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Define "Bloodthirsty"

Deep Kimchi
27-07-2006, 18:48
We all discuss (and don't always agree) on what constitutes "terrorism". Then again, if soldiers are in combat, people do get killed, and wounded, and civilians end up on the wrong end of things. And while killing and wounding and acts of war may be terrible, what can compare with this?

Is this "terrorism"? Doing something so bizarre that people who are uninvolved in the act will think that you've gone beyond all boundaries of currently acceptable violence?

Black September's first operation was the assassination, in November of
1971, of Jordan's Prime Minister Wasfi al-Tal, who was gunned down as he
entered the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel in Cairo. While Tal lay dying, one
of the assassins knelt and lapped with his tongue the blood flowing across
the marble floor. That grisly scene, reported in The Times of London and
other major newspapers, created an image of uncompromising violence and
determination that was exactly what Arafat both wanted and needed.

Any stories of Israeli or American soldiers drinking the blood of their victims in recent times?