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America needs help

06-07-2007, 04:45
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The U.S government took advantage of the vietnam war, world war 1, world war 2, and currently world war 3. The United States government killed its own people to make money.

The Federal Reserve is not run by the government. For every bill printed, 5.25% of it is debted into the government. Who pays it? You (if you live in america, anyway)

The government can search your home without consent and/or a warrant.

Many things the government currently is doing is illegal by the foundations of the country.

The United States government is in a deal with Canada and Mexico to become a borderless union, like the European Union.

JFK was assassinated because he knew what was going on in behind the curtains. Do you think the misfortunes to his family were all just coincidence?

The government makes money on illegal labor, war, and robbing citizens blind with taxes (income tax is unconstitutional).

Newer passports have RFID chips in them. The government can track you down anywhere in the civilized world. In 2008, the government wants to begin a program to make it mandatory to get a Federal ID.

Vietnam wasn't meant to be won, but meant to harvest money.
Rockefeller interests financed factories in the Soviet Union which sent weapons to vietnam.
There were 'rules of engagement' for the vietnam war. Critical targets were not to be attacked unless specifically addressed by high ranking officials.
Think about it. America, such a powerful country; we could step on Vietnam. It is more cost-effective to leech off a country than run it.

Hitler burned down his parliament building and blamed it on communist terrorists. Shortly thereafter, the people gave their consent to attack poland and start World War 2. Hitler also passed laws to take rights away from citizens of Germany.

The twin towers, tower 7, and pentagon were hit by planes, hijacked by arab men with 'box cutters.' The first 3 buildings were completely demolished; the pentagon had to be renovated. Another plane that crashed into the ground had no trace left of it, just a crater.

The government purposly has citizens dumbed down. If they want, they can create a better education, but don't want people capable of critical thinking.

Finally, christianity and other religions were created solely to control people. There is no doubt about it. Jesus was an incarnation from the worship of the sun, there is no argument.

I believe 99% of this to be fact, and if you think none of it is true you are truely brainwashed by the american mass media and whatever else.

American citizens and their friends all around the world need to put a stop to this government that has turned itself into it's own entity. A government is for the people, not to control them and use them as slaves for their own agendas.