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smurfs away

09-10-2005, 23:04

The people of Belgium have been left reeling by a public service commercial featuring the Smurfs, in which the blue-skinned cartoon characters' village is annihilated by warplanes.

The 25-second commercial is the work of UNICEF, and is to be broadcast on TV across Belgium next week as a public fundraiser. It is intended as the keystone of a drive, by UNICEF's Belgian arm, to raise about $145,000 for the rehabilitation of former child soldiers in Burundi.

here's a poor quality video (at the 40 sec mark):

I think it's well done and highly effective. Everybody is used to seeing Africans die and easily tune it out. This cuts much more deeply to people who grew up with the smurfs. what do you guys think?
09-10-2005, 23:07
Omg.. thats horrible..

I hope it works tho..
Terrorist Cakes
09-10-2005, 23:07
Right-wingers should be happy. Smurfs are the ultimate communists.
Vale of the Lost Time
09-10-2005, 23:17
La, la, la-la-la-la, la, la-la-la-la...

I guess it would be effective. But why the Smurfs?
09-10-2005, 23:18
The smurfs hate our freedom.
Lotus Puppy
10-10-2005, 00:11
I know the Smurfs came from Belgium, but are they still big there?
The South Islands
10-10-2005, 00:14
WTF! It's about one frame per 5 secs for me!
10-10-2005, 00:44
Hate to say it, but it's hard for me to relate Smurfs to Africans. In my mind, one is modern, and the other primitive, and it's hard to attach suffering to them. Doesn't work :/
10-10-2005, 01:00
I'm sorry but I find this overwhelmingly hilarious, the bombing of the smurf village I mean.