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Caesar demands ... a building permit!!!

08-04-2006, 23:12
One for the humour file as the batshit-insane whack job who built that theme park that proposes that Dinosaurs lived alongside humans just a couple of thousand years ago apparently believes that his batshit-insanity allows him to declare such mundane things as building permits to be against his religion..... and any insistance of such things to ensure public safety in a for-profit theme park constitutes religious persecution.

From Pensacola (

Park could face extinction

It may have been built with heavenly intentions, but a judge has ruled that the creationism theme park known as Dinosaur Adventure Land still must obey earthly laws.

Escambia County authorities this week locked up a museum building at the theme park on North Palafox Street in Pensacola after Circuit Judge Michael Allen ruled the owners were in contempt of court.

Owners of the park, which shows how dinosaurs may have roamed the Earth just a few thousand years ago, did not obtain a building permit before constructing the building in 2002. They have argued in and out of court that it violates their "deeply held" religious beliefs, and that the church-run facility does not have to obtain permits.

After almost four years of litigation, the judge disagreed and said the county has the authority to close the building until the owners comply with regulations.

The judge also fined two church leaders $500 each per day for every day the building is used or occupied. If church officials continue to refuse to comply with local ordinances, the judge may decide that the building can be razed, Allen's ruling said.

County commissioners showed no sympathy to members of the Creation Science Evangelism ministry who spoke out Thursday night at a commission meeting about the county's actions.

"Scripture also says 'Render unto Caesar what Caesar demands.' And right now, Caesar demands a building permit," County Commission Chairman Mike Whitehead said.

A building permit and inspection by county authorities is vital to ensuring the theme park is safe for the thousands of people who reportedly visit the park and museum every year, Whitehead said.

Church leader Kent Hovind vowed to appeal the case.

"We will continue our legal fight," Hovind said Thursday.

"This is pure religious persecution," said Glen Stoll, who works closely with Hovind on legal issues.

Legal questions are nothing new for Dinosaur Adventure Land and the leaders of the church group that operates it:

? In 2004, The Internal Revenue Service raided Hovind's home and businesses. Agents said Hovind had failed to pay taxes. That case is pending, and federal attorneys declined to comment about it.

? While the building permit case was in court, the ownership of the theme park was transferred to Stoll, who resides in Washington State, according to court papers. Stoll has been investigated at least twice by federal authorities, court records show.

Last year, the U.S. attorney in Seattle filed a lawsuit against Stoll, charging him with promoting a scheme encouraging people to avoid paying taxes by claiming to be religious entities, according to news reports.

A federal judge ruled against Stoll, ordering him to stop the practices. Stoll said Thursday that he doesn't recognize the ruling because he was never properly served with court papers.

Now, let me remember to bookmark this for the next time some other dork tries telling me that Christians, by definition, are inherently more likely to follow the law because of their strict moral code......
08-04-2006, 23:19
Hovind? "Dr. Dinosaur" Hovind? The one who has a reward for proving evolution which stipulates that he has the only say on the evidence?

Some one should just pie him and be done with it.
Seven Spin Clans
08-04-2006, 23:19
I SO want to go that park :P
08-04-2006, 23:20
I would submit that by his actions, this idiot is showing he is no Christian at all.

He is bearing false witness by calling it religious persecution.
08-04-2006, 23:28
I SO want to go that park :P

Me too!

Although I want to go late at night and re-arrange things such that the Tyrannasaurus is munching on the baby Jesus while the three wise men run from the pack of raptors.....
08-04-2006, 23:31
I would submit that by his actions, this idiot is showing he is no Christian at all.

He is bearing false witness by calling it religious persecution.

Sorry: "Christian" simply means "one who believes in Christ the Saviour". There is no implicit notion that they must be a GOOD Christian to receive that designation.

Besides, according to doctrine all men are born sinners and so such behaviour MUST be expected by a certain percentage of the congregation. That does not exclude them from the group in any way at all. It just makes them more egregious sinners.

Sorry, you can't arbitratily purge those who exhibit human failings from your notion of the Christian community. It goes against Christ's teachings for you to do that.