "Ever wonder whats out there?" "Maybe someone out there is wondering what it's like here..." "Think we'll ever meet them?" "Hope so don't you?" Also
Master Cheif was replaced by Uncle Sam and his helmet was replaced by the Uncle Sam hat. After picking himself up Sam then charged and jumped over a ledge where there were tons of axis troops. Instead of the words "Halo 3" appearing at the end of the dream the words "World War 2" appeared and instead of "coming 2007" it said "1941"
05-12-2007, 10:08
i had a whole series of dreams back before i turned 18 in 66, when the viet nam thing was going on, and i was kind of all freeked out there was no way out of the military grabbing my ass. anyway in this series of dreams i was inrolled in a rotc class on some alien world where the people looked a bit like anthro bears and were about that big too. and yah, this was waaaaaaaay before there was ever any such thing as today's furry fandom. way before i ever read much in the way of real science fiction either. at any rate it did calm me right down and make it a little easier to cope.

i don't know as i'd call that the wierdest series of dreams i've ever had either.

there was one i had where i'd teleported to amsterdam for a meetup with a bunch of people for several forums i'm on, mostly one other then here, that was totally real, or i should say realistic, except i've never actually been outside of the western hemisphere in this life, nor on this planet in any of my previous ones. at any rate i was kind of a little worried about how i was ever going to get back to where i live, but after the get togather, which i was a little late for, but there were still quite a few arround, someone gave me a ride to one of their houses who lived over there, and along with a bunch of others who were already there, crashed out on their floor for the night. and of course, when i fell asleep there, i woke up in my own bed at home in this life.

there have been so many many others that are what i would consider strainge and interesting though.

Julianus II
05-12-2007, 10:39
I had a dream the other week that I was a table. I didn't do anything except for be a table. That was odd. I also dreamt about two nights ago that I was a 16 year old boy. That was another odd one.

I had one kinda similar, except I was a corvette. Infinately better :D
South Lizasauria
06-12-2007, 08:14
I sometimes have dreams that are like first person shooters. :sniper::p Those ones are cool.
06-12-2007, 10:23
there was one in which i was one of the competitors in a dream shaping contest.

i won't go into details here and now, but it was like the lists in the s.c.a., where everybody faced every body one on one in turn, and it was down to just the last three of us. oh and also, i'm not sure what i looked like to the other contestents, but anyway there was this one guy i just couldn't do anything against, and one of the others had to tag team distract him so i could wake up and get out of there.

(the way the other contestents looked to me, the images they made themselves looked like, were kind of like a combination of totally realistic organic parts and the rest of their bodies being kind of like more or less common inorganic bits and pieces, like cast iron fence posts and slide trombone slides. but i don't mean cartoonie at all. the parts themselves all looked totally realistic. just the combinations were completely distractingly bizaar. which was after all, a perfectly legitimate stratigy we were all using, among other things).

it was one of those very few in which i've ever run into anything that remained adamantly beyond my own ability.