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Halo 2 Competitions as a Sport

03-11-2005, 05:26
:sniper: Thanks to anyone taking time to read this post. I recently submitted a proposal to the UN. It was titled Halo 2 Competitions as a Sport. I know not everyone plays those kind of games or evne cares. But for those of you who do please take time to read the proposal below. If anyone reading this is a gelegate and would like to show your support please go and cast your vote of support in the proposal's section. Thanks.

Description: I firmly beleive in the right to participate in alternative sports. Sports such a Motocross and Skateboarding. That is why I propse to make Halo 2 Competitions as an official sporting event.

1.This is sport that would tracend the limitations that
sports such as football and baseball impose.
A> No longer would age or athletic ability be hinderance.
B> Old and young playing together in a sporting event
where they could gain official recognition for their
2.In this sport there would no longer be a barrier based
on whether someone is male or female.
A> Imagine the sexes competing openly and freely with each
B> Imagine anyone of any sex being recognizde for their
glorious victory in the sport.
3. This is also a sport that is not limited by a nation's
ethnic back ground or location.
A> Imagine a sport where anyone from any nation can
compete openly and freely.
B> A world competing together! Would that not be awesome.
4. I say why stop there. Why not include other First Person
A> HAlf-Life 2
B> Socom Series.