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Chuck Norris bridge in Hungary? If you think it's nuts...

02-08-2006, 04:56
Better check it out I knew Chuck norris had a following, but NAMING A BRIDEGE after a EUROPEAN country of all places? We haven't even finish our CHuck norris shrine here in the US and the europeans are beating us at our own Chuck-worship....

Chuck norris is so tough....

He walked into Burger king, ordered a big mac...

And got one!


Offbeat News
Tuesday, Aug. 1, 2006
The Chuck Norris Bridge? Is there another route?

BUDAPEST (Reuters) - A new bridge in Hungary could be named
after Hollywood action movie actor Chuck Norris unless the
trend turns in an Internet vote organised by the Economy
Votes for the "Chuck Norris Bridge" had attracted 8,725
votes or 11 percent by Tuesday morning, just ahead of those
cast in favor of naming it after Hungarian humorist Geza Hofi
and three times more than for Szent Istvan, founder of the
Votes can be cast until September 8 on the
Web site, where people have put forward more than 500
nominations including Bud Spencer and Bob Marley, as well as
names referring to construction delays such as "It Will Never
Happen Bridge."
A government committee will review the three winning names,
as well as other proposals put forward by local governments,
cartographers, linguists and other experts. The bridge over the
Danube north of Budapest is due to open in 2008.