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Very Funny. "Fear of Girls"

Funky Evil
15-02-2006, 18:20
just a very funny video i found on the internet. you need to have the google video codec (free) to view.
15-02-2006, 18:39
I saw this on i-am-bored a couple of weeks ago. Very funny. :D
15-02-2006, 19:25
"We're on a totally different level than the hobbyist gamer". I've actually heard many people make very similiar claims in my time. I thought it was funny then, it's hilarious now. My favourite was always "I'm on the Seventh Plateau of DM'ing". People need to realize that it's just a game...
New Isabelle
15-02-2006, 19:52
oh man... i think i just had some seizure induced flashbacks to middle school
Stone Bridges
15-02-2006, 19:59

This is what happens when you take games wayyy too seriously.
King Pest
15-02-2006, 20:13
"god knows is mary-ann sterile."