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New labour and Conservative, is there a difference?

04-11-2005, 12:57
I think no.
Zero Six Three
04-11-2005, 12:58
One of them is in power. The other isn't.
The Similized world
04-11-2005, 13:15
I'd vote "Almost none".
04-11-2005, 13:17
"almost" i mean they have the same polocies.
04-11-2005, 13:18
i think it was thatcher who said my greatest triumph was tony blair.
04-11-2005, 13:28
no, because New Labour = "One Nation" Conservatism. Only more to the right.
The Emperor Fenix
04-11-2005, 13:57
The difference is, one is actively employing freinds and assosiates into non-elected policy making jobs within government, and the other is planning to.
Compulsive Depression
04-11-2005, 14:16
Only one of them has Tony Blair in charge.
Sadly, it's the one in power.
Zero Six Three
04-11-2005, 15:13
The Conservatives have Boris Johnson! He's such a dude!
The Emperor Fenix
04-11-2005, 15:17
I thought they chucked him, after all moral misconduct isnt tolerated in the conservative party :P.
Zero Six Three
04-11-2005, 15:30
Did they? Bastards!:mad:
New Burmesia
04-11-2005, 17:32
One has blair. One doesn't. Oh wait. The tories have cameron. Big difference.

The Labour party has been running a conservative government ever since they came into power. Would Clement Atlee support the privatisation of the NHS? Would Kier Hardie support the anti-trades union laws? Would Tony Benn support the Blairite neoliberal economic policy?

No way. I disagree perhaps with 'new labour' being called Thatcherite, but thay're too close for comfort.

When the rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer; our services are being sold off through 'Private Finance Inititives' and our ministers are playing around with dodgy business posts - a government cannot call itself centre left.

Still, Boris Johnson is great. Long live waffle!
04-11-2005, 17:55
The Conservatives have Boris Johnson! He's such a dude!

I'd sooo vote conservative if they had him as a leader.

But yes, New Labour and the Conservatives are too close. But perhaps thats the plan, the Conservatives are infiltrating the highest ranks of Labour through righty Tony Bliar.