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## former Top Commander Says Bring Troops Home

22-11-2007, 19:45
Former Top Commander Says Bring Troops Home
(11-21) 18:04 PST WASHINGTON, (AP) --

Retired Army Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, the top commander in Iraq shortly after the fall of Baghdad, said this week he supports Democratic legislation that calls for most troops to come home within a year.
I support our service men, bring them home.
22-11-2007, 20:03

Move them to Afghanistan. *Nods*
22-11-2007, 20:13
Ah, yeah, Sanchez. It's nice that he says these things now that his opinion no longer really matters...
Call to power
22-11-2007, 20:35
how many people calling for a withdraw does that make now?
Cannot think of a name
22-11-2007, 21:53
Does anyone who retires from this thing still think it's a good idea? Has there been a former commander yet who's gone, "Yeah, no-we got this covered..."