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What do you like better?

13-08-2005, 14:51
What do you like better automatic cars or manual ones??
13-08-2005, 14:52
I like the automatic cars I dont care about the speed.
Legless Pirates
13-08-2005, 14:53
Whatever gets me from A to B
13-08-2005, 14:54
Whatever gets me from A to B
Good one I cant get the hang of the manual car. From A to B even I Bike can get you there
13-08-2005, 14:56
Automatic is for lazy people :p
13-08-2005, 14:57
13-08-2005, 14:58
Manual. Definitely manual.
Allthough Prius is very nice to drive (except steering)
13-08-2005, 15:01

I'm European, so it's not that surprising. Most cars here are manuals, fortunately.
[NS]Devils Advocate
13-08-2005, 15:03
Standard is more 'fun' to drive. Gets you more in tune with your driving.

However, if you are trying to talk on the phone, eat lunch, and roll down the window and pay a toll, automatic makes life SO much easier.
Eastern Gondor
13-08-2005, 15:05
automatic cars are like overpowered gokarts, if you have the manual and auto versions of the same model car then the auto will behave like its legs are tied together. Auto's need bigger engines as well, for the tourque in their gearbox, so thats more fuel used...

manual is the only way to drive.
13-08-2005, 15:13
Depends on the car, really. First car was a stick, two after that were automatics.. no preference I guess.
Quentulus Qazgar
13-08-2005, 15:39
Manual is always the best. It consumes less gasoline than the automatic and it really brings a nice touch to the driving experience. I'm european and I absolutely love driving so it's not that surprising.
Commie Catholics
13-08-2005, 15:47
I hate cars. If it were up to me I'd never get one. Although, since I must, I'd prefer a manual.
13-08-2005, 16:14
I hate cars. If it were up to me I'd never get one. Although, since I must, I'd prefer a manual.

I hate cars too, I'll probably never own one. And if I must, I'd go with automatic.
13-08-2005, 16:22
Although I can't drive yet (1 month to go till I get my provisional licence), I would always choose a manual. The little I have driven Automatics, they feel more like computers, I like be in touch with the machine, not have it do what IT wants...
Reminds me of computers saying "You did not shut down correctly"...I just want to scream at them for blaming me, "If you remember correctly, I had to pull the plug out because you *bleep*ing froze!"
*computer flies out window*
13-08-2005, 16:59
Can't stand cars at the moment. Give me a train ride, anyday.

13-08-2005, 17:01
you should start with a standard because if you know how to drive that, you can drive most any vehicle...automatic is simple, but you just don't get the speed