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Which is worse?

12-08-2005, 23:54
Which do you feel is worse?
The Noble Men
12-08-2005, 23:58
Which do you feel is worse?

White washing. Definately.
12-08-2005, 23:58
White washing.
Cabra West
13-08-2005, 00:00
White washing. You'll end up insulting people anyway, at least be honest about the facts.
13-08-2005, 00:01
White washing; history is meant to teach us of our successes and keep us mindful of our failiures. It's not meant to make people feel good, and it isn't meant to shield them from the mistakes of the past.
13-08-2005, 00:05
It's important for people to learn from their mistakes; plus, they have the right to know the truth.
White washing is worse.