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Bless you Tarah, bless you hon'

25-11-2005, 02:00
Seriously. This girl needs an award for the job she does. I always miss the rediculous 10:30 McBullshit Breakfast Cutoff and end up wandering over the Hungery Jack's (Burger King)*. The thing is I refuse to learn the Hungary Jack's menu. Ever.

The poor girl get's this EVERY morning: "I want a Bacon and Egg McMuffin, Hotcakes & a McDeliChoice Turkey and Cranberry roll". She just leans into her little mic and smiles.

It doesn't end there. I often order lunch there are well, because it's like nine meters closer then Maccas.

And Tarah, if you're reading this, I lost your number when I was *otherwise occupied*...

*Burger King was copywritten by another company, in Australia, before Buger King got here. So they stole the name Hungery Jack's from an Australian company too stupid to copyright it.