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Sel Appa
27-08-2005, 22:34
Anyone here build a sand building of some sort that was interesting or drew attention?

I haven't done anything big, but I have plans to spend a full day at the beach soon. I have seen a Great Pyramid, an 8-foot long trench, a Grand Canyon-like thing, and other similar things.
28-08-2005, 12:49
I built helms deep once...but it washed away *sob*
I Still Like Oranges
28-08-2005, 15:46
i would love to build cool sandcasrles, but instead they just fall apart and leave me in tears, FIGURATIVE TEARS
28-08-2005, 16:03
Sandcastle (
28-08-2005, 16:17
You can't really see any details here, but my family built this ( at our reunion. The left side had a castle, the right side had a bunch of villages and the like. It attracted a fair bit of attention.