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Whats your Ideal Health Service

17-02-2006, 05:36
Firstly I'm making this thread as i've seen many threads discussing various aspects of this issue.

Secondly note that this is NOT FOR DISCUSSION this is for you to put out your ideal system and then explain why you think this is the ideal system, this isn't setting out to become a thread where you get "libertarians" and others shouting at each other.

Okay now onto my system.

I'd first make private medicine ilegal so that only state provision was legal (gets rid of the problem in britain today where all the dentists have gone private).
Next i'd have a system much akin to the national insurance system in Britain but with the rich paying more and the poor paying less.
I'd make all healthcare free so many things that on the NHS arn't free such as dental, perscriptions and eye care would be free.
I'd make certain measures compulsory such as immunisations.
I'd offer a lot more non medical help (so for example classes on how to eat healthily, good fitness facilities, help to give up various things).
I'd make certain things that are unhealthy ilegal (i.e. smoking)
I'd only charge for non necessary procedures (i.e. glasses you get free, contacts you pay, things like that)
Shorter working hours for doctors also better regulated.
other medical staff better paid (for example here in wales nurses do a 3 year degree, lots of in work training, terrible hours doing a shit job and then earn like £15,000 before tax ($26,027.88 according to and taxes are a lot in this country (more if I had my way though mainly for the rich and companies (they get supprisingly low rates in britain)))
Penalties if you are told to do something by healthcare people but don't (i.e. if you are told to give up alcohol but don't or something simular) such as being removed from the national insurance system (i.e. you pay for all you healthcare beyond that which would prevent you spreading disease).

Basicly its treating the population as a group rather then as individuals (so you as in individual might be screwed by some things (i.e. the vaccinations maybe) but its good for the population as a whole so good thing) and treatment will be much more preventative and non medical then it is now.