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I am back from AirVenture!

01-08-2006, 18:30
Well for those of you who read my post before I left for Oshkosh WI, I told yall I was going to AirVenture. I would've been back home yesterday, but Delta made me miss my connection in Atlanta, so I got to spend the night in Atlanta. Anyways I had alot of fun, my basic day at AirVenture was get up, go to the airport either walk around looking at airplanes, go to a seminar, hear someone speak, or take workshops. I can now rivet and weld! I also got to meet Mr. Chuck Yeager, the first man to go super sonic! From 3:30pm CT to 5:00 CT they have an airshow. Sometimes they would have aerobatics, and Tuesday, Friday and Saturday they brought out the Warbirds! Ahh man what a rush to see P-51s escorts bombers, do bombing runs. To see the Russian Migs and America's first jet dog fight! Also to see the bombers do their bombing run. F-22 Raptor, B-1 Bomber, and the Blue Angels also stopped by! There was also the A-10 Warthog (Hoo Rah!) and several other amazing and cool aircrafts! EAA has put together a great event, and AirVenture really is the world's greatest aviation celebration. I'll post pictures later, I need a nap.
02-08-2006, 01:25
Welp I am back, and I got pictures! Now I would've gotten alot more pictures than I have, but my good card got ruined, so I had to use the one they gave me with my camera.

This is the main gate that I walked through everyday

This is inside the main gate, I just had to take this to show how big this event was.

Of course being a Piper man, I had to visit the Piper tent! :P

A picture of FSX.

This was inside one of EAA's tent, and I decided to take a picture of this to show just how big this event was.

The Ford Tri-Motor.

A-10 Warthog, Hoo Rah!

B-1 Bomber

For one week, Oshkosh Tower was the World's buiest Tower.

They had three dogs there, a drug dog, a food dog (you can't bring food from other countries into the United States) and a bomb dog. This is the drug dog Rambo.

The HondaJet

A WW II trainer.

One of America's first militatry jet. If you ever wonder why the Migs and our Jet looked alike back then, it's because they were actually derive from German's plans for their first jet. One of the agreement that the USA and the USSR had was that they would share everything they gotten from the Germans after WW II.

P-51 Mustang

A Red Star

Now this is a Tiger, which is really a Replica because about 90% of the aircraft are not original parts. You'd think if 90% of the aircraft is not the original, you might start calling it a Replica of the Tiger rather than a Tiger.


Vans RV-8

F-22 Raptor doing a vertical climb.

This was a heritage flight.

I just had to take this to show to my family that experimental's aircraft aren't so dangerous.

This is how they open every Airshow, with a sky diving team.

This bomber is one of the two that are still flying today, and one man pilots them both.

This is Patty in her Extra.

C-17 showing off what it can do!

Chuck Yeager talking about his flying experiences!

This was taken on Friday, when they did a militatry aircraft airshow, and this was a dog fight between the Russian Mig and our Jet.

Me with Chuck!

The Three bombers that were there on Friday.

And the final picture, the three bombers doing bombing runs.

I also visited the EAA Museum and Pioneer Field. Didn't get any pictures of that. I have a great time and I do plan on going back some day.