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Harry - Study of Genetic Inheritance Within A Closed System

Rubiconic Crossings
01-11-2007, 21:35
So....we've had the nazi uniforms, the drinking, the smoking, the fighting, the kissing, the girlfriends, the death wish and now?

the bird killing

Trio quizzed after harriers shot
Hen harrier
The hen harriers were allegedly shot on a royal estate in Norfolk
Police who spoke to Prince Harry about the alleged shooting of two protected birds of prey on a royal estate in Norfolk are interviewing three people.

The alleged shootings of hen harriers happened on the Queen's Sandringham Estate near King's Lynn, on 24 October.

Royal officials said Prince Harry and a friend were in the area at the time of the alleged shooting.

A royal spokesman said the prince and his friend had spoken to police but had no knowledge of the incident.

A spokesman for Norfolk Police would not say whether Prince Harry was one of the three people being "interviewed".

Nor would police say whether they had any plans to speak to the prince again.

Prince Harry
Clarence House says the prince has no knowledge of the shooting

"The investigation is ongoing," said the spokesman.

"We are interviewing three people and will be making a report to the Crown Prosecution Service for a decision."

A spokeswoman for Natural England said a member of its staff "along with two members of the public, saw two hen harriers being shot".

She said she was "shocked that two of England's rarest birds have been killed in this way".

A police spokesman said no one had been arrested or interviewed under caution.

Hen harriers are the most persecuted of the UK's birds of prey. There are 749 nesting pairs in the UK.

The real question is who Williams father is...
01-11-2007, 22:29
The real question is who Williams father is...

Obvious. Lord Lucan.
[NS]Click Stand
01-11-2007, 22:38
Whats two out of 749. The real problem is that it turned into a royal thing. I hate royal things.
Call to power
01-11-2007, 23:18
"well thats the RAF for you" was what I got from the title