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A Whole New Meaning to "Driving Range"

06-07-2007, 15:58
There are good drivers.

There are bad drivers.

We all have a bad day or two on the road. We sometimes are the victims of some form of road rage, whether it's being tail-gated by an asshole or being cut-off by someone in a hurry to get to the next red light....

But most of us should be thankful we're not Oshawa woman, Christine, who wad the victim of a strange form of road rage.

Man, 18, charged after woman says sticks, golf balls and an ice pack were thrown at her car as she drove

A 38-year-old Oshawa woman says she went through "torture" on Tuesday afternoon in a road-rage incident that seemed both bizarre and scary because of the type of weapons allegedly used.

Over the course of 15 to 30 minutes of terror, her car was pelted with two golf clubs, three golf balls, two five-foot-long sticks, a baseball bat and a frozen ice pack, the woman and police allege.

Driver recounts `terrorizing' road rage incident (