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Consumer Advice Please! No timewasters (unless you're funny or sarcastic)

16-11-2005, 19:37
I'm at a crossroads, I've decided to abandon my iPod which has been repaired by apple 5 times this year and now needs further repair and spend some money on a new mp3 player. I'm considering the factors below:

*Price, preferably below £200/$343 USD, but with £50/$86 leway.
*Flimsy/Sturdy-ness. Something that could play in a nuclear reactor or a freezer in Siberia, could take a fall down a flight of stairs and carry on playing. Basically the opposite of an iPod.
*Storage. Preferably 20GB capacity or above.
*Different formats that can be played. The more the better. Specifically the ability to play AAC files, I don't particular want to transfer all my iTunes music from the CDs again.
*Other features. Anything 'tricks' it can do.

Thanks! Danke! Merci! Grazias! ect, ect...

Any suggestions (about what to buy of course)